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Yet another ‘song title inspired’ article this week on relationship matters. I’m having the feelings of becoming a metaphysical relationship adviser. In retrospect, it’s not a bad idea after all given the practical features of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. I can help people learn and understand each other’s personalities. I can help people identify their faults and strengths. I can help people to take charge of their lives and exercise toleration if they want to live a better life together. And I can use the EON method to help people improve their social and family relationships.

Chris wrote in a recent email to me, “Actually I’m considering getting into a serious relationship between two girls. I hope I can get enough suggestion from the EON point of view and I hope it can help me in making a better decision. Hope you can give me your favourable reply.

Chris provided the birthdates of two girlfriends. He’s torn between the two lovers and couldn’t decide which one is more suitable for him. Checking the compatibility with someone is useful. However, it’s not the basis to strengthen the bonding with loved ones. People do change as the years go by, and so do their purpose and meaning in life.

CaseStudy_Chris_W_ZLet’s look at the Compatibility chart between Chris and GirlZ (see right side of chart), and the influencing vibes around them when they’re together. At a glance, Chris and GirlZ are great companions who can gossip and talk about anything under the sun, including their ambitions, success, security (family, home) and financial achievements. When the sensual and sensuous vibes are strong, the mood for sensory exploration begins. From another perspective, there are tendency signs suggesting both can be sensitive, feeling insecure, and uncertain if they can be ‘more than just BFF’.  They could have varying versions of the ‘ideal vision’ of living together as spouses. These could create unnecessary tensions when they discuss the possibility of ‘marriage, home, and family’ as lifelong partners.

The feelings Chris had with GirlW is different from GirlZ. Often, he could felt the mysterious feelings and intense visions. They do face challenges and opportunities together. They could have different views over finances, family, and home matters. Often, their differing views resolved amicably. They’re focused, opportunistic, and responsible about achieving their goals through planning. The ‘actions speak louder than words’ feelings are more pronounced when Chris is with GirlW.

BANNER2It’s understandable why Chris is hesitating with two attractive female companions to choose from. Both have their own unique traits, characteristics, behaviours, and perspectives.  One likes to create the ‘perfect, successful’ goals, and the other focuses on ‘self-centered’ achievements. One is action-driven (act) while the other prefers communication (talk). One lacks the ‘passionate sensual sparks’ and the other lacks the emotional perseverance. Putting these personality traits aside, there are likenesses in them which could create the emotional and exhilarating thoughts in Chris. Both could have the means (headstrong, stubbornness, and charming ways) to achieve what they need.

Chris has to understand no one has the perfect personality. Two people with their own separate formative experiences coming together would create sparks along the way. The loving sparks forging them together, and the fiery sparks causing tension. When both parties can put aside their differences and focus on common goals, the visions of everlasting marital bliss is strong.

Influencing VibesOn a side note, it’s good to use the EON method to plot the Compatibility charts and note your analysis for reference. However, you should not assume the information gathered to be an absolute indication of your life expectations. Your formative experiences and the periodic external influence do affect your behaviours and actions. It affects other people as well. This means the Compatibility Chart is useful to identify the combination vibes when two people are together from their birth charts. It has its limit and usefulness, just like identifying the traits from a person’s birth chart. You then plot the Personal Year charts to find out the influencing vibes that may affect a person in a particular year.

From my research, I noticed we could plot the Yearly Compatibility chart to find out the influencing vibes that could affect two people each year. I’ve shared the method with the EON students who’d attended my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions. I’m looking forward to share the methods again at the forthcoming workshop.

I’ve mentioned in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” that even if you find two Birth charts to be compatible, it does not imply an everlasting relationship. It just implies there is a good start in the relationship. Similarly, an incompatible chart does not mean the couple cannot be together. They need to learn to work things out, be tolerant, be patient, and know each other well. Many people started out as incompatible couples, but ended being lifetime soul mates.

Eventually, Chris has to decide whom he feels comfortable with and who he can work together as loving partner to realise his purpose and meaning in life aspects like career, family, and quality of life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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