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James wrote in his email, “I wonder if people with “mirror” numbers on their birth charts have same habit of constantly looking at themselves in the mirror or at any reflective surface. I know of an elderly man Uncle Jack who enjoys looking at the mirror for up to 3 hours daily. I find it abnormal. My sixth sense tells me it can be some form of sickness. An unhealthy habit! I’ve also noted many people with “mirror charts” are often mentally stressed. I do not know how best to advise and help them.

CaseStudy_UncleJackNot all people with “mirror” charts spend hours looking at their reflections on the mirror. Apart from identifying the outward duality traits, we need to understand their inward characters too. Uncle Jack’s chart is unique. Besides the possible high sex drive tendencies, spendthrift habits, and the ‘mirror’ numbers on his Birth chart, I noticed similar patterns on his Reflection Chart (available in my FEON+ software) as well. This implies a person with identical tendencies inwardly and outwardly, and in both conscious and subconscious mind. 

In addition, the 8-4-3 pattern on both sides (S-T-U and V-W-X) could imply strained relationships with many people, including their loved ones and family members. The temperamental and emotional mood swings are high, and it can frustrate those who’re trying to help him.

We associate the numbers 1 and 6 to Metal element, and that could imply health symptoms related to mental, immune, skin, and respiratory organs. Strong Metal could affect the mental state of a person. In Uncle Jack’s case, there are tendency signs suggesting some form of mental block and disorder in idolising one’s own reflections. Perhaps, the constant need to look and feel perfect.  Looking at oneself through the mirror for hours is an unhealthy behaviour. Over time, it could formed an unhealthy habit, and reveal some form of sickness that needs medical attention.

confusionJames is right in his observations on the mentally stressed traits. However, not all people with mirror charts are mentally stressed as it depends on the strengths of the elements present in the chart. People with strong Metal elements (numbers 1 and 6) are hyperactive and mental types of people. They stressed up unknowingly, flares up their tempers and emotions hurtfully, and worries too much unnecessary. Some of them even talk aloud when reading to realign their mental, auditory, visual, and sensory senses. As a result, many of them suffers from hyperventilation, sleep deprived, dehydration, listening disorder, breathlessness, hallucinations, and at extreme cases, mental disorder.

In the Five Elements principles, strong Metal repulse on Fire. The body is cold and Qi energy is still, and the need to warm up the body heat. Many celebrities with strong Metal in their birth chart often turned to binge drinking, smoking (cigarettes and sometimes, taking drugs to keep themselves ‘high’), and behaved in ‘wild and crazy’ acts. One possible reason – the urge to find a fast outlet to release the build-up energies so they can return to ‘normalcy’ after exhausting their mentally charged vibes.

DO_BETTERThere are varying ways to divert the strong energetic mental vibes. For example, having fun time on the rollercoaster-ride is one way to let go the excess energies. You can shout it loud, scream to your heart’s content, wave your hands, and have fun. It sounds crazy. It can help calm the mental stress. You can also reduce their worrisome fears by introducing creative hobbies, like Lego blocks building. To me, it’s better than introducing puzzle games or jigsaw puzzles. We need to allow them to ‘smash’ the blocks up and throw out their inner frustrations, but in a less offensive, controllable, and healthier way.  We can release the fear and instil the confidence that even though they’d smashed up their “Lego creations” done yesterday, they can always restart the building process again today, and do better without worries.

Each building block is part of a mental imaging process, an inception to a fulfilling vision. It enables us to restart and completed the building works from a different perspective.

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We can encourage these people to carry out their plans, to take actions, and to go wild on the creativity and passions. What they need is the fiery passions and wild creativities that can act as an outlet to release their mental stress and unnecessary worries. They can go wild on the rollercoaster rides and energise the fiery vibes – fun, laughter, love, and joy.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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