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Just a quick update before I continue with the main topic for today’s article. Our FEN Level 1 (Basic) course is starting this coming Saturday (4th July) at new location. We have decided to hold all training and preview classes at WATERLOO CENTRE (261, Waterloo Street, #04-03, Singapore 180261) considering students’ comments on the previous location at Peace Centre. If you’re still hesitating whether to sign up for the FEN or NSQ modules, please register before end June to save up to S$100 on early bird discount.

20150509_16_FEN2And now, let’s go back to the main topic on “number pairs.”

Another email from Henry who wrote, “I wonder if people with Special Numbers @MNO from 1-1-2 to 9-9-9 with emphasis on these three sets 5-5-1, 6-6-3 & 9-9-9, are they the most MENTALLY problematic sets?

Let’s begin with the basic EON fundamentals. A set of identical numbers in locations M-N of a person’s chart is akin to a pair of numbers showing similar traits. Since both left (location M) and right (location N) sides are identical, it created subconscious left-or-right thinking in decision making. People with such ‘number pairs’ pattern are easily distracted, hesitating (indecisive), unsure, and to some extent, worry unnecessary because of insecurity, confusion, and lack of confidence. That said, it doesn’t mean all people with number pairs would display such traits mentioned as we also need to look at the surrounding numbers.

Let’s look again at the three sets of patterns Henry highlighted. I’ll just use basic keyword representation for now.
• 5-5-1 [Stubborn-Stubborn-Alone]
• 6-6-3 [Money-Money-Fast]
• 9-9-9 [Success-Success-Success]

ACCURACYStudents who’d attended my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes know there are multiple layers of profiling a person’s chart. As they progress to the advanced module, they’ll learn to apply the upper layers to look at extra clues. I’ll correlate this to the views you’d notice when taking a glass-lift of a 60-storey hotel. At level 1, you can might see roofs of low-rise houses and vehicles. You have a restricted view. At Level 10, you might see view of surrounding buildings. You have a broader view now. And at Level 60, you feel amazed by the beautiful sight, the skyline, and settling sun. You have now a panoramic view of the landscape. Similarly, knowing the techniques to identify the multilayer methods does not mean you can profile someone more accurately. That depends on your profiling knowledge and understanding of the underlying fundamentals.

Instead of just giving you a fish for a day, I’ll teach you how to fish. I’ll teach you to build you own observation tool to identify more clues at each layer. When you do more EON profiling exercises, your analytical observations will improve. You can pick up and unravel these clues quickly. By then, you can clearly associated them to the various life aspects of the person.

FEN_AdvLvl1We can say the 5-5-1 pattern has the stubbornness and assertive nature. The 6-6-3 has the materialistic, responsibility, and fast nature. Both these two patterns have strong Metal elements which we can associate to mental capacities. Could we associate similar tendencies to the 9-9-9 pattern? Well, when you apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, it’s also easy to associate the pattern with mental-related issues. In Five Elements principles, strong Wood can affect Metal. Therefore, a person with excessively strong Wood element can influence the Metal vibes – the emotional energies triggering the worrisome and mental vibes.

FEN_Lvl1_Basic_201503_21_28What I’ve described so far is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ on number pairs. It has the “same same but different” tendencies. I’ll leave the best to my deserving students who’re committed to take the time and effort to learn from me in class. You can be one of them too. I was pondering over Henry’s questions when I first received his email. I soon realised there is more to the number pairs than just its correlation. I have unravelled the clue and realised it’s already in one of the training slides I’d used for the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module. Anyway, since I included a lesson on “number pairs” in the FEN Level 1 (Basic) module, I might as well explain the differences on the underlying influences affecting the number pairs. This means if you’re attending this coming Saturday’s FEN Level 1 (Basic) class on 4th July, you’ll be the first to learn the reasons.

EON_AnswersHenry: Could the 5-5-1 pattern suggest being more problematic than the 6-6-3 or 9-9-9 patterns? Could the number 5 acts as a Wild Card, Joker or Chameleon and changed to inhibit the number 1 trait? Could the first 5-5-1 pattern transform to a 1-1-1-6-6-3 pattern at locations M-N-O-P-Q-R?

Ron: Again, we should not hastily associate certain number patterns to be the problematic ones. Every numbers has positive and negative vibes, just like the Yin and Yang energies. Every male person has their soft-hearted feminine traits, and every female person has their hard-headed male traits. The number 5 is unique because of its absorption and duality traits. It can expand and integrate to display surrounding number’s traits and keep its own natural traits. Here’s a two-ring circle analogy – the inner-ring circle layer is its natural trait where the outer-ring circle layer is the expanded traits it picked up.

And since number 5 can transform (like a chameleon), Henry is right to say the 5-5-1 can transform to a 1-1-1 vibes. He’s also right to say transforming energies is now having the 1-1-1-6-6-3 tendencies. We analysed the person to focus on materialistic gains – they are inspired by self-rewarding pursuits. The 5-5-1-6-6-3 pattern shows fear and stubbornness in spending their money unless they foresee quick profitable returns. The 1-1-1-6-6-3 pattern suggest mental influences on a self-centric and materialistic person.

2004JIn schooldays, we learn that molecular hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) can combine to form water (H20). Similarly, we need to adopt the same principles of the permeability effect on number patterns as well. Energies transformed at up-streams can affect the result at down-streams. A 5-5-1-6-6-3 (in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R) pattern might not fully transform to a 1-1-1-6-6-3 effect. When the 5-5-1 pattern transformed to a 1-1-1 pattern, the resulting numbers in P-Q-R will indirectly change. This means when you unveil the 5-5-1-6-6-3 ‘frontal mask’, you discovered the imprints of the 1-1-2-3-3-6 vibes. Oops! I’ve excitedly shared one extended observation meant for students. Never mind, I’ll explain further and share more new discoveries in class.

Henry: Can the 5-5-1 suggest a person with surprisingly FUN personality. What are the positive and negative traits of people with number pairs @MNO in their birth charts?”

Ron: There are different ways to analyse a person’s chart. Yes, the 5-5-1 has the fun, mischievous, and free-spirited vibes. Like a Joker. Check out Page 206 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” I have described the 5-5 as a fourth set of numbers to look for “Romance, Marriage and Divorce.” The 5-5 has the tendencies of “back-to-nature” habits, the self-explorations, and the overindulging sensual needs. Like the “Wild” Card…

EON_mosaicIt’s possible for me to write down all positive and negative traits of people with number pairs but these may take years because of the evolving clues and changing observations. Every single number has its inherent traits. Traits from surrounding numbers can influence it. The cumulated influences get intense with other numbers nearby. Imagine drawing out the possible traits in a web-like mind-mapping diagram. I envisaged it becoming an encyclopedia-like book where no one will buy because it’s too heavy, costly, and may take years of waiting for me to publish my findings.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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