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I’ve highlighted some of the key traits present in Laurel’s EON Charts (Birth and Personal Year) in my recent article “About Laurel: Analysing Gays & Lesbians”. In today’s article, I’ll continue with Laurel’s case study by focusing on key traits present in her partner’s EON chart. For easier identification, let’s call Laurel’s partner as Loraine (not her real name). I’ll also share my observations on Laurel’s relationship tendencies with Loraine.

Just a side note – Laurel and Loraine may not display the traits mentioned here as it all depends on their self-beliefs, social influence, and habits.

CaseStudy_Laurel_FriendThe prominent traits in Loraine’s EON chart is the present of the 8-1-9 and 1-8-9 patterns present in locations M-N-O and P-Q-R. The pattern could imply different meanings including signs of ‘perfectionist’ traits. It means to Loraine, things has to be in perfect sync before she makes a comfortable decision. The 2-1-3 also suggest challenging (and at times, opposing) tendencies she might have with external parties when it comes to realising her goals. Yes, the OCD-like (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) traits are also present in Loraine’s charts (Birth and Personal Year).

There are tendencies suggesting Loraine could display anxiety and strong impatient traits last year. As the periodic energies are transient and moving, she may still display such traits. Her stress level may increase this year (2015) and she must adapt herself to situations to create more pleasant outcomes. Unless she lowers her high expectations, she might be creating undue stress on herself.

When a person gets temperamental and emotional, their thoughts and visions often gets distorted. And the ‘rule-the-world’ self-egoistic mindset kicks in.

There are many traits that you can easily identify on Loraine’s chart. Instead of sharing them here, I’d recommend you check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I’ve described many traits and tendencies associated to the numbers and elements in a person’s chart, and the probable health symptoms as well. You can buy the book at major Singapore bookstores like Kinokuniya, Times, and Popular outlets.

EON_AnswersLoraine has to consciously remind herself to stay calm and focused, and not be swayed by emotional triggers that might affect her mood and health. It’d also be ideal for her to drink enough water to prevent dehydration and frequent thirst. And as similar to Laurel, she should cut down on binge drinking (if she’s a frequent alcohol drinker), and smoking (if she’s a smoker).  Yes, she has to take care of her health and not hasten the cancerous tendencies.

Loraine is a resourceful person. She might have issues expressing herself to others. There is a tendency she might have the ‘insecurity’ feelings that relying on others could help increase her confidence level and outlook.

Laurel wrote in her email, “We like each other but we always quarrelling in the beginning over many things. I almost want to give up because our personality clash! Especially when comes to communication, seemed like she don’t get what I mean and I don’t get what she mean.

FEN_COURSEThe number 5 is also about self-exploration. At extreme end and if not managed well, it could lead to excessive unhealthy sensual habits. When we combine Laurel’s stubborn nature with Loraine’s perfectionist nature, you can imagine the outcome when both are together. When you combine Laurel’s root 5 with Loraine’s root 9, the resulting number is 5 – challenging, and sensual explorations. And as Laurel has already mentioned, she just don’t understand Loraine. Laurel has to reflect what makes them happy together, and continue to recreate the happier times if she wants to keep the relationship. There are also signs that Loraine’s sexual inclination or preference may change over time. If such events do happen, Laurel should learn to ‘let it go’ and move on instead of forcing her desire the hard way.

The periodic energies present in the year could influence a person’s ‘yin and yang’ traits. This means there is always a ‘softer side’ to a man’s masculine character, and a ‘harder side’ to a woman’s feminine character. A person’s sexual preference could partly be influenced by social and periodic vibes. Their thoughts could realigned to social norms when the relevant energies get manifested. It’s impossible to know if a person will continue his or her sexual preference or becoming straight in future as it all depends on his or her self-beliefs, social environment and habits.

CaseStudy_Laurel_RCLet’s look at their relationship chart. The 2-3-5-8-7-6 is almost similar to Laurel’s own Birth chart (3-2-5-7-8-6). The tendency signs suggest ‘superiority and self-centred vibes’ in Laurel and she could have unknowingly imposed the overpowering vibes on Loraine when they’re together. If Laurel wants to understand Loraine better, she might want to recall what makes their relationship ticks.

Was there some magnetic vibes or common interests (and hobbies) both like? If Laurel could identify these easily, she could try to embrace such happier thoughts. Perhaps she could adjust and change her habits, including the self-principled mindset that other people are who they are and not what she wants them to be. It takes two hands to clap and two people with common thoughts to be happier together. This means Loraine has to change her hard-headed perfectionist, competitive, and success-driven mindset. Letting others win (and not achieving the perfect-10 score always) does not necessary make her a loser.

Laurel could have a sincere and calm dialogue with Loraine to unleash their inner thoughts, and discuss their relationships and shared values. They should put aside the ‘selective listening’ tendencies and listen attentively to what the other party has to say. Give each other the space and freedom they need to continue their own interests, and have their best friends from opposite gender.

I’ve added features into the FEON+ software to improve my analysis. And I believe your analysis can be improved as well when using the software. For example, look at Laurel and Loraine’s relationship this year. This is an extended technique that I’ve discovered few years ago that you can also analyse the yearly relationship vibes of two or more people. Notice the 2-7-9-7-2-9 pattern present on the ‘Compatibility Year Chart (PY2015)’ chart? There are signs of happier, sensuous, and exciting times ahead this year.

Whatever it is, I hope Laurel and Loraine can both make a conscious effort to adapt and focus on their common beliefs if they wish to keep a lasting relationship together. If the relationships don’t work out as expected, they should just move on with their own lives and remain as platonic friends.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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