Effects from Rhythmic Cycle Vibes

Every one of us experiences repetitive vibes often. We experience the results from our past actions done years back. Sometimes we thought we have gone through almost similar encounters previously. Sometimes we felt like history is repeating itself and the events, especially negative ones are taking a toll on us.

When we enjoy good vibes, some people associated the success on luck instead of the hard work done. When bad vibes comes along, some people would hastily blame the negative results on others, their “bad luck” or to their fate. Let’s face it – nothing in life is fair to everyone every time. Knowing when the tendency vibes may be present can get us consciously and subconsciously prepared. If we identified a potential health conditions through the presence of certain tendency vibes, we must act to improve our health. If we put the possible health condition aside with the “it will never happen to me” mindset, then we become our own victim should the problem arises. But when we take preventive measures, we have the means to control these vibes while we ride on the flowing tides of the good positive energies.

You can look at the Rhythmic Cycle as a pattern of tendency vibes that may recur periodically, like a 9 or 18-years cycle. There are subtle likenesses on the tendency signs. But the influence could be subtly different because of a person’s mindset, exposure, and experiences over the years. For example, if your career is stagnant, you can look at your past 9 years or 18 years ago. Chances are, you may have noticed some similarities unless you’re still young and schooling then.


What’s the purpose of knowing the Rhythmic Cycle then? By knowing your past, you can plan your future by taking action in the present moment. If you want the energies of 9 years later to be more positive, then you got to take actions to make it happen.

Many people felt sad when they heard Robin Gibb (of the Bee Gees) had died last week. Somehow he could not keep the “Stayin’ Alive” willpower for long and succumb to the same health conditions that affected his twin brother Maurice who died 9-years ago.  Yes, besides experiencing a “Double Effect” vibes this year, the Rhythmic Cycle vibes could be affecting him too.  Check out my previous article Stayin’ Alive for Robin Gibb for more information.

Yes, you can identify positive trends in your Rhythmic Cycle too. If you’re experiencing favourable vibes now, it means your past actions have resulted in positive vibes now. Similarly, you should continue to take positive actions (and not be too complacent and overwhelm with the positive success you’re feeling now) so you can continue to work on a positive outlook around 9-years later.

Even if you’re in a ‘bad shape’ 9 years ago, it doesn’t mean you will face similar vibes now or in the coming months. Remember, these are just external tendency signs that may happen if you don’t take action to change them. Now that you’re aware of these vibes, you must take proactive steps to change your mind from within so you can live a better life. At my previous 4th EON Workshop session, I presented the Rhythmic Cycle slide on Whitney Houston. Although the tendency signs show positive trends, she was feeling the opposite because of a change in her character – consuming drugs that deadly affected her health.

I’ll explain more on the Rhythmic Cycle and how to identify various components of the chart that would be valuable to you at the forthcoming 5th EON Workshop on 16 June 2012 (Saturday). Do attend the workshop if you can make it for the session.

I promised it’d be an informative and useful session to build up your profiling knowledge and change your perspective on personality and life path profiling.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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