Heavenly Send-Off pattern shared at FEN Level 1 (Basic) class


I’m thankful to the 6 students who supported me and completed the FEN Level 1 (Basic) course last week (21/28 March 2015). They have now instilled in their minds the visualisation techniques I’ve shared with them. Through regular practices, they need not stressed up their minds trying to remember the number patterns and its associations to a person’s characters, personalities, traits, and actions.

Many PON (Power of Numbers), UCM (Universal Character Method Profiling), or LifeQuest (Science of Numbers) trainers have shared my EON findings in their classes. I’m glad my EON research are fruitful and others have recognises my observations. Well, some FEN/EON students are PON or LifeQuest trainers so it’s natural they’d shared the findings with their own students, albeit at a higher course fee. The researcher in me reinforced the phrase, “To Teach is to Learn Twice.” The trainer and writer in me inculcate the need to pour the cup full of water (knowledge) and share it with others so I can continuously refill my cup. The cup could be half-full or half-empty… depending on how you look at it.

FEN_Lvl1_Basic_201503_21_28My students noticed I like to include surprise ‘bonus’ in class, like sharing extended techniques meant for the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module. For example, at last week’s Basic Level class, I explained the Heavenly Send-Off pattern that I’d shared with previous FEN Advanced students. One FEN student disclosed he’d attended the PON class recently and the trainer also mentioned similar outcome on the same pattern. However, he was glad I could explained the fundamental reason behind the Heavenly Send-Off pattern. I was doing a live case study on a VVIP person by plotting the chart from my FEON+ software. I then shared my observations on the significant dates. I told the class we should not naively assumed the worst case scenario of the outcome on a person. We need to apply logical intelligence and reasoning in our profiling analysis. We might have similar patterns present in our charts, be they present in the Birth chart or in the periodic charts. Does that mean we have experienced ‘death-and-reborn’ multiple lives as the patterns were present in previous years’ charts? Think logical and practical, please… I then told the class we should not blatantly confirmed anyone with such pattern in their periodic chart would leave this world when such pattern is present in the chart.

THE MINDAt the last preview talk on 13/3/2015, one participant told me he attended a talk by a Bazi master trainer who claimed he could predict when a person would die. I’m always at my defiance state whenever I heard such scare-tactic technique. In Bazi, the energies come around every 60 years. Why are there many people still living beyond the 60 years, happily, healthy, and alive?  We’re not robots programmed to act on predefined rules. We’re human beings with the ability and capacity to change our limiting beliefs, behaviours, actions, and lifestyle. That means we can take charge and live the life we want, and not depend on fate to decide our destiny. If you’d identified potential health condition (or deadly patterns) tomorrow, then take precautions today to dilute the negative effects. When you act right and think positively, you will live to see tomorrow. Perhaps, paying the Bazi Master a surprise visit and tell him that your destiny and life is not in his hands, but yours.

I’m glad I could equipped my students with the EON/FEN knowledge. I also encouraged them to use the profiling knowledge and visualisation power wisely.

EXTEND1I have reinforced the basic keywords associated with the numbers differently. I have imparted the visualisation technique where students learned to identify tendency traits from the pictures projected on the screen. No hypnotic images but just ordinary everyday life images. I want my EON/FEN students to identify traits on their own instead of simply spoon-feeding the traits without explaining the underlying reason behind the pattern. That said, I hope many PON and UCM students can change their limiting beliefs and attend my FEN course. Just come for one module and you can experience personally my visual teaching method, and find out it’s so easy and fast to visually identify a person’s traits from their charts.

I’m looking forward to share more extended techniques with the same batch of students (and others) at the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class in May 2015. If you’ve not already register yet, please do fast. You’ll learn how to apply the Rhythmic Cycles to look at a person’s cyclic tendencies; identify the Double/Triple Vibes for optimal manifestation of positive Qi energies; and lookout for Health tendencies (cancer, diabetics, cholesterol) for better health care. I will also share the ‘Qi Tapping’ technique and personalised daily directions to increase the positive energies to create a better result.

Get the Book Now!Have you completed the advanced or mastery modules from PON, UCM, LifeQuest classes? If you have, then I’d recommend you to attend the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module. I will share the extended method and explained the reasons behind the patterns. That’s easy for me as I had done my research and published my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to document the observations. It’s still selling well at local bookstores, thanks to many of you who supported me and had spread the EON method to others. How many trainers dare spend time (and probably years) researching and published their own book? And post regular articles to share with others unreservedly? The book is now at its 3rd reprint and is available at Kinokuniya, Times, and selected Popular bookstore outlets.

Click the EVENTBRITE link to register for the FEN course now!

FEN Level 2 (Advanced) course – 9/5 and 16/5


By the way, I have to postpone the NSQ Profiling course. I apologised to those who’d signed up earlier. I’m planning to conduct the first NSQ Profiling course either in July or later months. As shown during my preview session on 13/3, I will teach you MORE than the common nine-square chart method. You will learn how to identify a person’s behavioural intelligence and character strengths for any specific day, and ways to harmonise and strengthen the energies.

Hoping to share my extended FEN techniques with you at the FEN Level 2  (Advanced) class on 9 May 2015.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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