Understanding Patterns @Day 1 of August FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class


Once again, we had wonderful times last Saturday (1/8) which was Day 1 of the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class organised by EON-Inspire. Four students attended and their profiling experiences were wide. They have completed either the LifeQuest (LQ), Power of Numbers (PON), or Universal Character Method (UCM) modules. I was excited as I could make the lessons even more interesting since each student has different prior profiling knowledge. I told the students to widen their profiling perspectives, put aside their LQ/UCM/PON theories so they can be more receptive to what they’re about to learn the EON/FEN principles from me. This way, they can grasp more extended techniques by widening their profiling perspectives. I want the students to learn beyond numbers, and to understand the underlying ‘Cause-and-Effect’ influences of the elements (and numbers) present in a person’s chart.

2004JOne student told the class his previous trainer told him about the ‘mastermind’ pattern, and was trying to remember whether it’s 4-2-6 or 4-6-2. It doesn’t matter anyway, I told the class, as every pattern can have certain traits once you understood the underlying principles. That’s the intent of my teachings – to inculcate the habit of curiousness, to understand why patterns like 4-6-2 or 4-2-6 could lead to dominant ‘mastermind’ tendencies. Another student then told the class he was taught the 8-8 was a ‘divorce’ number. Gosh, first it was 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3),and now it’s 8-8. Will the 3-7-1 pattern be the next ‘divorce’ number?

Definite MistressI told the class I was concerned when I chanced upon a YouTube video of a trainer assertively mentioned one number pattern as a confirmed ‘mistress‘ number. Can you imagine the unfounded and damaging impact on ‘innocent’ women with such pattern? Imagine not getting married because her boyfriend worry she might become mistress later in her life? Imposing fear is not an positive educative experience. After all, we are affected by many influencing life aspects – family upbringing, moral and social values, environment, and beliefs – and can change our behaviours, attitudes, and habits.

I want students to form the habit to probe further, to build up the detective-like or ‘data scientist’ approach towards profiling analysis, regardless of whether they have completed Mastery or Basic-Advanced module from other trainers. They need to take all references to specific patterns with a ‘pinch of salt’ and do their due diligence and homework. Sure, there could be tendency traits associated to certain patterns, but that doesn’t imply you can ‘carve in stone’ the specific trait (like divorce) to that specific pattern. We learned various metaphysics methods to understand the potential pitfalls that might affect our life path. We want to know the alternatives and means to make a change to dilute the negative vibes from affecting us. We need mentors to guide us towards that positive routes, and not to thrash our hopes into oblivion thoughts. With proper guidance, we recognises we cannot avoid what’s laid on our life path ahead. But we know we can take charge and influence our behaviours and thinking, to reach our next destination on a happier note.

EON_AnswersLet’s look at 4-2-6 [Plan-Talk-Success]. A person with such pattern in their chart usually plan his moves first before unveiling his plans to others. They might have done their homework and have POC (Proof-Of-Concept) done. They could communicate to others confidently and assertively with substance and facts. I told the class the 4-2-6 can also be a ‘mastermind’ number. According to the free WordWeb application I’ve installed in my system, the word “mastermind” mean “Plan and control how a complex undertaking is done.

Could we associate the 4-6-2 [Plan-Money-Talk] pattern as a ‘mastermind’ number too? Again, this person can plan what he or she wants to do. Their inspiring force is often driven by financial, security, stability, or home responsibility matters. They would advise or show other people how they can carry out the plan. Many people usually assumed a ‘mastermind’ is someone with bad intents, probably because of influences from watching too many police or criminal shows. However, the same WordWeb application also suggested ‘mastermind’ as “Someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality.” Like the phrase “Mozart was a child mastermind.” This means ‘mastermind’ has both good and bad connotations depending on your thoughts. This implies people with either sets of patterns (4-2-6 or 4-6-2) can have mastermind tendencies when you analyse it from different angles. A person with 4-2-6 is often more anxious and prideful about his or her creations or plans first (as money is secondary) than someone with 4-6-2 where they’re often motivated mainly by financial goals.

Influencing VibesIt’s also timely to discuss current events and analyse from research view as the students are here to learn the FEN Advanced techniques. In one neighbouring country, the hot topic is about financial scandals. But for Singapore, the hot topic is about the forthcoming General Elections (GE). I explained to the class how I forecasted the GE periods and my conflicting conclusions. My head (mental mind) suggested it’s likely to be 2015 because of the numbers present in the chart. But my heart (feelings) suggest it’s more ‘convenient’ to be in 2016 because of the year-long SG50 celebrations. I also told the class the reason about yearly energies overlapping to the current year. This means last year (2014) energies might still be felt at earlier part of this year while next year (2016) energies might be felt in the later part of this year. Check out my March article “When’s the next Singapore General Election? 2015, 2016, or Jan 2017?” about my forecast on the GE year.

EON_outside_the_boxAt the last FEN Level 1 (Basic) class and at last Saturday’s Day 1 of FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class, we also discussed the possibility of GE in September 2015. I launched the FEON+ software and showed the ‘double effect’energies present in Singapore’s birth chart. I also showed and explained the ‘triple effect’ energies present in September month and taught students how to identify them in their own charts. When you have a “triple effect” in a specific month, it means the ‘LUCK’ energies are manifested strongly. It doesn’t matter if the ruling party holds the GE in September 2015 or in later months (or in 2016) as the 8-7-6 energies are present and strong.

UNLEASHI’m looking forward to Day 2 of the lesson on 15th August. Each student must share their profiling observations from the birthdates provided by other student. That’s to ensure everyone understands the FEN principles and apply them to their future profiling analysis. Of course, I’d be sharing more extended techniques on Day 2, including identifying tendencies related to childbirth, miscarriage, cancer, diabetes, and much more.

We have not firmed up the schedules for the next class. You can send an email to Wang at: Wang@EON-Inspire.com or call him at 9275-9177 to register your interest. He will inform you once we have settled the dates for the next FEN Level 1 (Basic), FEN Level 2 (Advanced), and NSQ Profiling courses.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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