EON Bits on mirrors and patterns


James asked, “About people who are mentally unstable and who likes to look at themselves in mirrors or reflective surfaces, they reminded me of the wicked stepmother character in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Can we associate mirrors as Metal element since the material (liquid silver?) inside the glass is the reflective substance to enable us to see our reflected image?

Influencing VibesRon: The people in olden days used shiny metal sheets for glooming or admiring themselves. Mercury was previously used as the ‘metallic coating’ but these days aluminium is used for coating instead. To an extent, we can associate mirrors to the Metal element because of the reflective metallic substance used.

Jennifer asked, “…about the number patterns 4-2, 7-2, 3-3, and 7-7 described in your book. Do they often ended in short-termed relationship even when the two people are compatible? Will there be frequent arguing associated to the 3-3 pattern.

Ron:  Let’s look at the keyword interpretation first. 4-2 [Plan-Talk], 7-2 [Support-Talk], 3-3 [Fast-Fast] and 7-7 [Support-Support]. Now, let’s add some spices to extend the keywords to the patterns, 4-2 [Articulate-Feelings], 7-2 [Wisdom-Network], 3-3 [Desire-Passion], and 7-7 [Friend-Fiend]. There are many different keyword interpretations I can think of. It’s possible for FEN students to interpret their own keyword versions on two-number patterns. It’s easy once you’ve learned the visualisation technique from me. Register for the preview now and get your profiling questions answered. And when you signed up for the FEN courses, you can stretch the profiling limits beyond the wildest possibility.

BELIEFSThe 4-2 is consciously thinking of home, stability, and financial matters. They also like to plan their next moves toward achieving their goals. We can also correlate the 7-2 pattern as superficial self-interest talk. That’s when one person is consciously analysing how they could gain success by manipulating the other person. It’s like “you scratch my back, and I scratch your back” – figuratively and literally (yes, the sensual actions). Extensive visualisation techniques are taught at FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class. Learned more to gain the profiling confidence.

Do these patterns suggest inclination towards short-termed relationships?

The answer – yes and no. The energies from surrounding numbers in the chart can influence the person’s behaviours and habits. Surrounding numbers with strong vibes can influence a person’s thoughts and decision to step either on the moral or immoral side of the line divider. When the negative vibes are stronger, the immoral lines seemed brighter. But when the positive vibes are stronger, the immoral lines seemed darker. At times, they can be amoral. An analogy here… we cannot always assume 1+1=2 like a mathematical equation. Before deciding, we need to understand the intent of the question. When the question asked is on binary arithmetic, then 1+1=10. Henceforth, it’s important to look around at the surrounding numbers to understand the characters and traits of a person before we stereotype them based on our perceived self-beliefs.

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UNLEASHLet’s have more fun picturing the 5-4 and 4-5 number patterns. Correlate them to 5-4 [Stubborn-Plan] and 4-5 [Plan-Stubborn]? There’s more to the number 5 vibes (like stubbornness, challenges, complacency, obstacles) than in usual case. I happened to see an advertisement tag line pasted on the back of a car while driving out for lunch today – “New Thinking, New Possibilities.” I thought it was a timely inspiring phrase and decided to expand it to correlate the 4-5 and 5-4 patterns – “New Thinking, New Possibilities. Old Thinking, Odd Possibilities.” Correlate the “Thinking” to number 5 and the “Possibilities (and Challenges)” to number 4. Both might eventually lead us to achieve the success we need. The thinking thoughts could speed up or slow down the ‘life path experience’ process towards the success destination. Either way, it all depends on the risk-factor (dare not take risk, or dare to take risk) vibes influencing the person.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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