To Teach is to Learn Twice

Gracelyn attended my recent 6th EON Workshop and wrote in her email, “Thank you for your time and willingness to share on life path and career profiling. An avid follower of your blog, I too, do random profiling for my friends as I like to help them in their lives i.e. when I see a 8-4-3 in their personal year chart, and they are really on a verge of a divorce, I will warned them about the universal energies and vibes that are influencing them in their decision making. Hence, you are helping many people by coming out to teach and train students.  :)”

I’m glad making known my Elements of Numbers (EON) knowledge to others makes them happy. When I share my discoveries with others, I’m also learning from them what I don’t know. I noticed many of the questions asked by participants during the EON Workshop sessions usually triggered the “refreshing vibes” that spurred me to do more research later. And I’m glad I did as I could expand my EON knowledge after that. The intangible benefits allow me to embrace the meaning of “To Teach is to Learn Twice.”

Gracelyn then asked, “Based on my personal year chart next year, I am encountering a 6-6-3 and 9-9-9. Does that mean I will be accident prone and emotionally depressed? There is a career vibe I supposed starting from this year. Will that means I will become more involve next year? ”

The reason you’re reading this article is that you want to learn how to improve your lifestyle, and how you hope you can “dilute” the negative vibes. Some of you find it calming after checking your daily horoscopes or biorhythms. If Gracelyn noticed the tendency signs of being accident-prone next year, then she ought to remind herself not to drive rashly (if she drives) or involve in extreme sports. Once she can take all these precautions subconsciously, she should continue to work on her conscious goals to build up her career path.

She may face competitions at work as the Career Vibes are strong next year, possibly on financial matters or disagreement on “follow-up actions” on current projects. There could be frequent “firefighting” and “office politicking” and these may invoke unnecessary tensions and emotional mood swings making her more stressful and temperamental. Staying calm during these stressing times is the best way to remain focus on the company’s objectives.

Perhaps she could consider taking up some short courses on conflict and anger management as it’d come handy should the negative vibes get manifested indirectly next year.

Gracelyn is an intuitive person and could sense if she’s feeling next year’s vibes now. It’d be favourable to her to learn to be more humble, tactful, amiable, and empathetic; and work cohesively with others as a happy team player at work.

Instant success is good but does not stay for long. Every major success is the result of many small little failures the person has accepted as a learning experience. Gracelyn needs to adjust her “perfectionist” mindset as the presence of 1-8-9 in her Birth chart and 8-1-9 in her PY2013 chart are strong. Being imperfect is normal since it’s not possible to be 100% perfect every time in everything we do.

On health matters, she should learn to control her unnecessary worries as this could affect her mental state, causing muzzy distractions in what she wants to do. Yes, the she may feels the emotional stress if she don’t take care of her health now. She may want to consider taking preventive health supplements (always consult the doctors first), exercise, have balanced diet and learn meditation or yoga to calm the mental thoughts. Through constant practise, these could dilute or reduce the negative energies from affecting her health.

We can also associate the number 6 with stability and home. The possible vibes at work could spread to the home too. Gracelyn needs to take positive action to reduce the negative vibes from manifesting. She could strive to balance her work-life and spend quality time with her family too.

Thanks for attending the workshop, Gracelyn. Practise what I’ve shared with you and the rest at the workshop especially on health and career matters.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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