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I mentioned in an earlier article “Choosing GOOD Telephone numbers” the need to be less obsessive when choosing good-sounding numbers. Eventually, it is your inner character and attitude that mainly influenced your thoughts and decisions

Gina recently sent me an email asking if the new mobile number xxxxx669 is better than her existing number xxxxx117. Frankly, I don’t know which mobile number is suitable for Gina as we need to consider other areas besides a mobile number that sounds good.

You can easily find Internet sites reporting if a mobile number is favourable. Many of these sites used general set of pre-defined rules based on I-Ching, Bagua hexagrams, numerology, or from some other metaphysics systems. Here’s the irony part. Some sites may suggest the mobile number you have entered is an auspicious number. That’s great, isn’t it? But… there are other sites suggesting the entered mobile number is bad or inauspicious. Which site do you want to believe in?

During my recent trip to Jakarta, I spotted some mobile numbers for sale like x88888888 or x123123123. In theory, the later number x123123123 sounds more positive if I applied the Elements of Numbers (EON) method since 1-2-3=6 (money and assets). It is a “golden number” that cost around SGD$8000 and could hurt your pockets before you start transforming your dreams into reality. It’s just not worth getting such numbers and it does not guarantee you successful achievements and quick ROI (Return On Investment). On the other hand, some Feng Shui professionals would recommend getting the x88888888 number since it means “prosperous, prosperous….” in Cantonese. If you use x88888888 or x123123123 number, it doesn’t mean you will be prosperous forever; or have assets in your later years.

If you strongly feel it is important to get a GOOD number, then seek an expert experienced in mobile number selection. They can advise you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking professional help to get a favourable mobile number, or perhaps buy a set of nice-looking bracelets or ornaments with numbers. In theory, the numbers do vibrate and may influence your positive thoughts consciously but it does not last long as time and space is not the same every moment. When you learn the EON method at my EON Workshop sessions, you’d know the elemental energies are constantly in motion, and changes because of the influences from incoming energies from the Year, Month, Day, and even the Hour. The energies favourable to you today may not be so favourable tomorrow. That is why some of you may find the positive energies you’ve felt when you first had the good mobile number or ornaments may reduce slowly. You must constantly take a conscious effort to manifest the positive energies if you want to receive favourable vibes regularly.

Whatever your choice is, the mobile phone is just a communication tool. Think practical and logical. Choose a mobile number that is easier to remember and one that you feel positive. When your feel and think positive, you can manifest the positive energies within you, surrounding you, and towards others. If you want others to be positive, you have to start being positive first.

The numbers do vibrate and influence a person. Don’t get obsess trying to know if the mobile number is favourable or inauspicious. Eventually, it all lies with your positive thoughts and continuing actions that matter most.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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