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Some of you may have received email from me or Daniel about our Preview Workshop (check this link for more info) or the EON Courses we’re conducting. We’re also receiving more queries since we announced setting up EON INSPIRE.  We received an exciting query from Lynn who studied Bazi and Zi We Dou Shu (ZWDS, Purple Star Astrology) and uses them for profiling. She wants to know more if she can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method as an alternative profiling method. She also wonders if she can use EON to complement Bazi and ZWDS.

CaseStudy_LynnThe first impression I’d when I plotted Lynn’s chart was – TOO HOT. No, I’m not referring to the ‘hot sensual appealing’ kind (OK, the charismatic appeal is present in her chart too) but rather the fiery fire energies within her. As Lynn did not mention any specific area of her life aspects to focus on, I’ve decided to share my observations in a non-linear analytical way to identifying tendency signs randomly.

The tendency signs in her chart suggest an entrepreneur-spirited person with traits like quick-action, fast-paced, temperamental, emotional, and mentally worrisome traits. The intuitive inclinations and spiritual senses are strong. She could be using her ‘intellectual thoughts” (guts and instinct; logics and principles; and social and sensibilities) to work on her plans. More often than not, she usually prefers making quick-success plans. Other people may see her as a person with high anxiety, anxious, temperamental, and hyperventilating. This is partly because of her unconscious thoughts influencing her sharp-eyed, wits, quick thinking, and high aspirations mindset to get things done quickly.

Selective ListeningShe needs to be more empathetic towards others and improve her listening skills as there are tendency signs suggesting a person with ‘selective listening‘ symptoms who often likes to frame their thoughts midway through a communication. She needs to relax and stay calm, and reduce her competitive fear and insecurity by redirecting the negative energies towards humanitarian and charitable projects.

On a subconscious level, the success-motivated mindset and materialistic (or family and home) achievements are strong.  She has to slow down, as the ‘too fast and furious’ passionate streak may lead to unhealthy pursuits which could manifest the FIRE element. At my past workshop, I’ve shared visualisation techniques that allow students to identify traits easily. For example, we can associate Fire to blood (like vessels, veins, and hypertension), eyes-irritation or dry eyes, impatient, tempers, and so on. In the Five Elements theory, strong Fire could lead to possible skin irritation, mental-related issues, immune, brain, and respiratory problems. There are some other worrying signs present in her chart that could put her in the ‘high-risk group’ of people who may manifest the cancerous cells and diabetes symptoms. She needs to drink enough water to harmonise the imbalance of Qi energies in her body.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyShe had experienced a “Double Effect Year” last year in 2013. The positive and negative vibes are doubled and it could lead to more successes and more stressing moments for her last year. If she’s in control of her behaviours and actions, she could be experiencing a ‘Double Blessing’ vibes. Otherwise, it could lead to a ‘Double Whammy’ experience for her. She could still experience the “Double Effect” energies during these few months so it’s better to exercise self-control over her emotions and tempers while she strive to achieve her goals.

TempersHer PY2014 chart shows influencing signs inspiring her to follow her success visions by sharing her plans to others. However, she could be facing challenges and stumbling blocks because of hasty actions. There are signs that she might trigger or invoke some tensions or heated arguments due to disagreements this year or late last year. She has to be mindful not to aggravate issues relating to financial, investment, home, or even career-related matters. At extreme end, these could strain her relationships with someone like loved ones, associates, friends, or public officers.  She needs to exercise emotional and anger management and be tactful when communicating with others.

I’d recommend Lynn to ‘compare’ my observations with her Bazi/ZWDS analysis on her birth chart. There are traits that may not be quickly identifiable in her Bazi/ZWDS charts. She could use the EON method to complement her current profiling methods and/or use EON as an alternative tool for quick and easy profiling analysis.

I’ll be sharing some of the techniques to identify the traits through visual imaging if you’re coming down for the 10th EON@SG WORKSHOP on 8th March 2014 (Saturday). And if you’re attending the Advance Level course, you’ll learn even more techniques to associate traits to specific element-number associations. And if you’re new to EON, I’d recommend attending the Basic Level first to get you on the right path towards better profiling analysis.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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