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It’s time again for another case study analysis on the questions participants wrote on the slip of paper at my last preview session. While checking on the questions, I noticed there was a similar birthdate to the article “Mental Chaos” that I’ve posted last month. It was from a female participant asking about “possibility of marriage”.

CaseStudy_AmeliaThere is a difference when we analyse relationship chart for male and female person using the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles.

Before I continue further, the tendency signs suggesting various traits mentioned in the earlier “Mental Chaos” article are still applicable since these are the influencing vibes present in the chart. There isn’t much difference in plotting a male or female person’s EON chart.

Let’s analyse Amelia’s chart (not her real name) and see if there are signs suggesting possible marriage. Yes, I remembered now she was asking if there is a chance she can meet someone (a boyfriend) to start a loving relationship.

There are strong influencing signs last year (2014) suggesting more male friends are attracted to Amelia. She might not have noticed it, may be because she’s treating them as normal social friends. On the other hand, she could have noticed them (the male friends) getting more active and engaging. Perhaps she might not have felt anything sensual with them up close even though they might have showered her with expensive treats. To her, they’re just one of the many male friends she’s comfortable with.

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalLike what I’ve mentioned in the “Mental Chaos” article, Amelia has to stay focused and stop the unnecessary worries from affecting her feelings and thoughts. To many “what ifs” could have stopped her from taking a step forward to explore a fresh relationship with someone she likes, or perhaps with someone who likes her.

The influencing vibes affecting strained relations are strong. Amelia could improve her tactfulness and approachability while conversing with others. Working on her EQ or EI (Emotional Intelligence) and SI (Social Intelligence) could strengthened the comfort zone and confidence in her. Amelia might have had bad experience previously, perhaps a crush on someone she likes from afar. If she indeed had a crush previously, then she must put aside past feelings and start afresh. She must live for tomorrow and not live for yesterday. What’s done cannot be undone. But what she can hope for tomorrow she can start today.

Action2Perhaps the high expectation of someone she likes might be deeply forged into her mind. The fear of history repeating might have worried her. She should not restrained herself from having more male friends. Who knows, they might become her platonic male friends – someone she feels comfortable talking to about her personal experiences and someone she can seek comfort when needed.

Amelia might have noticed she’s in contact with more male friends these days. If she isn’t, that’s OK as the influencing vibes would ‘affect’ her in the next few months. It’s even stronger next year. That’s why she must take remedial actions to control her emotions, tempers, and mental worries today. No man likes to have a girlfriend who’s constantly feeling temperamental and having mood swings. Similarly, no woman likes to have a boyfriend who’s insincere, non-committal, and abusive. It’s all about “give-and-take”. It’s about understanding the other party’s characters, traits, and personalities. We can change our mindsets and not stereotype others based on our perceived views. Learn to be more adaptable and tolerant towards other people’s fault, and focused mainly on their positive strengths.

BANNER2aAmelia must take action to loosen up her Root 5’s stubbornness traits, and not manifest the mental worries unnecessary. She must understand happy times need not be about friends around her. Put aside the self-centredness nature. She can also feel happy and positive when she involves around others, like engaging in more social activities. There are tendency signs suggesting Amelia to have strong sixth-sense or intuitions. At times, the instinct thoughts in her head or mind might have contradicted with her heart feelings. Just let it go, and learn to be more open-minded. Unless she’s psychic, she might find the gut feelings and intuitive thoughts might not happen at times.

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Go ahead, take action, and stop worrying” is the advice I’d give to Amelia. The ‘boyfriend’ traits are strong these few years. She must believes in herself. She must start loving herself first before she can love others. Let go the mental worries (Metal), wash off the fearful feelings (Water), and start to light up the hope, joy, warm, and love (Fire). Be humble (Earth) and grow in strength (Wood). Once she can harmonise the Five Elements energies, she would be in a better position to make the right decision at suitable time.

And finding a boyfriend who loves her as much as she loves him. Marriage can come later…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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