The two remaining questions mentioned in my recent article “EON on Life Expectancy” posted mid-week are not unique to Simon. Many people especially those staying in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia have found similarity in the numerology methods used in the Power of Numbers (PON), Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling, and my Elements of Numbers (EON) systems. Simon asked:

1)      Is this kind of numerology using only on the Date of Birth developed by Dr Oliver Tan (Power of Numbers)?

2)      I attended Bernard Yeo’s UCM and he also claimed to be the founder of this kind of numerology. His chart is similar to yours. What do you think of his UCM? Another extension of PON of Oliver?

PON_StarI was at a “lifestyle” tradeshow many years back when I came across a booth promoting “personality and destiny analysis”. I was curious when I saw the lady using a “Star Chart” to analyse a person. While she was analysing my wife’s chart, I was quietly noting her explanations and comparing them with the PON method of analysis.

I then asked her about the differences between her Star Chart and the Reversed Triangle Chart used by Dr Oliver Tan in his PON courses. According to this woman, the Star Chart method had originated decades ago in China and taught and used in Singapore a few years ago. Some of her students who’d learned from her Master had come from neighbouring Malaysia. Though she did not exactly claimed that PON was a derivation of the method she and her Master had taught, she made references to the students who could have directly influenced PON.

Dr Tan has also mentioned the origins (external derivation) of the numerology method in PON. Dr Tan has also made references on the plotting method to a book titled “The Book of Numerology” written by Hal A. Lingerman, first published in 1992. During my research for the manuscript of my book, I spoke to some Chinese metaphysicians who claimed people did used similar numerology method in China previously. Few people knew this method as it was not as widely popular as other Chinese methods like Bazi or ZiWeiDouShu.

Dr Tan could not have created the method to plot the chart, since the basic plotting process was reflected in Lingerman’s book. Some other people also claimed they did created the plotting method only in the past few years which was debatable as it could also have been derived from early methods practised in China. However, the present PON method of analysing and interpreting could have evolved because of Dr Tan’s research, observations, and experiences. Similarly, EON evolves to the current status because of my research and experiences, and influences from the Five Elements and other Chinese Metaphysics systems that I’m familiar with. I have also stated in my book and previous article posted here that EON “evolves” from my understanding of the PON method popularised by Dr Tan and am grateful to have learned this method from him. You may want to check on Page 38 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more details.

Human’s traits and behaviours are complex and diverse because of frequent social and environment changes. There are different ways to analyse a person, and multiple ways to focus on a person’s traits. That’s why it is important to keep our minds open if we want to learn from different “masters or mentors” who could impart their knowledge to us. Dr Tan focused mostly on number patterns; Master Yeo on behavioural traits, including specific 9-year age sectors; while I focused mostly on the energy interactions of the numbers with the Five Elements.

There was no special attachment when I came up with the “meditation-inspired” chart layout design for my Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I’d the calming feelings when I saw the likenesses of the chart layout to a person sitting in usual meditation style. I only noted the “unconscious reason” for the chart layout soon after publishing my book. For example, there is no direct “influencing link” between the energies of the numbers found in locations N-V-X or M-S-U when you apply the PON, UCM, or similar methods.  But when I apply the EON method of analysis, I could notice a direct link in the vibrations and number patterns in these locations. That was why I could gather more clues on certain tendency traits in a person’s Birth and Periodic charts. Now that I’ve reveal the purpose for the numbers placement, it’d be no surprise if you learned this influencing link in future teachings of PON or UCM;D

There is no “best” or “ideal” analytical method to use for personality or life path profiling. PON, UCM, and EON are complementary methods and usable in the analysis of different people. If budget and time allows, I’d suggest learning all three methods of PON, UCM, and EON as these could help enrich your learning experiences and better your life.

Eventually, what’s more important is the follow-up action you’re going to take after learning them. There’s no point in learning how to improve your life (or others) when you don’t take action to change your perspectives and attitude, and take charge to transform your needs and wants into a reality.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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