Why stock market crashes happen in the autumn



I was excited after reading the BBC NEWS article “Why stock market crashes happen in the autumn“. The article mentioned “Professor Fang and her colleagues think they know what causes it: the summer holidays mean that professional investors can’t be as focused on financial market news as they are for the rest of the year.” Prof Fang continued to share her observations and said, “Instead they delay their reaction until they go back to work in September. And often this is bad news which takes longer to digest than good news, says the research.

FEN_COURSEI’m glad Professor Fang had made an interesting observation. I’m also happy her research discovery reaffirm my EON research and observations on the seasonal patterns and vibes present in the EON charts. I believe Prof Fang might have spent huge time and resources while researching for patterns and signs. I’m glad I took fewer effort to identify similar signs using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. In fact, if you have bought and read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at least a few times, you’d noticed the clues are there as well.  That’s one aspect of EON that is uniquely different from other methods like the Power of Numbers (PON) and Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM).

EONinvestLet me share some clues in today’s article on how quickly I could easily correlate Professor Fang’s research discovery and the EON method. There’s no need for any technical or scientific studies that are often complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Of course, a survey or scientific statistical results like what Professor Fang did does help reinforce EON observations.

Here’s the first clue – the AUTUMN season. In the Five Elements principles, the element associated to autumn is METAL. This means the Metal elemental energies are manifested in varying ways, and in both positive and negative effects.

Here’s the second clue – the number ASSOCIATIONS. I have mentioned them in my book. We can associate the number 6 to money and financial wealth. We also associate the number 6 to the Metal element. Since stocks market is related to wealth investment, we can also associate the stock market to the Metal element.

Here’s the third clue – The MONTH number and the ELEMENT. We can correlate the METAL element to the month number. This include months like January (number 1), June (number 6), and October (number 1).

yinyang_balanceHere’s the fourth clue – the YIN and YANG aspects of the element. This is part of the EON system using the Five Elements principles. In my previous FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, I’ve explained the importance of the phrase, There is a Yin in every Yang, and there is a Yang in every Yin” using visual slides. We can also associate, to lesser extent than number 6, the number 1 to money and financial wealth. That means the January and October month.

EONinvest2Many stocks investors and financial experts have relied on different signals to check performance of the stocks. One of the common tools include checking on certain periods in January (first 5 days, last 5 days, entire January) to gauge the overall stock performance for the year. That’s the “January barometer” many investment experts factored in to their forecast. That’s no coincidence when we correlate that to the third and fourth clues.

EXTEND1The month number for September is 9. That’s completion and success for most people looks forward to. But it’s also the end of the ‘life cycle’ before the ‘next’ beginning (number 1) starts. The energies get manifested. And the resulting effects are often felt in the following month, i.e., October. That’s one reason the bulls-and-bears are often competing fiercely during the September-October (autumn) periods.

There are other clues that are obvious once you understand the extended EON fundamentals. And since I’ve scheduled the FEN Level 1 (Basic) and FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class for March and April periods, I’ll share them to those attending.  Many FEN students had attended other courses (PON, UCM, or LQ) and the feedback I’ve received are mostly their increased confidence in profiling after completing the FEN courses.

At my recent “Numerology 2015” and FEN course preview session, we offered a special early bird discount to all present. We apologised we’d to reject some of you who tried to register at last-minute as we’ve reached the target 30-people limit for the classroom. To encourage more people to join me in this insightful learning experience, I’ve decided to open the FEN course registration links to all.  I encourage you to attend and take advantage of the discounts offered depending on your registration date.  You can click on below EVENTBRITE links to register:


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Thanks in advance for the continuing support.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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