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I’m conducting the next FEN/NSQ course preview cum case study analysis session this coming Wednesday 17th June. Besides highlighting what you can gain from the courses, I’ll also be doing ‘live’ case study analysis using the FEON+ software that I’ve developed.

FEN_Lvl1_Basic_201503_21_28FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students who attended my classes learned to understand the underlying reasons behind number patterns. In fact, they’re taught the technique to link number sequences to frame the potential traits that be present in a person’s chart.

I decided to check the search text users are looking for on my site. I noticed someone tried to search for ‘4-8-3 sinners’ and decided to use this pattern as an example. The reason – I wanted to highlight the difference when you interpret a number pattern from basic pattern fundamental and one that’s interpreted through visualisation technique.

2004JMany people might be familiar with the basic pattern interpretation. These people might decide the 4-8-3 as a ‘divorce’ number. Why do people note the 4-8-3 (or for that matter, 8-4-3) pattern as a ‘sinner’ trait?  I’m puzzled. Is there something they know that I don’t? If you’re the one who did the searched for this pattern recently, I’d like to learn from you how you had identify this pattern as a sinner tendencies. No, I’m not saying you’re wrong as there’s so many traits we can identify from one set of patterns. In fact you could be right. Different people made varying observations from the same pattern, and it’s always good to learn something from you. That is why I always told my students that I love interactive case study as besides them learning useful techniques from me, I’m also learning something from them. We are all lifelong learners and there is no definite final destination to our learning journey.

FEN_AdvLvl1Do you have the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) in your chart? Are you concerned about others stereotyping you as a sinner?  So you don’t have the pattern in your birth chart. Isn’t that great? Wait a minute… the pattern could be present in your Personal Year chart or your Personal Day chart. When such pattern is present, does that imply you will perform an unbelievable sinful act or judged an unforgettable sinner during that year or on that eventful day? Wow, that makes many of us regular sinners in one way or another. It just doesn’t make any logical sense at all.

We can apply the same interpretation approach to assume the 4-8-3 as a ‘divorce’ trait. It’s an illogical and naïve conclusion since divorce is a choice and not the ‘be-all and end-all’ to the closure of strained marital relationship strains. Come to think of it, we can associate any number pattern to inherit the sinner trait. Come for the preview session and I will tell you the reason from EON fundamental perspective.

BANNER2aHow do we considered a person to be a sinner?  Does only acting immorally makes one a sinner? What about taking other people’s smartphone and check the text messages without getting permission first considered as a sinful act since it’s similar to stealing? The point is – we need to look at other numbers surrounding the pattern. That’s why it’s important to understand the elemental influence that might affect the person’s mindset and attitude. Sure, the person may display certain characteristics but eventually it’s the external influence that contributed to creating a person’s self-beliefs and habits. And that’s precisely why you might have noticed wonderful friends whom you’d not associated them to being a ‘sinner’ even when you know they have the 4-8-3 pattern in their chart.

PERSONALITY1People with 4-8-3 patterns might be more emotional from a different profiling perspective. And to a certain extent, they might lack the perseverance habit of controlling themselves to create a better emotional and mental well-being. We cannot assumed people with 4-8-3 patterns present in their charts are always the emotional types. We cannot inferred them as lacking the emotional intelligence (EQ) or social intelligence (SQ) quotients and considered these as reasons for their poorer communicative tactfulness.

You have to check the surrounding numbers to find out the character strength of the person. On a side note, I noticed it’s also easy to identify them from the NSQ chart. I was reluctant to introduce the nine-square chart some years back as I felt there’s little I could value-add to learning the method. However, over the years of researching the EON techniques, I’ve managed to expand the nine-square chart to a different level of profiling. That was why I’m excited to introduce sample slides from my NSQ Profiling course during the preview session this coming Wednesday at 17 June.

nsq_sampleThe Behavioural Impulse Chart is my own creation to enable me to quickly identify the character signals in a person’s NSQ chart. As usual, I’d be applying the visualisation technique to the NSQ Profiling. What you’ll get is straight-to-the-point lessons on how you can apply the NSQ PROFILING techniques to supplement your EON profiling skills. Treat the NSQ Profiling as a good starter-kit to human behavioural profiling. You don’t need to waste your time spending the weekend or days to attend the nine-square chart. All you need to do is to commit 1-evening session (yes, just one evening only) to learn the NSQ Profiling from me. And since this is my first NSQ profiling workshop (yeah, it’s always easier to term it as a workshop than a short course), I’m offering a special discount to those present. It’s going to be a fraction of what you’d have paid for a basic nine-square chart course some years back.

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FEN/NSQ Preview + Case Study Profiling Analysis, 17 June 2015 (Wednesday)


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I’m looking for those who think they deserved to learn the best from me. Register now for the preview session. I’ll share some insights with you at the preview session day.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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