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elementsHelen chanced on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method from my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Profiling.” And like an impatient user, she registered the FEON+ software to help speed up her analytical passion and to build up her profiling knowledge.

DETeRMINATIONHelen is excited she could ‘rediscover’ herself by looking at her ‘life blueprint’ from an ‘out-of-the-box’ perspective. She hopes to find out why other people are behaving in their own unique ways using the EON method. She’s changing her expectations by adapting her attitudes and views on others. She knows she could now find out why others are behaving differently from what she’d expected. She strives for a better lifestyle. She has put herself in an accelerated learning mode and began to email me with more questions. Helen just want to clarify her doubts to avoid misinterpretations and wrong assumptions. That’s understandable. I’ve posted her earlier questions in yesterday’s article “FEON+ Feature: FEON+ Feature: Life Path Periods, Pinnacles and Challenges.” I thought it’d be great to share more excerpt of our email correspondence in today’s article.

Ron: By the way, have you attended any PON or UCM or LifeQuest classes?

Helen: Nope. I did not attend any of them. My knowledge are from your book and your website. They are more than enough for me to learn and get to know people around me. I’m very grateful towards you for sharing your knowledge.

BANNER6Helen has reinforce my intent of writing the book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” that anyone can learn and discover their true self at their own time, own pace, without attending any class. Anyone can learn the fundamentals from my book and build up their profiling skills using the FEON+ software. Helen has mentioned one unique USP (unique selling point) that I’m proud of and that many users have come to appreciate – my passionate sharing of knowledge to them via emails and through articles on this site.

Here’s an extract of my email correspondence with Helen…

Helen: I have just experience a double whammy and double effect last year thus I’m still feeling the effects of the double whammy this year. By taking the positive actions, it is indeed helps me to lessen the negative mentality and thoughts!

I’m glad Helen could adapt and change her mindset after reading my book and using the FEON+ software to analyse her own charts.

Helen: I would like to ask about “missing numbers” in your FEON+ software. What does it refers to? How does the software identify a person’s missing numbers? For your information, my birthdate is [omitted]. It says my missing numbers are 2 and 4 which I find it weird!

Ron: You can find the answers in my book. Please read the book again to discover more. Don’t rush. I’ve described the missing numbers in my book. The Time of Birth chart does not replace the Birth chart.  It’s to identify subtle signs like a secondary chart.

I’ve described the purpose of the “Missing Number’ on Page 157 of my book. Do check them out if you’re still unsure what it means. I’ve also posted articles on missing numbers – click here for the article links.

Helen: I had found answers to my questions in the book! You are right I should not rush. However, my 3 – 6 – 9 and 6 – 3 – 9 combination in location MNO and PQR respectively tells me why I tend to do things fast and rush. I will try my best to be more patient. 

What’s the point of learning more about ourselves when we don’t act on the tendency signs present in our Birth chart? We need to find out why we behave and act “like that” and know what works for us and what don’t. If we realise our impatient attitudes and traits are present in our Birth chart, then we should act to reduce our impatience. Engaging in amiable relationship and understanding others better is achievable. We could improve our health and adopt the calm and focused thinking to manifest the energies within and around us. I’m glad Helen is taking action to slow down her impatient pace.

Time of BirthHelen: I have done character profiling on my friends through the time of birth chart and combined birthdate and time chart. I realised the results are not that accurate compared to the date of birth chart. This leads me to ask you if it is that necessary to focus on the “time of birth chart” and “combined birthdate and time chart?”

Ron: The Time of Birth chart does not replace the Birth chart.  It’s to identify subtle signs like a secondary chart.

The Time of Birth (TOB) chart do not replace the person’s Birth Chart which acts as the main primary chart. The TOB chart allows you to identify extra signs that you can associate to a person’s subconscious traits. They can act or behave differently from the traits and signs present in the main Birth chart. But their subconscious traits and signs could be obvious under certain conditions or events. The tendency signs may not be present or obvious today, but it can surface later. That is why some people realise they still could not understand the correlation of the person’s actual characteristics and their Birth chart. The person behaves differently!  But when you look at the TOB chart, it could show the relevant tendency signs. The Combined Time and Birth (CTB) charts provide extra clues as well.

You can use the TOB and CTB charts as a secondary chart to identify extra subconscious signs. Use it to complement the main Birth chart which remains as the primary chart. You do not need to focus on the TOB or CTB charts, unless you need it for special cases like identifying extra signs between twins or persons born on the same day. For normal profiling, the Birth chart should do. Let’s look from another angle. The DAY energies has wider influence since there are 24 hours in a day. But when you look at the HOUR period, the TIME energies can create strong and yet subtle influence on the person.

Helen: I would like to ask how to analyse “personal year pillars” and “personal month pillars” and “personal day pillars”?

Ron: The year, month, and Day pillars are advanced techniques that are covered in my FEN classes.

The periodic pillars (Year, Month, and Day) are extended techniques to identify the tendency signs that could affect a person during that period. You learned to take correct action to work on the positive vibes while taking care not to manifest the negative vibes present. It is best learned in a classroom environment due to its extended interpretations. That’s where I can explain how the periodic numbers, its energies and influences could affect a person in a particular period.

That’s all for today’s article. I will probably post a case study article on Helen at another time since she has provided me with her birthdate.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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