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It has been an interesting week for me. I was surprised when Wang (my business partner at EON INSPIRE) created a WhatsAppFEN COMMUNITY’ group for FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, without “pre-alerting” me. Wang decided to include just FEN students whom he’d organised; that is, Batch 2015 students who’d attended FEN Level 1 (Basic) and/or FEN Level 2 (Advanced) in 2015.  It was a personal initiation by Wang, something I would gladly participate.

One student (let’s call him Steven) quickly posted a question, “Can check if baby born on 18/1/2016, how is it?” Steven was anxious as his wife is about to give birth soon, within the next few days, and wanted to know which days are beneficial for the baby.

Here’s an excerpt of comments made in the chat group:

  • ACCURACYThis year has good opportunities. He likes to do things by himself.
  • Baby? Probably like to throw a tantrum to get attention.
  • Have not born yet. Doctor said if baby’s not born on Jan 17, will be induced and give birth on Jan 18.
  • 17/1/2016 will be better in terms of success rate. The root number is 9. That said, this person is successful and always looking for opportunities. Besides, this person is good at buying people’s heart, and a learned person. He’s a workaholic and works all the way to the TOP and might not have time for the family. He is also influenced by the Father. Personally, he is easily agitated and wants to do things (take action) in a fast manner. When at old age, he is good and has properties. However, this person will not take care of his or her people (familymembers) but have big goals and dreams. This person tends to be greedy due to many successes and wants more success.
  • Normally for relationship chat will have to do both for the Mom and dad separately not combine all the three of them unless is the company’s partnership.


20150904_FEN_PreviewIt was interesting group observations, and I’m glad the more daring ones are willing to share their profiling knowledge and experiences. There are no right or wrong answers, as each observation made came from personal experiences and focused of attention on specific areas. I did not actively participate in the group chat yet as I wanted students to learn to analyse on their own; to explore (identify) different approach to analysis, and to understand (find out and learn) how other fellow students made their analysis as well. I wanted to remove the teacher-student mentality and let everyone learn and share. This way, everyone in the chat group is both a teacher to share their observations with others, and a student to learn from others’ observations. You can be a good theoretical profiler if you simply read and study other people’s analysis. And you can be an even better and confident profiler if you engage in active participation, do your own case study analysis, and share your observations with others. “To teach is to learn twice,” so to speak.

Below are additional 3-point areas we can consider when choosing the ideal birth date for a baby:


EON_Workshop_ChildBirthChoosing an ideal birth day for a child requires more than just looking at the elements and numbers present in the birth chart. Sadly, many people tend to analyse the baby’s birth date and forgot about the mother’s health. This means that when we analyse the ideal birth day for a baby to be born, we also have to take into considerations the mother’s health and well-being on that day. I have shared various techniques to identify the good year for childbirth in my FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class. I have also shared sample slides on miscarriage too, the importance of checking the influencing energies on the first trimester, and including a mother who almost died after delivery of her child. And I have explained the contributing elements and number sequences that might influence the mother’s childbearing moments.



EON_Workshop_LifeCodeAs there are only two dates (17/1 and 18/1) to choose, it’s important to choose an ideal date with more beneficial factors than favourable ones. While we all prefer having the most favourable and positive energies present on the day the baby’s born, we should also be mindful of the potential implications that might affect the baby in their growing-up and later years. Having a baby with multiple 9s (suggesting successes) is ideal but excess of everything (like multiple 9s) might be detrimental to the person. Moderation of the energies could provide harmonising effects. If you’ve read past case study articles that I posted, you might recall I mentioned multiple 9s has the traits of emotions, over planning, tempers, mental, and forcefulness. In Five Elements principles, we could relate to strong Wood (emotions) to repel against Metal (mental); strong Wood produces Fire (creative, passion, heart); and strong Wood controls Earth (humility, tenacity). This means the mental, immune, respiratory issues might arise when the person gets too emotional and neurotic. This means the person is continuously feeling stressful and sensitive. This means the person is always feeling fearful, insecure, forceful, rebellious, and competitive. Unless the parent can nurture and inculcate good family and moral values to the child, and guide the child with the correct knowledge and experience, the happiness at home might be short-lived, especially when the child is older. That leads us to the third point below.


KnowingPatternsThere are no clear, hard-and-fast rules to determine whom we should include in plotting the “Relationship & Compatibility” chart. You can plot separate charts; like Mom and Child, and Dad and Child, like one student suggested. It’s great to know the probable signs (and influences) the child might experience when he or she is with Mom or Dad separately. However, for a family to be happy and for the home to be conducive and warm, we need to consider the entire family nucleus as a whole. This means plotting and checking out the relationship influences when Dad, Mom, and Child are together. It doesn’t always have to be checking three persons or more only for business partnerships. The purpose of checking out the influencing energies is to identify both positive and negative energies, and to gauge its affecting levels so that we can take preventive measures when necessary to achieve our desired outcomes. If we want the Mother and child to be happy when they are with each other, then we can plot the Mother and child relationship chart. If we want the Dad and child to be happy as well when together, we can plot their Relationship chart too. And if we want the entire family members to be happy when all three are together, it would be beneficial to plot the relationship chart for all three family members; which in this case would be to include Dad, Mom, and the Child. That is the reason I have added up to four person’s chart in the FEON+ software for family or group relations analysis.


BANNER2aThere are more than above three points I have highlighted as factors to consider when analysing ideal dates for the child to be born. You can always include your own considerations, including any cultural or religious factors. What (the birth date) might be ideal for others’ beliefs, their observations (on good dates) might not be good for the baby. Eventually, it’s the baby’s and mother’s health and well-beings you must consider. You also need to weigh the overall family’s cohesive atmosphere at home – it matters.

2004JI’m expecting Wang to include more students to the FEN COMMUNITY chat group, and I look forward to more participation and contributions from my FEN students. Practised what I have shared with you. Don’t worry if your observations are incorrect, as there isn’t any inaccurate analysis in the first place. We are influenced by the day’s Universal energies, and when combined with our daily Personal energies, our thoughts vary, and it does influence our analysis. Take a step at a time, and start to share your analysis. It can be one-sentence feedback today. However, when your eagerness to learn more sits in, the confidence level grows stronger. You might find posting a one-sentence comment too little and decided a one-paragraph analysis more educating. Soon, your profiling level would be on equal standing, if not better than mine. Yes, you can be a better person tomorrow… if you start taking action today.

Steven must be anxious now as he’ll be a proud father soon. Let us all blessed Steven’s wife with the smooth delivery of the baby.  And joyous moments for them on the arrival of their healthy baby…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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