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I mentioned in a previous article Picturing Beyond Numbers  how Angela profiled a popular Malaysian person, and then posted some questions to me as she could not identify the tendency signs. She was doing a case study on the late Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong who was once the richest man in Malaysia, renowned for his vision and courage in transforming Genting Highlands into one of the world’s most successful casino resorts.

Here are Angela’s questions:

a)      In AGE section – is my elaboration correct for age (0-20) and (41-60)?  For age (21-40) and (60+) I do not know what else to write?  He has too many 2 and 2 means talking and communicating.  What can you achieve by talking so much?  Is there a number that relates to ACTION?

Age 0-20
7-4-1-8 = Support – Plan – Independent – Responsibility

Father (Bread winner) died when LGT was 16 years old.  No choice but to quit school to work (Responsibility). China economy got worst, LGT (independent) decided (Plan) to follow Cousin (support) to come to Malaya (at age 15).

Age 21-40
2-9 = Communicative – Success/Greed
Age 41-60
2 = Communicative

Managed to convince Malaya 1st PM and obtained Casino license to open Genting Highlands (at age 53)

Age 61 onwards
2-4 = Communicative – Plan

Retired at age 85.

b)      In Birth Year – LGT has 7 and 2 from top to bottom.  Does this means it’s “no good” and it is water related?

c)       HEALTH Number.  When we look at the Birth Year chart, LGT has many numbers with WOOD elements.  But when we look at the Health Symptoms (M-N-O-P-Q), LGT has more Water (Kidney, Bladder) +Wood (Liver, Gall Bladder). The missing elements are Fire (Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine problems), Earth (Stomach, Pancreas, Spleen) and Metal (Lung, Large Intestine problems). I’m confused.

d)      CAREER. What element do we associate CASINO with? Is it related to Money (METAL), Service (WATER) or Architect and Building contractor (EARTH)?

e)      LGT was the top 5 richest man in Malaysia with net worth of USD4.2Billion.  But he does not have the 1-2-3 patterns in this Birth year chart.  Which number can you relate his success with?

Angela has done a great job analysing Lim’s chart using the Power of Numbers (PON) method that she was familiar with, after completing the Mastery Level module conducted by Dr Oliver Tan in Malaysia.

PON trainers did a wonderful job teaching the methods to identify number patterns. As a result, many PON students associate tendency signs by identifying the patterns they could remember. While PON is about identifying number patterns, EON is about understanding number patterns. I shared with EON students how patterns are derived, and coached them to create their own profiles. These EON students could identify “hidden patterns” that could provide more clues to certain tendency signs, including health signs that could be detrimental when the person do not take care of their health.

CaseStudy_LimGohTonga)      We can also associate number 2 to the thoughts and desire of the person, besides the common traits like talking and communicating. In Lim’s case, the 2-9 (M-N) is about the wish to become successful, and to become a successful person, he has to communicate (and influence others, Root 2) well by first strengthening his resources. That is, he needs to plan (including the strategic plans and tactical actions) and reveal them to get the achievement needed (2-4-6).

Some PON trainers would associate the number 3 with action. However, that’s different when we analyse the chart from an EON perspective as a person must have the knowledge and skillsets to achieve what they need. Taking action without careful planning is as good as a fast-talking salesperson over promising and under delivering his products.

Angela mentioned, “What can you achieve by talking so much?” True, if you talk without taking action (like promising without delivering once too often) others would “turn off their listening ear” to whatever you say. But Lim is different. When he talks, others (usually) listen. He’s able to achieve his goals because he has strong “street smart” and “book smart” vibes in him. He is a very resourceful person and could usually get what he needs. He could be a “difficult to please” person who’s attentive to details, and could present his plans (and ideas) across to others effectively (the perfectionist traits in him) and often, convincingly.

b)      The number 7 is also about spirituality and wisdom, bringing a fresh understanding in the changes we made through willpower and imaginations. The number 2 is about expression and communication. Lim could maximise his thoughts and influence on others by strengthening the positive energies flowing through the 7-2-2-2 vibes in him. Like the water continuously flowing down from the ocean direct to the river for cultivation and commercial purpose, he forged the vision of limitless incoming water (abundance of wealth?) to those who recognises his foresight. He was charismatic “visionary communicator” who delivers.  Is too many Water (2 and 7) in his chart imply a ‘no good chart as Angela was thinking? It depends on the area of focus that I’ll elaborate further…

c)       There are tendency signs that suggest too many WOOD (4 and 9) in Lim’s chart could imply an over-scheming and greedy (negative traits of 4 and 9) person. Too many WATER (2 and 7) imply a person who constantly has overflowing desires to transform his visions to get what he wants. His achievementwealth (6 in location R).

On health matters, there is an obvious lack of the FIRE and EARTH elements in his chart, which could suggest Fire-related problems (like heart, cardiovascular, blood) and Earth-related problems (like stomach, muscle). His Health Symptoms also include Metal-related problems (like skin, mental, immune). The HEALTH SYMPTOMS provides general guideline on the potential health-related problems a person may suffer in their life. However, it does not provide satisfactory signs on the yearly health conditions a person may experience. That’s why I’ve shared with the EON workshop students that we need to look at the Personal Year chart as well, as it DOES provide extra clues.

The Year 2007 was a “Double-Effect Year” for Lim, and created a harmful health effect on him. The health symptoms related to him (mentioned above) could have manifested strongly and it became a deadly “Double Whammy” for him.

d)      When we associate casino with gambling and money, we can correlate them to the METAL element. But when we associate casino with entertainment, we can correlate them to the FIRE element. Lim’s missing elements are both METAL and FIRE. He could have consciously or unconsciously manifested the energies of the missing elements in his career. I’d not encourage balancing the vibes of the missing numbers through unconventional means as it could be stressful physically and mentally, and could easily affected the person’s health. But for Lim, being a wealthy person, he’d the luxurious means to consume “healthy and expensive” food, tonics, and health supplements in his early years which could ‘prolong’ the unhealthy symptoms from manifesting.

e)      I’ve posted many articles about 1-2-3 which many PON students would usually associated to wealth and assets. Although it could imply potential assets and wealth, it doesn’t mean the assets and wealth would automatically (or naturally) comes to the person. The person must be healthy (sound mind and body) to ‘attract’ the wealth when opportunity comes. The person has to take action and convince others to support them and unconsciously create the LUCK path.

Let’s be practical and logical. Not all people with 1-2-3 patterns in their Birth charts are asset-rich and wealthy, and not all wealthy people have 1-2-3 patterns in their Birth charts. Lim has the 2-4-6, the capacity to unveil his foresights and plans to others to create the success (and money) he needs. He could carry out his plans and enrich the positive vibes in him, using his persuasive skills.

I’ve shared some insights on my analysis and observations on the late Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong. I’ve shared many of the traits and extended clues mentioned earlier with students who attended my EON WORKSHOP sessions. And I know they could identify the ‘dynamic’ signs and correlate them to the traits I’ve mentioned.

I look forward to your continuing support on my Elements of Numbers (EON) methodology and workshops. Just a poll question to those who’re staying in Malaysia – are you keen to learn the extended EON methods if I conduct a workshop in Malaysia? Email me at Suntzu2796@gmail.com with your views…


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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