Monthly Archive: May 2012

The prideful and boastful 6-8-5

  I’d a wonderful conversation with Tom the other day through text (SMS) messaging. Tom patiently learns the Elements of Numbers (EON) method from me including the positive principles of applying the EON knowledge...


Effects from Rhythmic Cycle Vibes

Every one of us experiences repetitive vibes often. We experience the results from our past actions done years back. Sometimes we thought we have gone through almost similar encounters previously. Sometimes we felt like...


Identifying Relationship Strains too

Matilda was thankful after I’ve posted the article “Identifying Relationship Strains” a few days ago. In her recent email, she asked, “I don’t understand how you could find out Louis can exhibit signs of...


Identifying Relationship Strains

Sometimes it is not possible to identify strained relationship signs directly by checking on a person’s Birth or Personal Year charts. Instead, you need to look beyond the normal observatory methods. You cannot simply...


Unfocused and Distracting Vibes

In early March 2012, I have posted an article “Muzzy State of the Mind” on Terry’s case. I’ve also explained the tendency signs and number pattern (2-3-5) that may have influenced a person’s mind....

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