The 2-1-2 Distractions



To Do or Not to Do, That Is the Question.

That hesitating thoughts comes to mind when you become indecisive. You don’t know what to do and continues to ponder over the next course of action. You know the frequent pondering can be an unproductive time-waster, and you lacked the strength (and courage) to control your thoughts well.

Loss_of_DirectionsJust one word to describe all these hesitating signs – DISTRACTION.

HiddenPatternsIf you have the 2-1-2 number pattern in your chart, there is a tendency you may, at times, felt strongly the hesitating vibes consciously affecting your focused attention. The 2-1-2 pattern can be present in your birth chartPersonal Year, and periodic charts. If it is present in your Relationship Chart, it can also suggest regular hesitating and frustrating moments when two people are making decisions together.

The number pattern 2-1-2 [Talk-Alone-Talk] could suggest the hallucination effect on a person’s mind and these could result in indecisive, insecurity, sensitive, and fear. There are tendency signs suggesting strong manipulative and gossiping vibes. If you don’t manage or control these negative vibes well, you could ended hurting others and creating unnecessary problems and challenges on them.

From extended Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives, it’s easy to expand the visual associations of the 2-1-2 number patterns. There are many interpretations depending on your knowledge and perspectives, including:

  • 2-1-2 [Sensual-Mental-Sensual]. The mental and self-indulgence exploration on the sensuality part of the body. The sensuous urge to feel unrestrained.
  • 2-1-2 [Feelings-Mental-Feeling]. The unnecessary worries and fears. Insecurity and rippling thoughts.
  • CaseStudy_MileyCyrus2-1-2 [Talk-Alone-Talk]. Talking to self. Obvious signs include talking to self when analysing a problem or digesting information. Well, when you noticed yourself reading aloud, chances are, the 2-1-2 pattern could be in the air (when analysing from extended EON method using periodic Universal and Personal numbers). People with such pattern could talk in gibberish or quick manner to the extent you’re unsure what they’re talking about. Many years ago, when you see someone talking to himself or herself, the first thing that comes to mind is the person might be crazy or having mental problems. These days, it’s harder to judge a person by their actions. You cannot stereotype a person as having mental problems or crazy when you see them talking alone. For all you know, they could have used the latest miniature Bluetooth earpiece or microphone clip on their shirt collar. Who knows… they might have the 2-1-2 pattern in their charts! C’mon, move with the times and change your self-beliefs, attitude, and habits.
  • 2-1-2 [WaterMetalWater]. With Water on both sides, the Metal would rust or corrode sooner. The constant fear the energy of life could deteriorate soon. The distorted or rusting thoughts like the rippling reflections on a puddle of muddy water.

After noting down my observations, I thought it’d be great to have a reference chart where you can correlate. I told myself I must use a celebrity’s chart as you can read about the person in newspapers and online articles and correlate their recent behaviours and actions. One celebrity person came to my mind but I wasn’t sure if she has the 2-1-2 pattern. I quickly launched the FEON+ software on my smartphone and search for her name. Sure enough, the 2-1-2 pattern is present in Miley Cyrus’s EON chart.

Want to learn how to apply the Visualisation technique to understand number patterns creatively, faster, and better?  I will show you how easy it can be at future FEN courses I’ll be conducting in 2015. Send me an email at if you want me to update you on the course schedule.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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