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Tony sent a SMS text message to me the other day. He wrote, “If we say Numerology profiling isn’t accurate and can’t help people, then 66-years old Jessica wouldn’t have lost $200,000 in 1999 in a F&B business if two pairs of 5-7-3 didn’t appear.”

“Oops. That’s unfortunate,” I told myself, “losing $200K is not a small sum.”  I then SMS my reply to Tony, “Can you email me the details, her birth date…?”

Below is an edited transcript of the observations Tony made.

“I met Jessica who runs a F&B (Food and Beverage) stall for her nephew. She has a 5-7-3 at the I-J-M locations in her birth chart, and it also appears at the P-Q-R locations in her Personal Year 1999 chart. She lost $200K taking over the F&B outlet that year. She also mentioned that Indonesia was politically unstable that year, and the confusion had affected the economic and financial situation in the region. Separately, she lost about $17K in 2004. 

In the first case, she’d sought help from a late spiritual master and won $170K in 4D betting. In 1999, it could be the effects of the 5-7-3 manifesting further causing the massive loss. However, I wonder whether it might have been 7-6 at locations P-R which means Supporter (7) coming to help her with Money Luck (6). She claimed whenever she is in financial needs (for whatever reasons), she could somehow resolve her money problems. Is she really that lucky because she has a 7 at location P, transforming her root 5 at location O to a 7 in a mysterious way, and that could have helped her?  If it is true, then the “chameleon” number 5 may not be so bad after all in a person’s birth chart. It can provide positive tendencies manifested from the transformed vibes.

Really can’t wait to read what you have to share as this is indeed a very interesting case…”


Today’s article is different. Since I’ve included Tony’s observations here, I’d just add my comments to explain the underlying Elements of Numbers (EON) principles. I hope you can find something useful in this article to build up your own profiling knowledge.

Look at Jessica’s chart. Sure enough, there were 5-7-3 in her birth chart and Personal Year (PY) 1999 chart.

Some numerology mentors have taught their students that when they see the 5-7-3 number patterns, it’s always about lawsuit, court case, or bankruptcy. They are correct to a certain extent as they’d only focused on one negative extreme resulting effect. It’s just an outcome of poor judgment and decision made, and wrongly carried out by the person. They are many other less drastic alternatives we can identify without going towards the bankruptcy or lawsuit path.

I’ve explained the effects of 5-7-3 (and 7-5-3) in previous articles posted here. Do check on them later as they comes handy to explain the underlying reasons of the 5-7-3 effects which is about losing money. When you have a 5-7-3 in your Personal Year chart, or when you identified the same patterns through multilayer analysis method, it implies the tendency to lose money is high. Put aside the multilayer method if you don’t know what it is as I’ve only shared this extended method at my previous EON Workshop sessions. You will also learn the extended methods when you attend the forthcoming workshop in April. On the negative side, you may lose money through gambling and other “quick-money making” risky ventures. You may have “lost money” through impulse buying of items you don’t need. Then again, some people “lost money” buying stocks and shares, properties, and other assets.

Let’s put it this way – all elemental energies have “Yin-Yang” vibes. That’s the Law of Qi (Energies). Losing money through impulse actions is bad. When you “lose money” through creative planning and careful consideration, the feelings of “losing money” may not be so bad after all. Yes, you lost the money that year but you can get the ROI (Return On Investment) in another year. Technically, that looks great. A word of caution – when it comes to stocks or commodity investment, you must understand the share prices are volatile and heavily depended on external factors. These include the economy, recessions, drought, weather and natural disasters – these can bring down share prices and hurt your pockets!

Jessica is experiencing a “Double Effect” caused by multiple sets of the 5-7-3 number combinations present in her natal Birth chart and her Personal Year 1999 chart. She lost S$200K by investing in the F&B business.  The economic downturn that affected her business and making her lose money was just coincidental. Many people “lose money” in the first few years of business operations, perhaps excluding casinos. Maybe the word “losing money” may not be appropriate as they’re only “investing” the money. Bad things happened to everyone. It’s the type of responses that decide the type of character you want to be. It’s your character traits, passion, and following actions that decide the success factor. Let me explain further. If Jessica is no longer running the F&B business today, then we can say that she has lost the money, forever. But when she’s still managing the F&B business now, then the money “lost” in 1999 was an investment.

Whatever it is the fact remains that she has “lost money” in 1999, and we can identified the tendency signs in her charts. It’s also present in her PY2012 chart. Lawsuits and bankruptcy is a decision you made by not paying back your debts through alternative amicable means. The 5-7-3 (and 7-5-3) manifested the “losing money” vibes. There are alternatives you can take to avert a lawsuit or bankruptcy. Your financial status NOW is because of the past actions you took earlier.

In 2004, Jessica lost $17K. I’d say the 3-6-9 and 6-3-9 manifested the “greed” vibes.  It created an impulsive effect. When greed started to invade a person’s mind, they felt the urge to make more money FAST. If they could control the greed influence, it would minimise further loses. If not, the obsession traits are akin to the overflowing water from a running tap. Most people would stop when they’re broke!

In an earlier article, I mentioned the duality capacity of the number 5. It can inhibit the character and traits from surrounding numbers. Tony is right when he mentioned the number 5 “transforming” to a number 7, which somehow manifested and strengthened the “supporters” base.  It implies there are always people (supporters) willing to help when the need arises.

The number 5 could also inhibit the Fire traits from the surrounding numbers 3 or 8. Imagine the effects of strong Fire and Water together – hot steam. It’s like the tempest in a teapot, the steaming vapour rushing out of the nozzle of the boiling kettle. This implied people who know her could sense Jessica’s stressful and temperamental traits often, besides her usual charismatic and approachable character. On a personal note, Jessica has to learn to control her tempers and take care of her health, as these could cause unnecessary health conditions related to the heart, kidney, and liver.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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