Captivating Experience at 7th EON WORKSHOP


I wanted to provide an insightful experience for the students who attended my 7th EON WORKSHOP session yesterday. It exceeded my expectation. It became a captivating experience coupled with impromptu fun and laughter enjoyed by everyone.

Supportive ON students busy taking notes...I began the session by explaining to the students the importance of understanding the Five Elements. I highlighted the need to learn how to visualise the traits and characters of the numbers and its associated elements. I’ve used the techniques of ‘picture imaging’ and visualisation using nature and common objects the students could easily relate. I’ve added new slides showing some common traits we can associate to the numbers 1 to 9.

On health matters, I explained how we can associate the numbers to the elements and the body organs. These are useful to identify tendency signs that might happen to a person’s body organs in a particular year.

The third part was the most interesting ones everyone were waiting for, and I began to share the extended methods which allows the student the know-how on life path profiling, and the capacity to profile beyond numbers.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeI’ve shared the Hidden Patterns to identify the unconscious behaviours and traits of a person. I’ve also explained the reasons I felt the LIFE CODE promoted by some Power of Numbers (PON) trainers or organisations as a ‘one-size-fits-all lifetime balanced code’ has its limit. I gave examples highlighting how a person could subconsciously manifested the negative vibes of their Life Code, and these potential effects that could be harmful to their health when they are not careful. I could see many students nodding in agreement as I’d earlier shared with them the methods to identify the hidden traits and health associated to the elements and the numbers.

I didn’t reveal the steps to gather the Life Code directly as I know of its limit and there is no need to know it. Instead, I shared with the students the ANNUAL CODE where they could identify and use it for practical yearly analysis or remedies.

Sample slides used for the EON WORKSHOP sessionsI’ve included the basic method to plot the general Directional chart in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. At yesterday’s workshop, I introduced the extended method to plot a ‘Daily Directional Chart’ and explain to the students how they could maximise using it. I felt it wasn’t practicable for a directional chart to be constant throughout a person’s life. Yes, the general Directional Chart does provide a good basic guideline of the directions a person can take for a start. I felt the periodic vibes (through the year, month, and day charts) may affect a person, their moods and behaviours, and eventually, their actions. We must always consciously remind ourselves the vibes change periodically. I began to do some research and found that I could adapt the process used in other Chinese metaphysics methods that I’m familiar with – “Qi Men Dun Jia” and the Chinese Almanac.  I’d previously developed PalmOS software titles for these two systems and gained much insight and experience which helped me created the steps to plot the ‘EON Daily Directional Chart’. Yes, I’ve shared the steps to plot these extended charts with the students.

EON_Workshop_ChildBirthI’ve shared the methods to identify signs of childbirth, miscarriage, double effects, diabetes, cholesterols, career elements, yearly relationships, street smarts, and many others.

And as promised in earlier articles, I’ve explained the tendency sign of certain missing element that could trigger the cancerous cells when a person does not take care of their health. Besides explaining briefly the ‘Heavenly SendOffpattern, I’ve included for the first time, how students can identify the potential health problem a person’s parents may encounter through the person’s chart. I could only share this new observation at the workshop as it is a sensitive matter. If not explained and illustrated directly, it could lead to misinterpretation, and at extreme end, could create confusion and caused others to worry unnecessary.

BANNER2The final part was the interactive case studies where students provided sample birthdates and I’d shared my observations with them.

Many of the students who’re at yesterday’s workshop had completed Power of Numbers (PON) Mastery course conducted by Dr Oliver Tan, or the Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM) course conducted by Master Bernard. I’m glad the students had attended these courses before attending my EON workshop as they could distinguish the learning experiences. By knowing the extended methods of EON, these students could now explore the underlying reasons behind certain number patterns, and frame their own observations through their regular profiling analysis. One student summed up with a positive note suggesting what he learned at my EON WORKSHOP yesterday was ‘better’ (techniques and fees) than he’d paid for ‘other’ modules.

As there was some ‘extra’ time (no, I’m not talking about football or soccer match. The extra time was because of the heavy rain outside, and no one reserved the classroom for the evening), I briefly introduced the ‘NSQ Profiling’ method that you can use to complement your EON analysis. McCoy (my organiser and associate) explained briefly how he analysed a case study chart using the ‘NSQ Profiling’ method which we’d explored some years back. The ‘NSQ Profiling’ would be part of the ‘Empowerment Profiling Series’ that we’d be organising later that include complementary methods to extend the profiling knowledge of EON students.

Finally, every EON workshop session provides a different learning experience. I know Daniel would agree with me as he’s been supportive of EON and had attended all seven sessions. And I’m grateful again to have the support of everyone who’d attended my EON WORKSHOP sessions. Thanks for your support!

It’d be a few months later when I schedule the next 8TH EON WORKSHOP session. Until then, enjoy digesting my articles. I hope you can build up your own EON knowledgebase to profile and help others as much as you could.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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