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The only way now is to go up…” That’s what Nicole Seah said, according to a recent Yahoo online article. Nicole had faced depressing times this year (2013) which affected her health (including emotional and mental state) and she “practically subsisted on crackers and water because (she) was too weak to eat anything else“.

Can we identify tendency signs suggesting depression on a person through the Elements of Numbers (EON) method?

CaseStudy_NicoleSeah_1Let’s analyse her Birth chart from EON perspective.

DOUBLE EFFECT YEAR. Yes, Nicole is facing the ‘Double Effect Year’ vibes this year. It manifested the negative energies causing her to experience the ‘Double Whammy’ instead of the ‘Double Blessing’ this year. I’ve explained the influencing effects when a person is experiencing the ‘Double Effect Year’ vibes on Page 228 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’d recommend you to buy and read my book to understand the underlying reasons better. I’ve also posted related articles on this site too where you can check them out later.

When you’re having a ‘Double Effect Year,’ it’s important to take care of your health first as usually the negative energies will affect your body system.  The strong Metal (number 6s) present in her Birth chart is further manifested through her current Personal Year (check her PY2013 chart). This somehow created an excessive Metal-related influence (mental stress, worries). In the Five Elements theory, strong Metal control Wood and repel Fire. This implies increasing tendency signs of emotional, temperamental, and depression strains on Nicole too.

The perfectionist traits in her are making her even more tiring and especially this year when there are signs suggesting the urge to complete her tasks and achieve the success she needed hastily.  The Double Whammy effects (a result of the negative vibes having manifested) had detrimental effects on her health, affecting her mental and anger management state. It may result in probable bipolar disorder if not properly managed and controlled. There are also signs suggesting possible OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) inclinations – she must manage them well (if she has them) to avoid worsening her health conditions.

CaseStudy_NicoleSeah_2In the same article, Nicole was also quoted to have said she made a ‘terrible, irreversible mistake’ during the presidential election two years ago. I was curious to find out the probable reasons or at least identify the tendency signs that could have compelled her to make the remark. I then plotted the Compatibility Chart between Nicole and Tan Jee Say to identify the tendency signs between them.

There are tendency signs suggesting strong passionate vibes between them that could have triggered the pursuits to succeed their perfect plan. There are also tendency signs suggesting frequent disagreements (5-7-3). It could probably due to their strong-headed mindsets (both having Root 6) creating perceived views on how they want to carry out their strategies and actions. There was the visions (plans) and urgency to eventually become a leader (or strong political opponent or promising politician). From her compatibility chart, there are signs suggesting that to achieve the perfect vision Nicole needs to communicate relentlessly to express her supporting views, and these could have stressed her further.

EON_SoftwareIf you have installed my EON (Android) software, try plotting her PY2011 chart. Alternatively, you can plot the chart manually on a paper if you don’t have the EON software (available to EON Workshop students).  The patterns 9-4-4-8-4-3 (locations M-N-O-P-Q-R) and 1-8-9 (S-T-U) and 8-1-9 (V-W-X) reinforce the perfect plan to achieve her goals. However, there are probable relationship strains and tensions between them because of differing views. The 8-4-3 pattern could also imply relationship strains with her internal political party members and/or her supporters.

Well, that’s the end of my quick observations on the tendency signs present in Nicole’s charts (birth and PY charts).  Oh… by the way, any reference to the traits and feelings mentioned in this article are based on my observations on the tendency signs present in her natal (birth) and periodic (Personal Year) charts. It does not imply Nicole would inhibit, display, or experience similar traits or feelings, and in reality, may differs from my observation.

Whatever it is, I’m glad Nicole has taken a positive outlook to take charge of her own life and destiny path. What’s done cannot be undone, but what’s done can become valuable reflection lessons for Nicole… to help her transform to a better, wiser, and smarter person. As Nicole also has the ‘street smart’ and ‘intuitive’ traits present in her natal chart, it implies she could build up the resources and strength to face the challenges ahead. I believe she can do it as she’d already overcome the first hurdle and positively said, “The only way now is to go up…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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