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Today’s article is focusing on the generalise observation on the way we look at things and the way we profile a person. Usually everything seems so obvious for some people when they look at a person’s EON charts. They find it so easy to identify the tendency signs from the numbers, elements, and patterns and associating the signs to specific traits. For these people, they frame their observations through logical, experiential, and common-sense views.

confusionWell, analysing a person’s chart and profiling them may pose different challenges to different people. It may be easy for you to identify traits suggesting bipolar disorder, bankruptcy, divorces, and emotional suicidal attempts. To you, it’s all about seeing the obvious signs. To you, it’s just a simple, common-sense observation. But the point is, other people don’t have the same common-sense thinking like you. They’re taught different ways to analyse and profile a person. Their opinions and views are different, cumulating and stemming from past experiences, social influences, and career life.

EON_mosaicThat’s one reason some people still don’t “get it.” They wondered how others could identify a person’s traits so easily and hope they could too. And that’s for a good reason as they could not understanding how certain traits are ‘found’ just by looking at a chart. It could be a common-sense observation to one person when profiling an EON chart. To another person, they analysed things different and couldn’t correlate how others could easily identify the traits. It’s not logical and makes no sense at all. Imagine the frustrations one person had when they could not identify the traits. Well, it all boils down to our self-beliefs developed over the years and our perceived mindset that creates a common language and understanding, and a common approach towards applying the profiling steps.

Preview3_fotoMy FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students told me they found it easier to understand and identify traits from various areas in a person’s charts after attending my classes. There is no teacher-student atmosphere drawn as while students are learning from me, I’m also learning from them. The positive reciprocal effect. When the experiential sharing energies clicked in-tune, it forms a common lingo, and everyone could think and analyse on the same wavelength. That’s common-sense to them all.

For those who have not attended my FEN classes, it does not make any sense at all when they read the articles I’ve posted on my site here. They are still just as confused how I could gather certain traits by analysing a case study’s charts. They still couldn’t get it even after reading my articles a few times. Don’t worry if you happens to fall into this group. Be patient. We’re not focusing on academic learning where studying or memorising ‘by heart’ could get you a pass in your studies. Don’t rush as self-accelerated learning may do more harm than good as assumptions made without clarifying could lead to less accurate analysis. Profiling a person takes time, commitment and keen observations. Profiling a person is just like using a camera – you need to focus to get the right shot. You need to focus on the specific life aspect, be they on career, health, education, or relationships. And most important, you need to learn the right techniques from the right passionate people who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Diabetic_TendenciesApart from inculcating a panoramic and 360-degree observation, it’s important to understand the ‘cause-and-effect’ on why people behaves in certain ways. Common-sense profiling is just like looking at the two sides of a coin, and like the Yin and Yang energies. When we make an observation, understand the whys and how’s could help us better understand why certain traits are displayed and how certain events could have been prevented. For example, if you identify potential diabetic-tendencies in your chart (the cause), it doesn’t make any sense for you to spurge your sweet tooth aggressively without thinking of the future you. You may be healthy now and I believe you’d not want the future ‘you’ to rely daily on medication, syringes, and insulin injections (the effect). Is that your vision on looking forward to better and happier life? If it’s not, then start taking care of your life now. Identify the tendency signs and moderate your diet so the future ‘you’ can thank you for taking good care of your own body, soul and mind.

CaseStudy_OprahWinfreyI posted an article “Numerological Predictive Observations  2014”on 1st January 2014. I also included a graphic image highlighting key areas that could manifest this year. One of them is on increasing sea travels. Why are cruise travels getting popular these days? Could the air travel mishaps in the early half of the year resulted in more sea search and rescue or recovery activities? Or could there be potential increase in ships and vessel hijacks and sea piracy in the next few months? I don’t know… and I hope these are not the reasons for the increasing sea travels.

There are many contributing factors causing similar outcomes, just like there are many roads leading to Rome. Take a look at Oprah Winfrey’s main EON chart and her Time of Birth and Combined Date and Time of Birth charts. Try to identify the traits and probable events that may have happened (check her Personal Year PY charts too). Note down your observations. Once done, check out this Wikipedia page and see if you can correlate the events during her younger days to the EON charts. Oh, correlate her current successful lifestyle to the number 0 in her Challenges period in the ‘Pinnacles and Challenges’ chart.

I mentioned a medical breakthrough which implies relation to the medical and health industries. Could the Ebola epidemic speeded up the need for medical research and funding especially from non-pharmaceutical companies? Could these resurgence of researches result in a medical breakthrough to control the spreading of diseases and possibly cure for the patients? Again, I don’t know BUT this time around and like everyone else, I hope there is a positive medical breakthrough!

EON_ChartDesignJuan bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and was happy he could build up his profiling skill. He asked why I use my own EON chart instead of the PON’s inverted triangle chart. Juan felt the PON chart is clearer and easier to understand. I’ve provided the details on Page 38 of my book why I create my own EON chart using the copyrighted charts. I agreed the PON chart is simple and clearer at first glance. Somehow I felt something was wrong. When I started my own EON research I noticed the PON chart does not provide the visual signs I needed. That spurred me to create a unique EON chart. I’m glad I created the meditation-like chart. I felt relieved somehow but still couldn’t figure out why. That was in 2009 when I first published my book. A year later I found the answer. I discovered there is connecting link in locations U and X with the M and N.  That was possible after I’d improved the chart’s connecting lines in version 1.x of my EON (Android) software. Naturally I’m also using the same chart design in the FEON+ software. The improvement in the ‘connecting lines’ provide more clues and “common-sense’ relational analysis.

Sample Case Study of Arnold & Maria, from EON WORKSHOPThere are reasons number patterns are associated to certain outcomes. Take the case of the 8-4-3 patterns. Sure, there are divorce tendencies but these happened only at extreme cases. Mostly, you get to experienced frequent quarrels and disagreements. And you can reduce these negativities personally too. You need to identify the triggering signs contributing to the quarrels and communication gaps. Trace back the events that aggravated the situation by checking out the periodic charts (Personal Year, Personal Months, and Personal Day). Do a relational compatibility chart including the combined year chart to identify more signs. There could be signs suggesting tendencies influencing the ‘root’ cause. Once you can identify the tendency signs, take action immediately to change your mindset, habits, and behaviours. And yes, work to improve communication and EQ skills, and learn to exercise toleration and empathy toward others.

You can easily plot the charts mentioned and identifying the tendency signs using the FEON+ software. Just a few seconds is all you need to plot all these charts. Just ask a friend who’ve used the EON (Android) or the FEON+ software. Chances are, they’d probably tell you their positive analytical ‘common-sense’ experiences.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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