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Let me tell you a true story. A few months after self-publishing my first book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” a friend asked if I could write another book. He suggested this new reference book could include the explanations on traits and characteristics of each number pattern from 1-1 to 9-9-9. It’d be useful for EON enthusiasts and profiling professionals. I told him there was no immediate plan to write such a book. My reason – I was researching on the EON methods and would prefer sharing the knowledge only after I’ve done my ‘homework’.

Personally, I’d love to own such ‘quick-reference’ book as I could turn to the page on 1-2-3 pattern and read up the information on the tendency signs, characteristics and traits. So, I quietly started to draft the outline on what information to include on each page. When I came up with the first draft, I found I have to assign one page for each number pattern. This means the book would be over 900 pages, covering the number patterns from 1-1 to 9-9-9. I was not ready because of increased operational (self-publishing and printing) and logistic (extra warehousing) cost. Besides, I wasn’t sure if my first book could sell.

BANNER6Today, I’m happy I could put aside the unfounded fears on my book sales. I know the few thousand happy readers who bought my book know the truth about their personalities and could change their lives positively, through their own unique ways. I’m glad I took the bold step to share my knowledge by self-publishing the book. Users have told me how they could widen their perspectives on life purposes after knowing the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.  I’m happy my articles are helpful too. Rest assure I will continue to post regular articles to the best of my abilities, a commitment you seldom find from other trainers.

So, do I’ve plans for working on the over 900-page of reference guide book? Here’s my answer – I’m ready. If you know any publisher willing to publish and market my book, let them get in touch with me. I could focus on writing the book and speed up the release of the guide book.

SampleSlides4MYNumber patterns are often a popular search users made on my site. For example, I noticed users have searched for numbers like 134, 213, 415, 729, 371, 448, 876, 235, 189, and 933 in recent weeks.

There are different levels of identifying the number patterns. I’ve described the basic level in my book where you can check out on the traits and characteristics. I encourage you to get a copy if you haven’t done so. I noticed many Power of Numbers (PON) and Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM) students are applying the basic level technique on number patterns to help them identify obvious traits quickly.

The basic level analysis is great – it’s like watching a person’s action personally. The other levels of analysis include identifying the hidden and subconscious thoughts of the person. It’s like even though you could witness the person’s action, you could identify the tendency vibes that might have influenced their mind or why they behave like that. You’ll get to learn these ‘hidden patterns’ and multilayer analysis at the EON WORKSHOP sessions. Once you’ve understood this extended technique, you can easily formulate your own analysis quickly and there’s no need to wait for my ‘reference guide’ book.

For now let me briefly explain some of the ‘searched’ patterns mentioned earlier. You’ll notice it is possible to widen your analytical perspective starting from the basic level observation.

RelationshipsLet’s start with the 1-3-4 [Alone-Fast-Plan]. It could imply this person can plan and act quickly especially when he’s alone. This person must reveal their plans quickly and gather support to achieve the success needed. On health matters, it could imply this person could display unnecessary anxiety over trivial matters, often bursting with emotional flares and possible mood swings. The negative tendency signs if not in control, could hasten health conditions like mental stress, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level.  Want to know more? When the negative vibes are strong, it could trigger the sexual thoughts and transgression urge of the person.  Well, current EON students could also identify the stressing and gossiping nature as well.

I’ve described the ‘stumbling block’ in the 2-1-3 pattern in past articles. That’s when the negative vibes are strong. But when the person changes their thoughts positively and plan their moves wisely, they could transform each stumbling block to become the ‘stepping stone’ where they can walk towards their success goal. All these are possible by making a paradigm shift and changing your perspectivedon’t consider stumbling block as obstacles. Instead, take them positively as challenges to help you move forward. Have you wondered why some people with 2-1-3 could be richer than people with the 1-2-3 patterns? The answers are obvious now as they persistently face the challenges as opportunities and create the stepping stones to walk nearer to their success path.

I prefer passing on the knowhow to identify the underlying principles behind certain number combinations. I want you to learn to formulate the potential characteristics and behavioural traits on your own.

Once you understood the fundamentals, there’s no need to rely on others to tell you what the number patterns could suggest. Even more, because you have the opportunity to learn the underlying principles at my EON workshop, you’d know each number pattern do not have a ‘confirmed, chopped, and signed’ guaranteed trait or characteristics. By then you’d know it’s impractical and illogical to associate a 5-7-3 pattern as confirmed ‘bankruptcy’ incident; or an 8-4-3 pattern as absolute divorced case. That’s why many EON students who’d attended my earlier EON WORKSHOP sessions could acknowledge the lessons learned at the EON workshop is ‘worth more’ than the PON courses they’d paid for.

Today’s the last day of the “Early Bird Discount” offered for the EON@MY WORKSHOP session held later this month on 21st Sept in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Apart from the discounted rate, you’ll get a free copy of my book and the EON software (currently for compatible Android smartphones) at no extra charge.

Call Adelin now (mobile: 018-380 7673). She’s more than willing to extend the EB discount if you confirm your registration early.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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