More Traits @Day 2 of August FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class


Number Patterns. That’s one of the many questions asked at yesterday’s Day 2 of the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class. Besides sharing the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) principles and visualisation techniques to the class, students also shared the number patterns they’d learned from other courses.

Number patterns is the key impulse reason that got many people to attend PON, UCM, and LQ courses. The regretful thinking began when they’re not told of the reason (traits and characteristics) behind the provided patterns. All they learned is direct and straight-to-the-point approach that certain number pattern like 8-8 or 4-8-3, 8-4-3 would definitely lead to divorce – a marriage disaster for the happy couple who quarrels occasionally. Frankly, which married couple don’t quarrel, have disagreements, and have conflicting ideas and personal interests occasionally?

20150815_FEN2_2I’m glad my FEN students learned more than just number patterns. I shared the observational approach to enable students to understand the underlying reasons behind the traits and characteristics. For example, one student corrected that it’s not 4-6-2 or 4-2-6 is a ‘mastermind’ number but rather the pattern 4-7-2. I then asked him why the trainer assumed and made such affirmative decision that a person with 4-7-2 pattern in their chart is a confirmed and signed mastermind. He couldn’t and like many PON, UCM, or LQ  students, their trainers only share the patterns but could not reveal the reasons. I then told the students to pass me any number pattern they’ve learned from other trainers and I’ll share the probable underlying reasons and extra traits from EON/FEN perspectives. Here’s some of the number patterns given by the students: 1-4-5, 4-7-2, 6-6-1, 6-6-3, 5-5-1, and 6-7-8.

KnowingPatternsI’ve posted many articles about the 7-2 (and 2-7) patterns before. I have also mentioned people with such pattern in their charts might have tendency signs suggesting ‘manipulative’ habits. I also highlighted the observations are just a tendency sign, a likelihood but not an affirmative conclusion the person is manipulative. We associate the number 4 to ‘planning’. At extreme cases, people with multiple 4s in their charts could developed the scheming nature. So when you frame up the patterns 472 [Planning and schemingManipulating others’ feelings Persuasive or convincing talks], it implies the ‘mastermind’ traits. Technically, the 4-7-2 ‘mastermind’ tendencies are stronger than the 4-2-6 and 4-6-2 patterns mentioned in another article “Understanding Patterns @Day 1 of August FEN Level 2(Advanced) class.

I’ve shared new technique to the class during the ‘Qi Tapping’ lesson. I’ve also revealed the ‘inside-the-circle’ technique to the class to strengthen the positive energies around them. FEN Advanced students can plot their “Personal Day Direction Chart” and apply the “Qi Tapping” steps I’ve taught them. They can then take action similar to what many QimenDunJia or Feng Shui professionals did – to increase energies for better outcomes.

Students learned more about their personal career element, their career vibes in a year, and identify the ‘cause-and-effects’ to their previous career change by analysing their life path charts. There’s little time wasted on the plotting (of charts) as students used the FEON+ software included free for the course module.

EON on Street Smart and Book SmartI noticed some students (those with schooling kids) showed disappointing look when they couldn’t identify the SMART vibes (the book smart and street smart signs) at specific locations in their kid’s charts. They smiled when I told them the remedial actions. They or their kids could improve the smart vibes by manifesting the periodic energies for examinations or during knowledge building sessions. There’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud. And there is no ‘confirmed, chopped (stamped), and signed’ affirmations many external trainers like to impose or inculcated to their students. The naivety comes about when you realised there is little you can do to change your destiny path. What’s the point then in learning PON, UCM, or LQ theories when you only learned you have many ‘bad’ patterns that’s carved in stones? And you could not change your habits, behaviours, actions to improve your life?

2004JI told my FEN students it’s always good to know what’s coming. It’s like my phrase, “Fear the Fear, Experience the Success.” You can have a better tomorrow when you take action today. The logical and rational part (that’s what I’ve always highlighted in class) comes about when you recognised you can adjust, adapt and change the quality of your life path experiences. And when you reached your final destination, you’d have fewer regrets as you know you took charge earlier to improve your lifestyle and well-being.

BANNER3I’m glad the students recognised and learned many practicable visualisation methods in my class than they had from other courses. I’m glad I’ve taught them the method to decode any number pattern dynamically. I’m glad students recognised human behavioural and character profiling is more than just number patterns. And I’m thankful to the students for their support and positive feedback.

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4 September 2015 (Fri)


18 September 2015 (Fri)

I’ve confirmed the next FEN/NSQ course preview to be on 4 September 2015 (Friday). Besides sharing sample slides of what you can expect to learn when you signed up for the FEN or NSQ course, I’ll also include ‘live’ case study analysis. And if you want to know the potential traits to any number pattern, register for the preview and I will share my observations.

See you at the preview session  and my FEN/NSQ courses!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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