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Reg Presley, lead singer of British 1960s rock band The Troggs, has died aged 71, according to this CNA article. He was reported to have suffered recent strokes as well as being diagnosed with cancer before his death.

Veteran Taiwanese singer Pan An Bang passed away from kidney cancer according to this xinmsn article. I noticed there were contradictions about his age when he died – some articles reported he was 52 when he died while others reported his age to be 58. According to a friend, Pan was born on 10 Sep 1954.

Sadly, both died of cancer – Presley died of lung cancer while Pan died of kidney cancer. May their souls rest in peace.

Have the medical scientists done enough (beyond monetary mindset) to find a cure to minimise the risk of a person suffering from cancer?  Singapore researchers have uncovered why a group of drugs that works well on certain lung and blood cancers does poorly on some patients, according to this report. Can alternative medicine helps to prevent or cure cancer? Well, according to this separate article, the Sabah Snake Grass, or Clinacanthus nutans – could just be a solution for some cancer patients.

Can you prevent cancer from happening? There is no 100% prevention and there is no 100% cure. What you can do is to identify the signs and symptoms earlier and take actions early to avoid manifesting the negative vibes further and worsening the cancerous cells.

CaseStudy_Reg_PresleyLet’s look at Presley’s chart and correlate the tendency signs using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. The Metal elements (numbers 1, 6, and transforming 5 being close to 1 and 6) are strong.

In the Five Elements theory, we can associate lungs, respiratory, immune, and the brain to the Metal element.

On Page 113 of my book, I’ve explained the effects when Metal is strong. I’ve also included the method to identify the ‘Health Symptom Element’ on Page 131, followed by the ‘Five Elements and Internal Organs” on Page 132. Try reading up the entire ‘Chapter 4: Numbers & Health’ again to understand how you can quickly identify the health symptoms; and what you can do by checking the ‘cause and effect table’ when an element is strong or weak.

I’d encourage you to get a copy of my book ‘Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling’ to speed up your basic EON knowledge, especially if you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. You can get it locally at major bookstores (Kinokuniya, Popular, Times) in Singapore; buy direct from me if you’re staying at neighbouring S.E. Asia countries; or buy through online stores like Amazon. Click on this link for the book purchase details.

The ‘Health Symptom element’ is a general signal of the possible health problems you may experience if you do not start taking care of your health today. Besides identifying the ‘Health Symptom element’, it is equally important to know the incoming vibes of the current year. As the Yearly vibes could manifest both favourable and unfavourable energies, you may experience ‘new’ health signs that you could be unaware of which may not be similar to the health problems associated to the ‘Health Symptom element’.

Presley was also experiencing a ‘Double Effect Year’ in 2013. The negative energies could be ‘doubly manifested’, creating a ‘Double Whammy’ effect on him because of his poor health. In Pan’s case (assuming if his birthdate 10/9/1954 is correct), the Metal element is also strong. The effects of strong Metal on Pan are similar to the effects on Presley. The ‘extra’ tendency sign suggesting ‘cancer-prone’ are present in their charts.


Some years back, I was focusing on health aspects using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I noticed there were ‘coincidental’ tendency signs that suggest why certain people might be more cancer-prone than others. I’ve also shared these observations at the previous EON WORKSHOP sessions too, including explaining the probable reasons and methods to identify such signs.

I’ve presented some case-study slides on the late Fong Fei Fei at my two previous workshop sessions, and shared my observations on the influencing vibes leading to her lung cancer. Do check my previous article ‘Fong Fei Fei and Health Matters too. For next month’s 7th EON WORKSHOP session, I’ll do case-study slides on both Presley and Pan. I’ll share the ‘extended’ methods how you can identify more signs, including the ‘coincidental’ cancer-prone signs.

Do register early for the workshop to take advantage of the early-bird discount. Call McCoy at 8356-0179 now to register.

Many of you’ve benefited from reading my regular articles here. And I’m certain you’ll equally find my workshop insightful, enlightening, and rewarding.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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