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Many of us have heard about the birth of the royal baby Prince George early this week. We have also read articles from experts sharing their views on the royal baby’s personalities and characteristics from his birthdate and time. And I’m sure many of you are checking the past few days if I’ve posted my profiling observations from EON perspective on Prince George.

Today’s article is special. I’ll showcase how you can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method as a complementary profiling method to identify the personalities and traits of a person. I’ll show how easy you can do that by comparing the key observations made by other Chinese metaphysics experts on baby Prince George’s personality and traits.

Oh, it’s always handy to have a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” around to check on the number patterns that I’d be writing about. I’m applying the extended EON method to identify some traits. And I know my EON students (those who’d attended my previous EON WORKSHOPS) could correlate and identify these traits too.

What you’re about to read are tendency signs suggesting traits and characteristics based on the numbers, elements, and patterns present in his EON birth chart, and does not necessary imply the baby Prince George would have all traits mentioned.


In THE TELEGRAPH article (let’s call it Online#1), some fortune-tellers have predicted that “the royal baby will grow up to be determined but introverted, and a big hit with the ladies.” From EON perspective, the tendency signs of a person born with Root 8 include responsibility, “always on the move” and stress. They’re determined to achieve their desired goals, usually for the sake of others. The 2-6-8 [Talk-Stability-Responsibility] could suggest the need to communicate on stability and responsibility. We can associate the number 7 to supporters; and numbers 1 (and Metal) to leadership.

In the Online#1 article, Ms Mak mentioned “It’s likely he will have to go overseas, perhaps representing the army or going to a boarding school. He will also find romantic relationships overseas. His marriage will arrive between 30 and 35 years of age…” In EON, we can associate the number 6 to security (home and stability), politics, military, and weapons. A person with 7-2 or 4-2 usually has the charismatic (including sensual) personality to attract others, especially from the opposite sex. We can also associate 5-1-6 (and 1-5-6) to overseas ventures. Check my book on the possible patterns that could suggest presence of marriage vibes as well.

[Note to EON students: If you’ve access to my EON (Android) software, check out the Personal Year chart for age 30-35. Can you identify the possible relationship leading to marriage?]

The second fortune-teller Mr Au mentioned “If he wants to be stable (in marriage) he must not live close to water. Instead, he should live by the trees…” We can associate WATER to traits like distracting thoughts and sensual feelings. It’s easy for a charismatic person to attract others. They could indulge in their sensual traits to be “up close and personal” with others. Because of that, it’s important to control (and restrict) the sensual thoughts when the person is already in a relationship with loved ones to lessen relationship strains. His Health Symptom element is WOOD. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it could imply Qi deficiency in the liver organs. Harmonising the Wood-related energies is good but should be done in moderation. Strong manifesting of Wood energies (numbers 4 and 9) could create burst of emotional (and possibly temperamental) mood swings that might affect the person’s mental state of mind, including his immune and respiratory (lungs).

OCD2aThere are signs in his chart that suggest the perfectionist, responsible, and success-driven mindset, including the occasional OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) symptoms.

He needs to learn to relax, control his emotions and tempers, and have fun as otherwise these could lead to undesirable stress, worries, and frequent headaches if not properly controlled.  Perhaps his uncle Prince Harry could “walk the talk” to help him have fun and relax! According to THE INDEPENDENT article, Prince Harry was quoted to have said that “his role in the upbringing of his nephew, the royal baby Prince George, will be to “make sure he has fun”.”

The Online#1 article also mentioned the prince “to be a sensitive character…” according to Western Astrology. From EON perspective, we can associate sensitive and insecurity traits to the WATER elements.

Ok, that’s all for today’s article. Like I’ve said (or written) earlier, you can always learn the EON method to profile a person’s personality and life path.  You don’t need to know Bazi (or other Chinese Metaphysics systems) to profile a person. In fact, you can learn the EON method (which is much easier) and made similar profiling observations like the fortune-tellers did.

I’ve introduced many extended methods not mentioned in my book. I’ve discovered them while continuing my research after publishing the book. I’m glad I could share many of these extended techniques with my EON students at the workshop sessions. I’ve also designed the EON software to allow EON students to identify the tendency signs easily. And I know it helps speed up their profiling observations. The EON (Android) software is currently available to EON students.

Most EON students have previously completed the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling courses before they attended my EON Workshop. I’m glad they have learned and picked up useful techniques from their PON or UCM mentors. I’m happy many of them could now apply the extended EON method in their profiling.

I look forward to share many extended EON methods with you at the next EON WORKSHOP session. I promise you will get to pick up many useful techniques that could raise your profiling skills to a different level. And you’ll learn how to build up the profiling knowledge quickly through regular use of the EON (Android) software.

Meantime, stay Happy and Healthy. Enjoy your weekend!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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