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It takes two hands to clap, and two passionate hearts to make life happier and better. In my recent two articles, I shared my observations on Debra’s husband David, and their relationship and compatibility traits. For a proper ‘observation closure,’ I thought I might as well shared my observations on Debra’s EON chart here.

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Debra has the Birth Root number 5. And there are two other number 5 at surrounding locations. As mentioned in earlier article, the number has the duality traits. On the hard side, the number is like a solid rock, a boulder or a mountain. On the soft side, it’s like a soft clay and sand.  To put it simply, the number 5 has traits like hard-headed and stubborn, inflexible, mysterious, generous, long-winded, flexible, creative, and capacity to think of quick workarounds.

CaseStudy_DebraDebra has to tone down her stubbornness attitude and work on her positive sides. Worrying would not help improve matters. What she needs is to make a drastic mindset shift and work on the positive traits. She could reinforce the flexibility, empathetic, sharing, humanitarian, down-to-earth nature, wisdom, and creative workaround traits. She could also remind herself not to enforce the negative traits like stubbornness, rigid, egoistic, long-windedness, monotonous attitude, and worrisome habits.

When there is another number in close proximity, the traits could influence the number 5 directly. With the number 9 present in location N of her birth chart, Debra could have subconsciously inhibits traits associated to the number 9. The traits include competitiveness, success-orientated, humanitarian, high ambitions, unrealistic goals, merciless, and emotions. When numbers 1 and 6 are in close proximity, the traits displayed could include signs of mental madness, mental-related symptoms (like worries, anxiety, and depression), and immune-related symptoms (like respiratory, hyperventilating, breathlessness, and headache). I’ve described many traits associated to numbers 5, 1, 6, 9 and even the 1-5-6 combinations in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”  Do check out the book if you’ve not already done so.

The multiple 1-8-9 (and 8-1-9) are in close proximity. This imply a person with focused mindset, often setting their goals unrealistically high. In short, the headstrong, righteous, and perfectionist traits. Debra has that and it’s strong. [OK, Practice Time: How many sets of 1-8-9 or 8-9-1 direct-link sequence can you find in her birth chart?]

TempersOverall, the tendency signs in her charts suggest an impatient person who prefers the ‘get to the point’ and ‘cut the crap’ approach. They like fast, instant, and immediate short-term results than waiting for long-term outcomes. The signs also suggest a reserved person who don’t talk freely, that is, they talks only when necessary and are often direct and frank in their views. The good news is that it doesn’t mean Debra would inhibit all the traits I’ve described earlier. As long as she has good family upbringing and inculcated good self-beliefs, she should be able to control the negative traits to a great extent. It’d also benefit Debra to remind herself consciously to pause and stop whenever she noticed she was displaying the negative traits. Taking a step backward and do some self-reflections would create a more amiable atmosphere with others. Lowering the expectations and realising that nothing is ever perfect forever would help lowering the standards. She could learn to be more tolerant and understanding and not waste the strength, time, and health over trivial issues.

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalThat’s exactly what Debra has to bear in mind, especially this year 2014 when the 5-7-3 and 1-8-9 vibes are present in her PY2014 chart. There are potential loss (sure, she could have drawn out the money to help settle her husband’s debt) but she has to remain careful and vigilant over financial and home matters.  Before she could understand her husband well, she must first understand herself better. Perhaps she could take some time to read my book again and try to identify the numbers and its associated traits in her birth charts. Then interpret the signs and note it down, and take a conscious effort to change and adapt her attitude. Sure, she may say “I’m not like that” but chances are, she could have unconsciously unaware of such traits. Perhaps she could unknowingly bottled up her feelings and frustrations. And she could just be like a bottle of carbonated fizzy soda water (as an analogy). When you shake the bottle, you don’t see anything obvious. But when you open the bottle cap immediately after shaking, you’d know what happens next. By then, furious tempers are flaring and damage is done. It’s perfectly normal to be imperfect. Oh… have you counted the number of 1, 8, and 9 sequences in her chart? Are there 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 sets? The answer: There are 6 sets using the EON chart layout.

CaseStudy_Debra_SeasonalMonthBesides the numbers and elements present in Debra’s EON chart, I noticed that she is born in the seasonal month of summer (Fire). Besides the temperaments, she could also easily felt thirsty and “heaty.” Drinking enough lukewarm water is good for her. Life on the fast lane can be fun and thrilling but what matters most is whether you arrive at your destination safely and your car still in good condition.  Slowing down her pace would give her more time to reflect on the lighter side of life. She can choose to drive on the slower lane, and afford the time to stop by the flower garden and smell the roses.

It takes two hands to clap and for both Debra and David to create a happier, joyful, and healthier life together. While Debra could consciously make it a point to do some self-reflections, her husband David has to change his mindset too. Debra may consider seeking professional counsellors to understand the teething issues between David and her. It’s normal to seek professional help when the need arises. They can then look forward to restart life anew and happily together again.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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