Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013


In recent months, you may have seen or experience negative events happened in your country; or read news that shocked the world. The unprecedented calamities, disasters, merciless killings, rapes, corruptions, and sexual scandals – these negative events, as we hoped should not happen, BUT it did.

Scientists blamed it on global warming, politicians blamed scandals at high-level management on influences of the Internet and social media; terrorist excused it for religious rights; and environmentalists blame them on unfair human and nature rights. There is no right or wrong viewpoints as you’ve forged your opinion from your self-made beliefs, usually through past experiences. However, there is one sign which many people pushed aside, disputed, or commented that “it’s just a coincidence.” This clue or sign is equally vital to help us understand the unscientific law of the metaphysical science, something that is equally profound and clueless to those disbelievers; and sensible and forthcoming to the believers.

Thankfully, many of you are glad these unplanned events are in the past as we looked forward to a bright new dawn in 2013. “OUT with the Old, IN with the New.It sounds so easy, simple, and straightforward now that 2012 has passed, and we’re looking forward to better days in 2013.

Energies and vibes are moving in a relative and transient way. There are still ‘overlapping energies’ between transitional periods. The energies and essence that influenced past events that happened at the last quarter of 2012 could be present in the first quarter of 2013. I’ve also shown to EON WORKSHOP participants at previous sessions the YEAR energies don’t just arrive on 1st Jan (at 00:00:00) and depart on 31st December (at 23:59:59).

What does 2013 mean to you and others? Plentiful, isn’t it? It’s good to look forward positively on what you want to do for the rest of this year. It’s even more fun and meaningful to look forward to what you should do this year. There’s no point pondering over what you could have done last year since we cannot change the past.


Easy Way to Identify Yearly signs…

YearEnergiesIt’s easy to identify tendency signs about this year 2013 once you’ve understood the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I’ve shared them with those who’d attended the 6th EON WORKSHOP session last year, and I’m sharing with you now since the festive spirit of ‘giving’ is still in the air. For example, we know 2013 = 2 (Water) + 1 (Metal) + 3 (Fire) = 6 (Metal).  Try to identify the traits associated to the elements. Chances are, you could be on your way forecasting what may happen this year.

If you are new to EON or don’t know how to start your forecasting analysis, don’t worry too much. Try to associate the past events that happened in 2012 to the energies of the year

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It’s easy, right? If you’re a little confused, try checking my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to identify the traits and signs associated to the elements of the numbers 1 to 9. Better still, support me at my next EON WORKSHOP and I shall share with you more insightful techniques!

And now… how about adding your comment on what you think could happen in 2013, from an EON perspective?

C’mon, take charge now and click on the ‘add a new comment’ below to post your 2013 forecast. I’d love to hear from you as much as you’ve looked forward to reading my articles..


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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