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“I have a friend working as an engineer who fell in love with a woman and married her 3 years ago. He caught her working as professional part-time prostitute early this year! He found her clients’ records and called some men to verify and they admitted paying for her sexual services. When he was in the midst of divorcing her on immoral grounds, she bore him a son and demanded money as compensation.”

That’s what Samuel wrote in his recent email to me, including his interpretations on XiaoJie’s chart:

  • As Root number 2, she can speak very well. I met her few times. Her sweet words really can melt your heart. She is quite pretty and has pleasant personality.
  • With 6-4 at I-J locations, can I say she plans for money?
  •  Because of 1-1 at M-N, can we say she has split personality? Perhaps as a wife and as a prostitute?
  • At P-Q-R, her 3-3-6, as in Page 180 of your book, 3-3 has affair without spouse knowing to generate wealth (6 is Money); or should it be the urge to want money fast (336 is Fast-Fast-Money)?
  • Is there any number pattern to suggest she is a prostitute?
  • V-W-X 2-1-3 means when she talks, she could easily get angry?

CaseStudy_XiaoJieLet’s look at XiaoJie’s EON Birth Chart and correlate them with Samuel’s observations.

We can associate the number is 2 to traits like feminine, expression, charismatic, talk, and sensuality. You can check Page 54 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more traits. Yes, Samuel’s observation on the Birth Root number 2 of XiaoJie’s chart is correct. A female person who has Root 2 would be “more feminine” than usual and as Samuel said, “Her sweet words really can melt your heart.”

Can we say that with the numbers 6-4 at I-J locations, money is always on her mind? Let’s put the external influences like environment, family and social values aside and focus on the numbers as they are. The 6-4-1 [Money-Plan-Lead] and 1-9-1 [Alone-Success-Lead] patterns on locations I-J-M and K-L-N could suggest strong upbringing influence from her parents – for her to fulfil her plans and visions and to achieve the wish to be successful, she must learn to stand on her own. The two sets of number 2 in H2 and H3 locations could imply the need to achieve her goals through subconscious sensual communicative methods using her charismatic appeal traits. More likely, the strong vibes coming from the two sets of 1-2-3 in locations M-O-Q and N-O-P could have influence the MONEY-inspirations. The strong urge to get what she wants is always on her mind no matter what happens.

Could the 1-1 imply split personality as Samuel had suggested? Why not?! The number 1 (Metal) is about the mental. When a person is confused by “two mental states”, we could correlate the dual mental thoughts to that of a person with split personality. But that doesn’t imply being a prostitute and a wife! More likely, we can safely say that it’s a split personality that could transform her Root 2 personality into “two different” Yin and Yang traits. Some people could make out her as an excessively feminine and sensual person. Others could see her as a strong vocal, direct, and blunt woman.

Too many 3s (like 3-3) could suggest “short-term” passionate affairs. It could be a direct action towards their spouse if moral values are “intact”. But when the person cannot control his or her moral values, the negative manifestations of the strong vibes in number 3 (from Birth Chart and Personal Year Charts) could lead to “exploding fiery needs” resulting in “improper conduct” or “extra-marital affairs.” To be a little blunt and direct, there are strong tendency to have regular “one night’s stand” pursuits.

I’ve posted some articles on the 2-1-3 patterns. You may want to read them later. Meanwhile, 2-1-3 [Talk-Alone-Temper] could suggest stumbling blocks. When a person could not communicated his message across to others clearly, they could raise their voice, or to talk in an agitated and fast manner. Some of them might resort to using violence in the hope to deliver their message across (1+2+3 = 6 [weapons, security]).

I know many of you are curious to know the tendency signs of a prostitute. Is there a pattern we can identify with?

Let’s look at the major numbers suggesting sensual needs and passionate urge – these are the numbers 2 and 3. At the extreme end, the manifestation of the vibes (of numbers 2 and 3) could suggest a charismatic person, or at worst, a flirtatious person or a person with high sex drive. Then again, that doesn’t tell us that it’s a sure sign of a prostitute pattern.

The only obvious signs I can think of for this case is the two sets of 1-2-3 in her chart. In Page 16 of my book, I mentioned 3 is the “trinity of life, the ‘expression’ from the conjugation of numbers 1 and 2.” In short, we know 1 + 2 = 3, and 1+2+3=6. In natural family evolution process, we can say man (1) + woman (2) = children (3); and man (1) + woman (2) + children (3) = home (6). It sounds logical, isn’t it?

Of course with modern sexual aids like condoms and pills, the likelihood of not having children resulted from a sexual activity can be “partially” controlled. In XiaoJie’s case, can we assume the two sets of 1-2-3 in her chart could imply there are two sexual partners? And since we can associate 6 to money, can we say that her sexual passions come with a monetary motive?

Wait a minute and don’t agree with me too quickly…yet as I haven’t finished my observations.  Yes, there are tendency signs suggesting certain traits. No, there are no definite signs suggesting specific career or actions of a person because of family, social, environment, life purpose, habits, and mindset influences. There are grey areas and thin lines separating the traits of moral and immoral, decent and indecent. Similarly, is there a way we can distinguish the “50 shades of grey” (pardon the pun) traits between a sex worker and a person with multiple sex partners? While one person “sells her body” for survival, the other person “use her body” to satisfy their sensual urge. Can we find a definite number pattern to decide and stereotype a person as a potential prostitute, and not a woman who simply indulges with multiple sexual partners?

As a matter of fact, no woman in right mind would chose to work as a sex worker unless they have no alternative ways or for some compelling reasons. Many of them have untold sad stories. They’re often in dire need of money to improve their lives, or to make quick money to fulfil their dreams. Some did it for the sake of a family member or for health reasons, like the need to pay high medical expenses for parents or loved ones back in their hometown. Then, there are other “entreprising” ones with happier stories because they want to work as a sex worker for the fun, kicks, and thrill of it, mainly to satisfy their “everlusting” sensuality needs.

According to Samuel, the divorce was completed in August this year. From XiaoJie’s chart, I noticed there are tendency signs suggesting Samuel’s friend may have played a part to the causes and its eventual outcome.

It’s unfortunate for Samuel’s engineer friend to experience a setback in his marriage life. He should give himself another chance, and creates the opportunity to meet another woman who could love him as much as he loves her, and who could enjoy a wonderful life together with him as married couple “til death do them part.”


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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