Colourful Memories at 8th EON WORKSHOP


Though the class was half-full (or half-empty depending on your perspectives), everyone had a great time at the 8th EON WORKSHOP session held last Saturday (6th July 2013). The negative vibes that affected me initially was seeing the excess leftover food which we’d catered for those who’d registered but did not turn up. Fortunately, I managed to manifest the positive vibes and gave my best knowledge sharing presentation to those who took the time and effort to support me on that day.

Daniel attended all my EON workshop sessions since the 1st workshop, and has no regrets attending last week’s session. I’m grateful to Daniel for his loyal support and his recommendations to fellow Feng Shui classmates to attend my workshop. Thanks Daniel… for the loyal support and EON ‘marketing’.

This time around, I elaborated more on the LIFE PATH profiling and taught the students to identify the vibes present in both the Universal and Personal numbers.  I also taught them to look at tendency signs that may affect their health and other traits during that period. I know Daniel will again agree that each workshop he’s attended is just as exciting and refreshing than the previous one, and this 8th session provides more clear insights to build his knowledge on life path profiling and analysis.

Sample slides used for the EON WORKSHOP sessionsI’ve shared the extended methods on identifying health tendencies like OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), childbirth, miscarriage, diabetic tendencies, tinnitus, cancerous signs, bed-wetting, spiritual senses, and many other traits a person could fall into the ‘high risk group‘. I’ve also explained why we should be extra careful when certain extreme vibes are present in a Personal Year as it could be harmful to a person’s health state.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeI’ve explained the limits of the LIFE CODE numbers promoted by other trainers and mentors. I explained its limited usefulness because there could be detrimental consequences if applied wrongly, especially for people with emotional and temperamental traits. Just like a typical Feng Shui cure that needs periodic enhancements to allow the energies to be effective, the Life Code could not provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ harmonising effect on a person throughout their living years. I shared the extended method to plot the ANNUAL CODE and explained how we can use the code to identify signs that may affect a person, or clues that a person can act on during that year.

KCOne student wrote, “KC’s 2011 case study of her miscarriage and then a successful pregnancy is a good case of right timing in whatever we plan to do besides the right location and suitable people to experience SUCCESS.”  There is little need for me to share the formula on the Life Code. In fact, I did not as the students have understood the significance of using the Annual Code as a guiding sign to take suitable action because of its yearly tendency signs.

Students also learned the method to identify hidden patterns which allows them to identify subconscious thoughts of the number patterns in a person’s chart.  I’ve also streamlined many slides that I’ve used at previous workshops, again sharing new extended patterns and techniques to the students.

colours_and_traitsAnd for the first time, students had a sneak preview of my dream book ‘Slice of Colours: Personalities & Vibes.’ I presented slides suggesting tendency signs that we can identify through understanding colours present in the Universal and Personal numbers. This comes handy when you need to identify possible influencing vibes, including the resultant vibes that could affect a person’s mindset at a certain period. I’m certain the colours and its vibes are real and applicable.

Next, I’ve hinted what the NSQ Profiling is all about and how we can use this complementary method to aid in our personality and life path profiling.

For those who’d missed the 8th EON WORKSHOP, do yourself a favour – check out my articles and learn as much as you can. Then get ready for more insightful experience at the 9th EON WORKSHOP. For those who’re living in Malaysia and wish you could attend the EON workshop nearer home, don’t despair.  Hint… hint.

Until then, stay healthy and happy. And may all the positive vibes be with you.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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