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Jayson was at my recent preview talk on 4, September 2015 and wanted to find out more on his wealth status from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives. I did a ‘live’ case study analysis on his EON chart and shared my observations in class. Like in all my previous preview sessions and training classes, participants and students enjoyed an interactive and learning experience.

CONTROL_FINANCEWhen I told Jayson he might have quarrelled or had a disagreement with someone earlier in the day, he readily nodded his head in agreement. When I told him he might have some unpleasant disagreement with his wife recently, his wife who was with him at the preview session displayed the body language suggesting, “Dear, even Ron says it was you who started it!” Anyway, Jayson has to learn to be more thoughtful, communicative, understanding, and tolerant of his wife if he wants to live a better lifestyle with his loved ones.

There was nothing magical or mystical about the way I interpreted and share my observations. Anyone, and that include you (yes, that’s you reading this article now), Jayson, and those present at the preview session are capable of identifying similar traits and possible events that might happen to a person. There’s nothing secretive once you understood the fundamentals of the numbers, its interactions and cycles in the Five Elements principles, the visualisation techniques, and acquire the right knowledge to apply the lessons learned to your profiling analysis. All you need to do is to put aside the hesitation, confusion, and procrastination to take charge of your own life destiny and take action today. I will gladly share these methods at my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes when you’ve committed to yourself (and possibly to your loved ones too) to change and adapt your mindset, behaviours, and attitude towards positive transformation.

I told the class, there are many areas we can observe on a person’s EON chart and due to time constraints I could only share quick observations on the specific life aspect they have written on the slip of paper passed around earlier. And when time permits I will expand my observations through case study article and post them.

CaseStudy_JaysonLet’s analyse Jayson’s EON chart now. He has the usual 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 number patterns in his chart. I told the class the difference between the characteristics and traits of a person having the 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 patterns. Since Jayson has both patterns in his chart, he could have inhibited them both. At first glance, there are ample opportunities for wealth creations due to the positive vibes from the 6-9-6 and 6-6-3 patterns present in his chart. Why was Jayson so concerned with his wealth status? Is there something that could have somehow affected his wealth enhancement steps?

From basic EON interpretations, this could imply a person facing multiple challenges and opportunities in his life. Once he could change and adapt himself positively, there are ample ways he could realise the visions and attain the success needed. Nevertheless, when the stubbornness and fear (fight and flight) took place, he could face more stumbling blocks and missed opportunities in his life. The hot fiery temperaments and emotional attachment are obvious and present in Jayson’s chart.

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalIt was fast and easy to notice the tendency signs suggesting various traits as I have added the features in my FEON+ software. Check the above screenshot and look at the periodic pillars displayed in the ‘Selected Date’ section located at the top right of the chart. Can you see the numbers 8-3 (year), 8-3 (month) and 3-7 (day)? The signs are there, including the quarrelsome vibes I have mentioned earlier. You can plot the charts manually but with the FEON+ software readily available for an affordable price, you have access to different charts within seconds. Besides giving you more time to analyse, the FEON+ software also provides hints to the periodic vibes that might influence a person’s behaviours, thinking, and action. I developed the FEON+ software for my own analysis and use, and you can use it optimally (just like the way I analysed a person’s chart and posted the articles on this site) once you have built enough profiling experience. You can get the FEON+ software free when you signed up for the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class.

On the outset, Jayson has everything within his control once he could change the complacency, fear, and stubbornness traits that’re present in his chart. However, while doing so, the 4-5-9 could either inhibited the emotional and unhappiness (4-4-9) or crafty and greed (4-9-9) behaviours and attitudes if not properly controlled. Once Jayson is aware of the influencing vibes that might affect him, he could take a conscious effort to remind himself not to enforce his ways and thoughts to others, and impose his beliefs on them. Deep inside Jayson has the urge to express himself better but couldn’t because of the mental block. Furthermore, there are signs of self-sacrificing nature that might stress him (and others too) up unnecessary. He might aggravate matters causing miscommunication and others might misinterpreted his kind thoughts and query his actions. Perhaps what Jayson can do is to let go the unfounded fear and need to craft his words before saying it, and be more open-minded and relaxed while communicating with his wife and others.

EXTEND1Now, let me share one new observation that I have not shared them in class yet.  It allows me to identify the probable cause that might affect a person’s behaviours and attitude. Since Jayson has signed up for my coming course, I’d have ample opportunities to clarify with him and share the new steps to derive the respective ‘Cause-Effect’ (CE) numbers. For example, there are signs suggesting Jayson is a responsible person inwardly. He could have imposed high targets and unrealistic goals causing undue stress. At home, there are extra signs suggesting the need for better home and family, and the need to improve his financial stability. At work and in his social life, there is the need for him to unleash his passion and creativity in his works, projects, and ideas to others. There might be the urgent need for him to control his criticism and narrow-mindedness. What this means is that stress is the main contributing factor that distracted Jayson from taking the risk and challenges to empower himself to act on the good vibes from the 4-5-9-5-4-9 patterns. The critically-focused mindset and short outburst on others could have affected his financial growth (6-9-6 in V-W-X). The responsibility values at home and towards his family could have blurred his visions toward better monetary and home stability. In short, the unnecessary daunting fears might have stopped him from progressing his wealth means further. Deep inside, Jayson has the subconscious traits of a visionary leader and worrisome lonely person.

Now that I have unveiled the CE numbers, it becomes logical too when I applied the Five Elements principles on the 4-5-9-5-4-9 patterns on Jayson’s chart. Strong Wood will repel Metal, and that is associated to his mental and worrisome nature. Wood supports Fire and that is associated to his passion, stress, and temperament nature. Of course, there are other characteristics I have described in previous articles on the 4-5-9 and 5-4-9 patterns. You may want to check them out later.

CaseStudy_Jayson_NSQChartLet me share brief analysis on Jayson from his NSQ chart. The overconfidence nature might have contributed to his inability to achieve the desired goals. The Arrow of Emotionality is missing. He needs to put aside the gut feelings and leadership-like attitudes toward other people, and instead focused on strengthening his emotional balance, humbleness, and actions. He is like living on his own island (world) with a surrounding moat separating others. It further manifested the egotistic and self-centre views. The heartfelt nature is firm too, and it might distract him from thinking of logical and rational ways. There are signs of improving communications and dialogues with others this year with the strong urge to make a change (and adapt) and possibly pursuing determination to get things settled.

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That’s all about Jayson’s analysis for today’s article. My analysis is not complete as there are so many other life aspects (besides the Wealth aspect Jayson is asking) that you can learn from me at my FEN courses like health, career, academic, family, and relationships. There are other analytical areas I will share with you in class. For example, you can learn about your ANNUAL CODE that might tell you something that might influence you or things you have to do this year. For Jayson’s case, he needs to let go his stubbornness mindset and be more humble, to allow him to express his thoughts creatively (and passionately) to get others to understand his visions and leadership strengths.

Happy learning… and have wonderful days ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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