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Tomorrow (4th Feb 2015) is the start of Li Chun (’s Spring time!) which according to the Chinese Astrology is the start of the Year of the Ram or Goat. Uh, isn’t the Year of the Ram starts on the first day of the Lunar New Year, i.e., 19 Feb 2015? No, the Year of the Ram should have started on 1st January 2015. 

Depending on which fundamental principles you are relying on, the result can be contradicting and varying. Imagine the debating assumptions many people make in deciding the day the Year of the Ram should starts.

HiddenPatternsFortunately there are increasing number of people (like you) who support the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Many of you feels that life’s so much simple and less confusing when analysing from numerological perspective. We look at the tendency signs present in the Year energy for signals on what might possible happen in the particular year. So, for year 2015, we simply look at the numbers, patterns, elements, and hidden numbers in the 2-0-1-5 number sequence.

What?! You mean it’s just like that? Can’t be so simple, right?

confusionOk, ok… calm down. I know the 2015 energies can be more volatile than last year’s. I haven’t finished yet. Yes, you’re right. We cannot simply assume the 2015 year energies would start on 1st Jan 2015 and ends on 31st Dec 2015. As mentioned many times in my past articles, the yearly vibes (or Qi energies) are transient, changes, and moves around regularly. That means the year 2014 vibes are still around us for this period and some of you might get affected in varying degree by last year’s vibes. And when we apply the same influencing principle, many of you could experience next year’s 2016 vibes in the later part of this year too!

“Ron, that’s not what I know, or taught by my PON, UCM, or LIfeQuest trainers?”

EXTEND1Well, it is the right time now to open your minds and widen your perspective. Welcome to the Elements of Numbers (EON). The EON method differs from the PON, UCM, LQ methods you may have learned from other trainers. You will noticed the differences in the techniques used to profile and analyse when you apply the extended EON methods. When you learned the EON method from me, you’ll know to identify tendency signs beyond the basic numbers. You learned to apply the time-tested Five Elements principles in EON. You’ll know how to distinguish the effects of the influencing vibes and understand why the elements interact differently. It can be intense and confusing to correlate the elements and its interactions in textual form. That’s why I applied the VISUALISATION technique to teach the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. I could easily explain the impact (positive and negative) of the elements associated to the numbers 1 to 9. To most people, it’s easier to remember visual images (like the icons in road signage or corporate logos) than in descriptive texts.

Let’s say you have identified your Personal Year 2015 root number to be number 3. There are increasing signs suggesting communication breakdown or relationship issues with someone else who you’ve interacted with. This means you need to be more tactful, diplomatic, and be empathetic. Most importantly, reduce the ‘selective listening’ habits. There are more tendency signs manifested this year. Like being critical, intuitive, passionate (creative, desire, fantasies), sharp tongue (blunt and hurtful), and so on. On the positive note, you can be more wholesome, warm, caring, and inspiring. Sure, you need to take care of your emotions and worrying thoughts.  On health matters, you must cut down on your sweet cravings to prevent diabetic-like symptoms to manifest. Having good and enough sleep as there are signs suggesting you may experiences insomnia tendencies. Oh yes, stop that wishful thinking and the “I want to do this, I want to do that” thoughts and start taking actions. Many students have bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” personally at my EON Workshop sessions and FEN classes some time back and had me autographed them. Some of you might have noticed I signed off with the following words, “Visions without actions is like a dream unless you take actions and make it happen!”  That’s what you may experience if you happen to have the number 3 as your PY2015’s root number.

What I’ve mentioned is just the beginning. There are eight other PY root numbers (1,2,4,5,6,7,8 and 9) that I’ll be sharing at my talk on “Numerology 2015: Your Personal Outlook” this coming Friday (6 Feb 2015).

The earlier traits I’ve mentioned on Personal Year number 3 is just a portion of what you’d expect to learn when you attend the FEN Basic or Advanced class. You get to learn the visualisation technique. You will gained the knowhow to understand the interactions between numbers and the elements. I’m confident when you apply the EON method regularly, you can be a better EON profiling experts than many other people!

Click on this link for more info on the talk. Please register early. See you on Friday 6th Feb at Peace Centre.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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