Rhythmic Cycles of Apple’s Tim Cook

Don’t be too complacent or worry too much if you have a “Double Effect” patterns in your Personal Year chart. If you take the right positive action, it could lead to a “Double Blessing” effect. But when you simply ignore the signs and manifest the negative vibes unknowingly, a “Double Whammy” effect could hit you hard.

You cannot start to take action (or worst, do your planning) on the year if you have “Double Effect” tendency sign. The symptom could have already started and compounded previously, and triggered on a “Double Effect” Year. So you got to prepare yourself early and not just wait until the year to start planning to take action.

In my last article, I mentioned Robin Gibb experiencing his Double Effect vibes this year. His twin brother Maurice died nine years ago, and the year (2003) was also his Double Effect year.

I’ve provided the details of Double Effect vibes in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. It is important to be consciously aware of the negative tendency vibes that may manifest in a Double Effect year. Just take care of the negative signs while you focus on strengthening the positive vibes that are also present. While you “feel the fear” of the Double Whammy effect, you can also “experience the success” and enjoy the Double Blessing vibes you so desperately needed.

In today’s article, I’ll discuss the case study on Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

In 1996, Tim had a health scare where doctors misdiagnosed him with multiple sclerosis. Even though the doctors later realised their mistake, Tim changed and look at life with a different perspective. He started to take care of his health by going through regular fitness regime and taking on health bars, according to this article.

By the way, a disclaimer – what I’m about to write does not necessary mean it’d be true and events would happen as stated. I’m only analysing the elemental vibes and the tendency signs present in the chart from an EON perspective.

Although the tendency signs may be strong and present, it does not necessary mean the negative effects would happen to Tim or anyone with similar birth charts. What’s important is to be aware of its tendencies, and to take proactive action early to overcome or reduce such negative vibes by changing the person’s attitude and character. When they reframe their outlook and replace bad habits with new positive ones, the negative vibes are “diluted”.

Look at Tim’s PY1996 chart – the year where he experienced his “Double Effect” vibes. By applying the Rhythmic Cycle method, Tim has to take conscious care of his health now as the rhythmic vibes may appear again anytime before or around 2014.

It’s time for him to take a holistic relook at his life and health, and not only from a physical fitness perspective. He has to take care of his inner health too! Taking regular energy bars as food supplement is not a recommended healthy food to harmonise the inner health’s Qi energies.

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Tim may have experienced stressful moments now given his role as CEO of Apple. The tendency signs show Tim has many creative visions that he always wanted to plan and carry out, away from the shadows of his predecessor Steve Jobs. He may face challenges in carrying out his plans because of legacy mindsets, high expectations, and persona stigma on him. He could experience relationship problems with others at work and in his social life. He could learn to release the fiery stress in him in a more calmly manner. Bottling up the stress regularly by keeping quiet may do harm to the inner body. This could aggravate the fiery heat energies in his inner body Qi. When Fire is strong in a person’s chart, it could hasten health conditions

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awaken the cancerous cells when certain health symptoms are present in the chart.

Besides exercising and taking healthy diets (NO! Not energy bars!!!), Tim may want to consider taking up relaxation exercises like meditation (like Tai Chi, QiGong, or Reiki), and emotional and anger control management. Perhaps he may also want to consider spending some time on charitable and humanitarian acts to “dilute” the negative energies in him. On business level, carrying out more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities could benefit him too. And when the “Double Whammy” effects are not as bad in the next few years, it implies Tim could have done the right positive actions to improve his health. And he must consciously take care of his holistic health habits!

Tim’s creative thoughts and passions are strong, and so are his spiritual senses and intuitions which could be subtly different from Steve Jobs. With his directions, let’s look forward to unique innovative Apple products (at lower prices!) in the coming years. And Yes, Tim must consciously remember that HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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