The Mann (Part 2): The Perfectly Imperfect Wife

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No one is born perfect. We must always remind ourselves that good enough is just good enough. We have our unique strengths and faults. As long as we can adapt our mindsets and be tolerant of others’ faults, we can quickly learn to embrace their positive behaviours and habits. We’ll then know that life can be so imperfectly perfect for us.

I’ve posted Part-1 of my article “The Mann (Part 1): Sex-Depriving vibes” on Mann early this week. Unfortunately, the negative vibes could have magnified Mann’s lusting urge.

In this Part-2 article, I will share my observations on some of the tendency signs present in Jessly’s EON chart. It does not imply Jessly would inhibit all traits mentioned. We developed our habits and behaviours from cumulative experiences (childhood, social, career, Internet, etc.) and these could consciously and unconsciously changed our perceived beliefs and attitudes.

CaseStudy_Mann_WifeLet me share some basic observations using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. The ‘Selective Listening Disorder” (SLO) pattern is present in Jessly’s charts. Mann is a highly sensitive and emotional person (check my Part-1 article) and he needs Jessly’s listening ears, tolerance and patience to help him redirect his fears towards better, positive aspects. The lack of truthful talk could have broken the interaction between them, and drifted their attention apart.

The 8-4-3 pattern appears in her PY2014 chart suggesting relationship strains. More signs in her charts suggest that she could have triggered the strained relations with her husband. Could she been busy self-sacrificing her attention toward others and not Mann?

Jessly might have faced frequent stumbling blocks and it’s probably because of her hasty and fiery nature resulting in a “more haste less speed” results. She could remind herself to slow down and think about what she wants to do thoughtfully before taking action. Perhaps she could try the “aim first then shoot” instead of “shoot first then aim” approach to achieve the needed goals. Yes, it is favourable for her to control her temperaments and mood-swings, and build up the habit of an active listener.

Before I proceed to file divorce, do you see there is any chance for me and my hubby to salvage our relations? Or should I continue to tolerate?” asked Jessly.

Immoral LoveMany people born in Asia have inculcated the traditional family and cultural values that marriage vows made by the couples should remain ‘til death do them part.’ However, the increasingly Western social influences could have made an impact and changed people’s mindset these days. As a result, many people often chose the easy way out without bothering the consequences – sign the divorce letter and go separate ways leaving the maintenance of their kids to the other party. In 2012, almost half of the people surveyed had thought about divorce at some point in their marriage as reported in this separate AsiaOne online article. It may seem frightening but the truth is out there. People in other country may experience similar thoughts.

I told Jessly, “There are opportunities for another man in your life but you have to make sure you review your old habits and change them. You and your hubby were loving couples once and reflect what could have triggered the strains. It takes two hands to clap. While you can’t force him to change, you can start changing your life through more tolerance, positive attitudes, and forward-looking. Take care… And ask what you’d like to see yourself in five years…

Selective ListeningWhile Jessly has tried her best to change her ways, it is important that Mann changes his attitudes too. As mentioned in my previous article, Mann is being influenced by the strong Wood element affecting his emotions, temperaments, and lustful desires. Mann may be unaware he has a medical condition. Seeking professional medical help could bring him back to his senses. That is why the experts are saying the husband’s health and their attitudes are essential to happy, long-term unions according to a recent University of Chicago online article.

TFEN Courseshere may be another man “coming into” Jessly’ love life. She may or not have noticed him already. He could probably be from overseas, or stayed overseas for some years. Jessly has to carefully weigh her choices before signing the divorce letter. She must continue working on changing her attitudes and behaviours and learn to be more tolerant and empathetic towards others. Listen attentively would help bring the communication and relationship closer. If there is a new man in her love life, she has to decide if she wants to go back to the man who loves her or to the man she loves.

I’ve shared the extended techniques to identify key traits mentioned here at previous EON Workshops, and will do so for the Five Elements Numerology (FEN) courses. Don’t worry for now if you’re unsure how to correlate the traits to the EON charts. You can always attend the FEN courses to expand your profiling skills.

Look out for my Part-3 article where I’ll cover the tendency signs on Mann’s compatibility charts with Jessly and the two other women.

Always remain positive. If you’re married and can identify potential signs of strain relations, take action earlier to prevent the angst from worsening further.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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