Gay signs

It is easy to identify the “symptoms” of gays and lesbians, according to this online article. Outwardly, you could associate the visual symptoms with the person’s actions, looks, and dressing.

Hold that thoughts for a moment. We should not misjudge a person’s outward character and traits rashly. What you see may not reflect the truth. The people you thought are gay or lesbian based on their outward appearance or behaviours could be a “straight” person after all. It is wise not to stereotype a person quickly based on the visual symptoms. They could have dressed-up for a party. They could be acting (for a movie scene) on the street. Or the man seen carrying a large fashionable handbag could be waiting for his wife or girlfriend to come out from the washroom.

Putting all these visual symptoms aside, a man with too many numbers 2 or 7 in their EON birth chart may have more feminine traits than normal. It doesn’t imply they are definite gay or sissy. They could be soft-spoken, gossipy, charismatic, charming, or sensual; or could easily attract others because of their personality.

The energies associated to the numbers and its elements could influence a person. If similar numbers appear in their Personal Year charts, the feminine traits may show up obviously during that period. And for some man, cross-dressing, acting as “drag queens” or wearing skirts are just a sign of “stronger-than-usual” feminine vibes present.

Similar to the “Yin and Yang” philosophy, “there are feminine traits in every man; and there are masculine traits in every woman.” If a woman’s chart has many numbers 1 or 6, the masculine traits are strong. If similar numbers appear in their Personal Year chart to, the energies could influence the woman’s dressing moods – they prefer wearing shirts or men-style clothing. It could also influence their behaviours – the way they sit or talk may be “unfeminine” or “ungracious” to certain people.

These men are not sissies or gays and these women are not tomboys or lesbians by birth. They chose to later in their life because of family and social influences, and personal experiences.

The traits that I’ve described earlier are just some of the tendency signs we can associate to the numbers 2 and 7 (feminine traits) and numbers 1 and 6 (masculine traits). There are more traits you can easily identify with these numbers by checking out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Get a copy of my book and check on the extra traits.

At my forthcoming 6th EON WORKSHOP session on 29 September 2012 (Saturday), I’ll be teaching you how to identify more traits associating to these numbers by using the Five Elementsvisual imaging techniques. You’ll also learn to identify extended signs to enrich your “Personality and Life-Path Profiling” skills. Call McCoy at 8356-0179 to register now.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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