Beyond PON and 843/483 Patterns

“When I plotted out the chart, I cannot find any major operation or liver limp on the chart. Don’t have many Wood elements but how come this guy went for liver operation and tender resignation with company. I cannot see any 843/483. Appreciate your advice.” That’s what Tabitha wrote in her email to me.

Liver problems could happen if certain patterns and unfavourable elements are present in a person’s chart, and when the person doesn’t take precious care of their health.

Take a look at Samuel’s chart.

There are strong Water and Wood elements in locations M-Q. His Health Symptom is related to Water. Generally, a person who’s Health Symptom is Water could imply they could have health problems related to the Water element, including their kidneys. When kidney is weak, it could also affect the Wood element which we associate with the liver.

In Five Elements, we know Water “supports” Wood. In Samuel’s case, Water is strong and it kept supporting the Wood (liver) causing undue stress on the liver.

We can associate Water with sensual needs and sexual thoughts. Overexertion on sexual acts may also affect the liver. When the nervous system became overburdened and kidney overworked, it could affect the liver. There are tendency signs suggesting strong sensual desires, perfectionist and passions in the chart. If Samuel did show most of these sensual signs previously, then he must learn to exercise self-control now that he has gone for a liver operation.

I’ve explained the different health signs related to the number 6 (Metal) at my EON WORKSHOP sessions. Metal is strong in Samuel’s PY2011 chart, and it could have affected the Wood (liver). Samuel could have experienced symptoms related to his liver. We can also associate the number 6 to medical operations. Samuel experienced his last “Double Effect Year” in 2009. Health problem don’t happen overnight. It could imply Samuel may have experienced health problems or health symptoms related to Wood could have been manifested that year.

There are also tendency signs in Samuel’s chart suggesting the possibilities of an inherited diabetic-related problem. If Samuel does not have any signs of high blood sugar level or diabetic problems, then it’s good... but he needs to take extra care by controlling his diet and urge to take sweet food, sugar-enriched drinks, carbohydrates, alcoholic drinks, and smoking.

You may want to check on Chapter 3, Page 82 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information on Five Elements, Health Symptoms, and health problems related to the elements.

Tabitha mentioned there are no signs of 843/483 present in Samuel’s PY2012 chart. Many of you could relate this pattern to communication problems and relationship matters. But when you look at the elements, it’s obvious the Fire is strong and it could exhaust Wood. I noticed one specific pattern is present. When the vibes of this pattern is manifested unfavourably, it could resulted in the effects similar to those that are directly caused by the 843/483 patterns, including broken affairs of the heart. I’ll share and explain the reasons behind this new pattern at the next EON WORKSHOP session.

As Tabitha has attended one of my earlier EON WORKSHOP sessions, she may want to plot the Month and Combined Day Chart of Samuel and see if she can identify tendency signs suggesting Wood-related problems.

Samuel must learn to adapt and understand that nothing is “forever perfect…every time!”. Chasing for the perfect “everything” could cause undue stress, creates unnecessary tension, and heighten a person’s temperamental moods that may resulted in bipolar disorder at extreme cases. Working too hard to achieve the success at the expense of health is downright foolish.

As he could be a charismatic person with “magnetic charm”, Samuel could try to divert his sensuous thoughts into more charity and humanitarian activities, if he is not already involved in any now.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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