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I apologised for not posting any article last week. It has nothing to do with the Lunar New Year festive mood, or the almost daily ‘Lo Hei‘ or ‘YuShengcelebration lunch or dinner I had with my family, friends, associates, and relatives.

I’ll tell you the reason later.

2014 VIBESSome of my friends compared the current global and local events happening so far this year with my article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2014” posted on 1st January 2014 and the “Positive Outlook – Negative Outlook” image. Anyway, I’ve added the image and you can click on it for larger view.

For example:

  • I mentioned “SNOW, SNOW & MORE SNOW“. The heaviest snowstorm in Japan recently injuring many people and with some deaths as reported in this online site.
  • In my earlier article “Prediction and Safety Preventions” I mentioned there are tendency signs (in the Year energies) suggesting more injuries may arise from falling objects or person falling from heights this year. The recent fatal accident at Sentosa on 29 January 2014 could have been avoided. Everyone must practise safe habits whether it’s at home and work, or at office, shopping centres, factories, and construction sites. Even on the roads.
  • There are worrying fears the Tokwe Mukorsi dam may collapse according to this online article. Let’s hope the “Burst Dam” indicated in my prediction image does not come true as people’s lives are more important than anything else.

Let’s hope the negative predictions made (on right side of image) have fewer influences and impact than the positive ones (on left side of image) so we can look forward to happier times this year.

And talking about happier times, that reminds me to share with you the reason for my ‘no article posted’ last week.

EON_WS0I posted the image on the right sometime in mid-January 2014. A few of you noticed it and emailed me wondering its purpose. It’s been more than three years since I first published my book and setup this site to promote the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods. Today, I’m still receiving requests asking if I do conduct courses on my Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Previously I’d quickly suggested to users to check on the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM) courses. But users still prefers learning from me because of various reasons.  I’m also aware some of them were recommended by their friends who attended my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions.

contactusSo, the good news isI’ll be conducting EON courses soon. I apologised for delaying my EON courses for more than three years as I needed time to focus on my EON research then.

EON INSPIRE PTE LTD” (for short, EON INSPIRE) is organising the courses – from Basic Level to Advance Level for now. There are plans to organise the Master Level course too. EON INSPIRE is co-founded by Daniel Lim, one of my EON students who’d attended all my workshop sessions. Check the website at for information or click here for the course details. Oh, we’re organising the ‘FEN Preview workshop’ on 27/28 Feb 2014 and I look forward to see you there. Yes, I’m presenting and teaching you the basic EON methods, and I promise you a visual learning experience. Daniel felt my training and slides are more visual and easier to remember than those taught by other trainers, and he’s glad he could learn and profile others beyond numbers and patterns. That’s why he’s helping me to organise the full EON courses. And I was busy helping him on the logistics and operational matters.

Remember to contact Daniel ( to reserve a seat for your Preview session, or for any of the Five Elements Numerology (FEN) courses.

And finally, I hope to see you at the preview sessions, and share with you how different your learning experience can be.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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