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“PON only teach direct identification… whereas in your book, we need to take Centre number + Direction Number to get the Resultant number. Please elaborate why the differences? What is the strength of this Numerology Direction element vs FengShui direction?”

That’s what Alvin asked in his email to me.

Every year, we have heard about Feng Shui professionals giving talks on the various directions before the Lunar New Year festival starts. Everyone got excited once they know the direction to receive the “God of Wealth”, “God of Happiness”, and other favourable deities; and the directions to avoid direct conflict with the “Tai Sui” (Grand Duke) and other bad “Flying” stars.

Some years back, I attended a similar talk given by a popular local Feng Shui Master. He told the audience the best direction to receive the God of Wealth for that year is in the South-West direction. Even the printed Chinese Almanac book for the year also mentioned SW as the direction. Some people could not agree that SW was the best direction for that day at the auspicious time range as it was an unfavourable direction (“Death Door”) based on the QiMenDunJia chart.

There are just too many metaphysics methods with contradicting directional signs. The direction favourable to one metaphysics system could be harmful when you apply another system. It’s rather confusing, especially to the enthusiast and hobbyists. Some people might even mix the different theories and then blame the fault on the system (or the Feng Shui Master) when they failed to achieve the needed result.

The Directional Chart (taught at PON/UCM courses, and also mentioned in my book) provides general guideline on the action to take to achieve the desired goal. The ‘direct identification’ method that Alvin mentioned means going towards the direction to achieve the results associated to the number.  For example, if the number 6 (money) is in the East and you’re looking for wealth, then you simply go towards the East to get the wealth you need.

There is a problem – the PON “direct identification” means every year, throughout your living years, the Directional Chart is the same. It’s like a permanent blueprint that maps the good and bad directions for your life’s achievements.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer using the Feng Shui Directional charts or the PON/EON Directional charts. What’s more important is to understand the principles and usefulness, and apply the proper method at the suitable time. You can make every day a good day and any direction favourable when you apply the method correctly. Otherwise, you may not get what you wanted to achieve.

I mentioned that you need to calculate the “Centre number + Direction Number to get the Resultant number” in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. The driving force (Centre) comes from within you.  The “Direction Number” marks the energies and vibes coming from that direction and it could influence you (the Resultant number) along the way.

CaseStudy_AppleIncLet’s use the sample chart for Apple, Inc as a case study. Yes, you can apply the Directional chart for a person or company. When you apply the PON “direct identification” method, you will notice there is no wealth number in any of the direction (other than in the Centre). Does this mean Apple cannot reach out to their customers in other countries to increase profitability? Does this means Apple only has strong support and made out as the innovative technology leader (number 1) in the SE, NE, and NW regions? Does this means if they want to go East (e.g., China), they could ended talking and not achieving the expected targets?

That said, it doesn’t mean the ‘direct identification’ method is inapplicable.  There’s some truth when you analyse the issues Apple is facing currently and the challenges to sell their products in China.

The Directional method mentioned in my book provides a different tactical approach. If you want to go to the East to increase product sales, you must work harder, communicate and be persistent (Centre 6 + East 2 = 8) to gain support. You must dare to be take risk and treat all obstacles (Centre 6 + West 8 = 5) as challenges and opportunities when you go to the West.

The basic direct identification method is good. But when you apply the “Relative Action” method, the possibility to achieve the target could be higher. I’ve shared this extended method at my EON WORKSHOP sessions. This means that you can apply the direction anywhere by first identifying the energies manifesting along the directional path, and then take “relative action” to achieve the desired results. This means that Apple must take certain specific action in the EAST if they want to sell more products and increase their profits.

The Directional chart remains constant throughout a person’s life. It’s just too impractical and limited when financial and economic environment changes frequently. I’ve shared the method to plot a new ‘DAILY DIRECTIONAL CHART’ at the EON WORKSHOP sessions. Students learned to plot their daily directional chart to use. Once you know the methods, any direction can be good to get the success you want. You may want to attend my next EON WORKSHOP session once I’ve confirmed the date.

It doesn’t matter which method you used to plot the Directional chart. It is important to understand the system’s usefulness and limits, and apply the correct method at the opportune time. The directional chart provides the map where you can go. Eventually, it’s your energetic attitude and positive actions that matter more when you reach your destination.


Regards Ron WZ Sun



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