Forthcoming 8TH EON Workshop


I’m ready! I’ll let you know the schedule date for the 8th EON WORKSHOP session as soon as I can. I need to check for classroom availability. Most likely it’d be early July. Due to the limited classroom size, I’ve to restrict the number of attendees. However, you can preregister now with McCoy (8356-0179) to reserve your seats. (Update: Schedule is on 6th July 2013, Saturday)

EON_Workshop_PhotosAs in all my previous workshop sessions, you’ll learn many extended methods on personality and life path profiling. I’ll use the visual imaging techniques to showcase the traits and characteristics of the numbers to the Five Elements, including health and body organs.

You will learn how to identify tendency signs on childbirth, birth complication, miscarriage, double effect, tinnitus, bed-wetting, yearly codes, daily codes, rhythmic cycles, career, hidden patterns, wealth, periodic health status, cancer, book smart, street smart, daily directions, and much more. You will understand the reasons and limits behind certain “patterns” popularised in PON/UCM.  You’ll get to know why certain pattern codes (again popularised at PON/UCM courses) can be detrimental to your health if wrongly applied.

SampleSlides@4th_EON_WorkshopI’ll present all teachings with captivating visual slides for better learning experience. Expect “cut the crap” teachings at this power-packed, jam-packed session. And to make the workshop more enlightening and engaging, I do encourage interactive participation from the class. Yes you can interrupt me any time and ask questions. That’s my promise.

OCD2aThe latest workshop is an improvement and extension of the previous session held. That include this forthcoming 8th EON WORKSHOP session. I promise it’ll be a special day for you. I’ll be sharing more techniques with you including identifying obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) tendencies; and a year where the person’s living parent needs to take extra care of their health. I’m adding an element of surprise on that day to look at the periodic vibes from another perspective.

If you’ve attended the Advanced or Mastery Level module from the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM) courses, don’t hesitate further as you can extend your PON/UCM profiling knowledge now and learn new techniques to analyse a person’s chart from a fresh outlook. This 1-day jam-packed EON WORKSHOP allows you to expand your knowledge on personality and life path profiling beyond numbers.

Register for the EON Workshop now!The EON WORKSHOP is NOT a basic course. You can get a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and read the chapters.

Oh, before I forget… if you have a compatible AndroidOS (sorry no iOS version) smartphone supporting 800×480, you can install the EON (Android) software and start profiling user cases quickly. I’ll do a walkthrough on the software features since I’m going to use the same software for case studies.

Call McCoy now at 8356-0179 to register early. You can always email me at to register too. And finally… lunch (Halal) and refreshments (morning and afternoon) are provided to fill up the hungry stomach to ready your thoughts for more positive vibes.

Thanks in advance for the support. I look forward to share more goodies with you at the 8th EON WORKSHOP session.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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