FEON+ Feature: Life Path Periods, Pinnacles and Challenges


I’m glad Helen has found the FEON+ software useful. In her recent email, she wrote, “I have been very interested in your book and I even got your software too. Thanks to your information, I know more about myself and people around me.

While researching on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I noted there are many other ‘components’ from other numerology systems (including Western, Indian, and Chinese) that I could apply as well. When I noticed there are possible relevance to improve the profiling analyse, I’d try to include that into my analysis. And by adding these components to the FEON+ software, I could analyse a chart from an alternative angle. These extra features also allow users like Helen the opportunity to explore relevant methods to understand herself or others better. I’ll add more features in FEON+ software wherever necessary. Well, as I’m using the FEON+ for my own analysis and research, adding the extra features could increase my profiling productivity. And if the features are relevant and useful, it would benefit registered FEON+ users as well.

Helen asked, “In your software there is a part called “Life Path Periods”. May I know what does it means? What does 1 to 9 in life path periods means? Is it the same as the definition in your book?


UniversalPersonalThe “Life Path Periods” is a relevant feature that allows the user to identify the ‘life path’ number vibrations in a person’s life. As the Life Path Periods stretch over a longer period of years, their influences affect us more in a broader manner. It’s just like the Universal Year energies influencing a person in that particular year. It’s not covered in my basic book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” which focuses more on introducing the EON fundamentals and identifying the personality traits of a person.

Influencing VibesThe Life Path Periods are the three major phases or cycles we will face in life. It is similar to the Formative (S-T-U), External (V-W-X), and Internal influences (M-N-O) in a person’s chart that I’ve shared at my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. The three cycles in the Life Path Periods include Formative, Productive, and Reflection.

The first ‘Formative’ cycle focus more on the childhood growth, family, education, and development. This sets the foundation for the person to transit to the next cycle in the Life Path Period.

The second ‘Productive’ cycle focus on the productive years of a person, including adulthood, career, marriage, family life, and life goals.

The third ‘Reflection’ cycle focus on the last stage of a person’s life. It’s about the life reflections and experiences, contentment, knowledge and wisdom, directions, and contributions the person can pass on to benefit others.

To summarise it, the Life Path Periods provide users a visual identification on the tendency signs influencing the person’s experiences throughout life, representing the influences and effects on them. Learn from the energies present in the numbers to develop the positive traits and characteristics.

Helen also asked, “How to read the “Pinnacles and Challenges chart” in your software? What do the numbers mean?

The ‘Pinnacles and Challenges’ are the life lessons a person must face, experience, and learn during that period. The strongest influences on a person’s life would be felt during the transitional periods between the four long-term cycles.

The ‘Pinnacles’ show the four long-term cycles on a person’s life path, identifying general signs (opportunities, events) on the road ahead that you might experience in your life path. Focus on the positive traits in the number present, and at same time, take care not to manifest the negative energies of the number.

The ‘Challenges’ represent the different aspects (stumbling blocks, obstacles) that you might encounter in your life path. The need to develop skill, talents, and improve character and attitude. Be aware of the negative traits and influence in the number present, and focus on the positive sides.

So what does the numbers in the Life Path Periods, Pinnacles and Challenges mean, and how do you interpret it?  

There are different levels of analysing the numbers and elements present in the Life Path Periods, Pinnacles, and Challenges. A quick basic approach is to look at the number present and then identify both positive and negative traits, and the elemental effects associated to that number.

For example, if you see the number 5 present it implies the need to be more humble, adaptable, flexible, caring, worldly, and versatile. That’s the positive ‘Yang’ vibes you need to manifest. Well, you must also be mindful of the ‘Yin’ vibes that may affect you. The tendency signs suggest the need to be mindful of the negativities that may influence you somehow. These include traits like self-indulgence, rigidness, stubborn, fear of change, distractions, disruptive, and unhealthy sexual tendencies. These are the traits you should avoid manifesting to reduce any ‘whammy’ effect influencing you.

BANNER6You may want to check my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more information on the positive and negative traits associated to the numbers. If you’re staying in Singapore, you can get my book from major local bookstores like Popular, Kinokuniya, and Times. Ask the counter staff if you cannot find my book on the shelves. If you’re staying outside Singapore (like Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, USA, etc), click/tap on the right image on how to buy the book. And while you’re reading my book, check on the element influences as well as these could provide hints on health conditions. For example, the same number 5 could suggest digestive and stomach related issues, and these could also lead to health conditions including headaches, digestion and bowel problems. So while you chase your dreams relentlessly, you must also take care of your health.

Like Helen, I’d encourage you to use the FEON+ software regularly to improve your profiling analysis. The features included in the software provides an easy and fast way for you to identify the tendency signs.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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