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Profiling experts and enthusiasts have been using different methods to profile the ‘health state’ of a company. The financial investors have their own tools to decide the buy, sell, or hold status of a company stocks.  You too can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to find out the quality of the vibes present in a company’s chart. For the EON students (those who’d attended my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions), it’s similar to the approach of analysing a person’s life profiling.

Many years ago, my Bazi mentors taught me how to analyse a company’s financial status by checking out the company’s chart and the CEO’s chart. There was no easy way then to combine both charts for a quicker and easier observation. It’s now much easier when I started using the EON method to identify the vibes which was straightforward. I’m sharing the easier part (of the analysis) with you here in today’s article.

The quicker way is to plot a compatibility chart of the company’s establishment (or incorporation) date with the current CEO’s birthdate. I’ve also included the compatibility chart of Apple with the late Steve Jobs for further comparison analysis.

Apple_SteveJobs_TimCookYou may have read about Steve Jobs and how Apple could produce innovative and quality products (at sweatshops?), and sell them fast to consumers even at a high premium price. Many online sites commented Steve Jobs’ ability to apply the principles of “reality distortion field” (RDF) to hype up his product to create the ‘wow factor’. Although many people are aware of Jobs’ RDF tactics, the FBI has summed it all in The Guardian online article. The article quoted the FBI has painted Steve Jobs to be a complex man who is described both as “a deceptive individual” and one of “high moral character and integrity”.

It’s easy to correlate Steve Jobs’ management directions and presentation style to the number patterns found in his “Relationship Compatibility Chart”. We can interpret the 4-7-2-9-6-6 pattern as 4 [Plan] – 7 [Supporter] – 2 [Talk] – 9 [Success] – 6 [Money] – 6 [Stability]. In short, it could imply presenting the product plan (increase awareness of forthcoming product) to the supporters by talking about it through various media (to delay consumer buying of competing products with better features) to achieve the wanted success. When supporters (consumers) started to embrace Apple products, the money rolls in quickly and in turn, stabilise the company’s financial accounts.  The external influences are positive too. Look at the 1-2-3 patterns in S-T-U locations, and the 9-3-3 [Success-Fast-Fast] pattern in the V-W-X location.

You’ve heard or read recent reports that Apple (with Tim Cook as current CEO) is not like what the company used to be when Steve Jobs was around. Sure, there are tendency signs suggesting a downward trend in Apple products and the absence of innovative product realisation.   There are tendency signs suggesting impending management or organisational change around mid 2014 and especially in 2015. On the positive side, it could imply perhaps a new revolutionary product launch. I’ll talk about that later…

Look at the compatibility chart of Apple and Tim Cook. The 8-3-2-5-1-6 pattern could suggest 8 [Talking A lot] – 3 [Fast product] – 2 [Movement] – 5 [Obstacle] – 1 [Leadership] – 6 [Money or Stability]. The tendency signs suggest:

  • Too much time stressing on promoting new product releases [8];
  • Delivering products [2] to the consumer quickly [3];
  • Facing obstacles (for the lack of new innovative product) from loyal but tired supporters (who could have already bought competing products) [5]; and
  • Affecting the company’s technology leadership [1] and stability including their profit earnings [6].

Don’t get me wrong. I used Apple products daily and like their previous product innovativeness and quality. They’re embracing the “Blue Ocean strategy” when Steve Jobs was around. But with Tim Cook at the helm, he’s steering the ship towards the “Red Ocean” by flooding the market with slightly improved products in shorter time frame. The two sets of 8-4-3 in Tim Cook’s chart could suggest a person with EQ and communication problems with others. It could suggest relationship strains internally (with Apple staff?) and externally (contractors and consumers).  Click here to read my other article “Rhythmic Cycles of Apple’s Tim Cook” on the vibes that might affect his health state.

With both Jobs and Cook having Root number 2 in their compatibility chart, there are signs that Cook needs to work harder (8-3-2). He could be facing a more challenging (and often obstructing) task (5-1-6) to bring out better and innovative products; and to prove Apple’s technology leadership across the world.


I mentioned earlier “there are signs of impending management change” around mid 2014 to 2015 periods. I made these observations after plotting Apple’s Rhythmic Cycles chart and shared them with the EON students who’d attended my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions. Apple must focus on releasing revolutionary and innovative quality products, and be more ‘consumer-centric’ if they want an upward trend in the next few years. Perhaps the ‘management change’ could be a blessing in disguise…

In summary, it’s possible and easier to use the Elements of Numbers (EON) to profile a company’s “health state” by using the same approach as we did in profiling a person’s chart.

Get a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and start learning the EON fundamentals if you’re new to the EON method.

As I’m conducting my next EON WORKSHOP in Malaysia next month (21 Sept 2013), I look forward to share the extended methods with those of you who’re staying in Malaysia or find it convenient to attend the workshop in Malaysia. As in all my previous workshop, expect a visual learning and engaging experience on that day.

Register with Ms Adelin quickly for the EON@MY Workshop. And yes, I’ll explain more on Apple’s Rhythmic Cycle on the workshop day. And you can get (and install) the EON (Android) software to plot the charts quickly.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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