FEN Preview on 10 April 2014


19 signed up for the free PREVIEW session on 10 April 2014. Eventually 16 users came for the preview session, while the rest could not make it because of commitments.

Preview3_fotoDaniel and I did an informal profile survey of users when they first registered for the preview session. 52% of them have completed at least one course either from PON, UCM or LifeQuest. Some have even completed courses conducted by two or more organisations (like PON + UCM; UCM + LQ; or PON + UCM + LQ). Slightly over half of them are experienced profiling experts in their own ways. The remaining half (48%) of the attendees are either beginners new to numerology, or are familiar with  other metaphysics systems like Bazi, ZiWeiDouShui, FengShui, and possibly Indian numerology.


SymbolicNumbers_Recap9All in all, the session was a success as everyone present knew about the FEN BASIC LEVEL and FEN ADVANCED LEVEL courses we’re conducting. Most importantly they knew they could now learn the “Elements of Numbers” (EON) method through a more positive and participative learning experience.

We divided the PREVIEW session into 2 parts – one for beginners and the other for experienced users. The intent for having the 2-parts session is to show my training method, Q&A (Questions-and-Answers) approach, and the use of visual slides to complement my teachings to allow students to understand in a clear and easy way.

EXTEND1The first part is about sharing portion of the first lesson students would go through when they attend the FEN BASIC LEVEL course. They’d learn to recognise the keywords tagged to a person’s traits and characteristcs and how to plot the chart. I started explaining the fundamentals of the numbers (1 to 9) and taught those present a simple visualisation method to correlate the numbers to symbolic representations.

For the second part, I showcased sample slides from all three level courses – Basic, Advanced, and Master – and explained how students can benefit more from the extended EON knowledge and techniques not taught elsewhere. I’m glad some experienced users have realised the PON/UCM/LQ knowledge they’d picked up previously is just “skin-deep”, and there are many all other areas they’ve not discovered or explored yet. Some of these experienced expert users took charge and signed up for the FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course, knowing they can learn more insightful information.

Our next FEN BASIC LEVEL course is scheduled for 10/11 May 2014 and the FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course is on 25/26 April next week. You may signed up for either classes if you’ve not already done so.

Check out the EON-Inspire website now for more course details…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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