Extra bits on 2-5, 2-5-2-5, 6-2-8, and 6-5-2 patterns


I’m aware more graduates who’d completed the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM) are visiting this site. That’s good as you can pick up extra knowledge to help in your profiling. It doesn’t matter which method you have learned from as the reasons you are accessing my site shows that you want to know more beyond just numbers and the patterns. And I hope I can guide you along the way.

Today’s article is on new number patterns searched by some of you on this site.

EXTEND1Let me share what I’ve noticed from the 2-5 patterns using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. We can easily associate the 2-5 pattern to [talk-obstacle] from a basic perspective. But when I look at the same pattern from extended EON perspective, there’re more obvious tendency signs identified. These include traits like stuttering, distracted, muzzy thoughts, weak digestive issues, manipulative, ‘wishy-washy’ misleading communications, and so on.  And when there’re other numbers in close proximity at certain locations in the chart, there are signs of kidney-related health symptoms, including urinary leaks and bed-wetting.

In basic interpretation, we can associate the 2-5-2-5 pattern to [Talk-Stubborn-Talk-Stubborn] trait. Of course the common ones include snaky, gossiping, and the traits mentioned in earlier 2-5 example. I could identify extra signs suggesting prominent self-centredness and self-sacrifice from extended EON perspective. But behold the outwardly worldly first impression as the inwardly signs could suggest manipulative and self-interest thinking mindset.

Let’s look at the 6-2-8 pattern [Money-Talk-Stress]. Extra signs could suggest a responsible, perfectionist-minded, and hyperactive person who’s trying hard to deliver the message across to others. The person may face repeated challenging moments trying to convince others as their message was unclear at first. As there are signs suggesting the perfectionist attitude with relentless pursuits for success mindset, they could eventually deliver their message clearly across to others.

And now the 6-5-2 pattern [Money-Stubborn-Talk]. The extra tendency signs suggesting the person feeling challenged with monetary benefits in mind. Just like a charlatan salesperson or charismatic speaker, they could easily deliver the message across to others. The manipulative attitude for the sake of self-benefits are strong.

I look forward to share the Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques to the PON and UCM ‘Advance or Mastery’ students who’ve signed up for the Five Elements Numerology (FEN) Advance Level course on 26th April 2014.  You will learn to visualise the elements to specific numbers; and identify traits and actions associated to these elements.

It doesn’t make sense when some PON or UCM trainers insisted that 8-4-3 means divorce cases or 5-7-3 appearing in certain locations means confirmed bankruptcy. Imagine how many people are doomed for bankruptcy because the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) appears in their Personal Year? I’ll teach you how to draw your own underlying reasons how certain patterns (e.g., 4-5-9, 5-4-9, 5-7-3, 3-7-1. 8-4-3, etc) could have specific traits. You’re taught the visualisation method to correlate the traits at my FEN courses (Basic, Advance, and Master Levels). You’ll then know the observations made are so simplistically naive and illogical since we know many people with such patterns in their charts are still happily married or have continued to enjoy good financial stability.

It’s rather straightforward to identify tendency signs associated to various traits once you have gained the ‘knowhow’.  Want to jump-start your knowledge?  Yes, you can… support me and attend the FEN courses!

You’ll never know how interesting and insightful my FEN courses could be until you’re there personally learning the visualisation techniques and listening to me unfolding the extended methods. Create the opportunity to enable you the chance to have a purposeful, learning profiling experience.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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