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In a recent Engadget site, Edward Snowden was reminding others that he’s still homeless.

I was curious about finding out Edward’s PY2013 influences from an Element of Numbers (EON) perspective more than his NSA leaks. I thought I could share my EON observations on the influencing vibes (elemental energies) that could have contributed to his behaviours and actions.

CaseStudy_EdwardSnowdenThere are tendency signs on his Birth (natal) chart suggesting a person who’s usually focused on achieving his goals fast, and the willingness to take risks if he has to get things done quickly with the help from others. There are signs suggesting he may have selective-listening tendencies.

On a subconscious level, there are tendency signs suggesting a responsible but lonely person who strives to share his knowledge and plans to others. [Note to EON students: try to identify the subconscious traits pattern.]

The conscious ‘completion’ thoughts are manifested this year (2013) – look at the three 9s at locations U, R, and X. The annual vibes (through his Annual Code identification) could influence the thoughts to instil the “begin with the end in mind” goals, and the need to take fast action to complete his mission.

The perfectionist thoughts (8-1-9) in his PY2103 chart also suggest the heavy responsibility he has to shoulder on to carry out the ‘perfect’ plan – whistleblowing (6-6-6 in N-O-Q).

I’ve included an illustration of a whistle image on Page 154 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’ve also mentioned we can associate the number 6 to whistleblowing. We can also associate number 6 to security and home.  There are multiple sets of number 6 in Edward’s natal chart and as well as this year’s PY2013 chart.

Influencing VibesThe urge to share his knowledge to others is strong. In fact, there are multiple 5s in last year’s PY2012 chart, and these could inhibit the essence of the number 6 (1-5-6) as well. Check out “The Flexible Number 5” on Page 155 of my book for more exciting details on how the number 5 can display traits associated to surrounding numbers. The urge to complete his mission from overseas (1-5-6) was strong too.

The 5-7-3 pattern is present in his PY2014 chart. We can associate this pattern to loss of money, carelessness, legal entanglement, and at extreme cases, to bankruptcy (a decision made by the person). Could this imply Edward’s request for political asylum in Brazil may come true? Or the NSA “forgives” him legally? The 9-7-7 in his PY2014 chart suggests there are signs of successful breakthrough in his endeavours, but at a cost. Legal entanglement, asylum, more leaks? Every citizen on Earth deserves to have a home to stay.

On health matters, Edward has to take care of his health and reduce smoking and binge drinking, if he’s into this as there are tendency signs suggesting he could fall into the “high cancer risk group.” As long he can control his tempers, emotions, and mental state (unnecessary worries) and take good care of his health, he shouldn’t worry too much.  The same principles and action also apply to you if you have similar charts as well.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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