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Some people are curious to know the face behind that mask, to find out and see how pretty or handsome that person is. For many others, they prefer to look beyond the face and focus on the heart and soul of the person behind that mask. Having a beautiful or handsome face is nice and a bonus. It might give you pleasurable feelings and wonderful sight to admire, and perhaps with temporary envious wow! However, as time passes by, what lingers on for most people is the character, attitude, mindset, and the vibes of the person behind that mask.

I chanced on the South Korean mystery singing show “King of Mask Singer” last week, and was intrigued by the intent and format of the Programme. According to this Wikipedia page, “Competitors are given elaborate masks to wear in order to conceal their identity, thus removing factors such as popularity, career and age that could lead to prejudiced voting.” Though I don’t really understand the Korean language, there’s English subtitle to allow me to enjoy watching the show.

BehindThatMask_www.ElementsOfNumbers.comWatching the “King of Mask Singer” is more than just a coincidence to me. It helped me reinforce the fact that more often than not, many people do prejudice or stereotype others by looking at a person’s face and body features. Sure, there might be telltale signs when you learned the art of face reading (physiognomy). Nevertheless, with today’s advancement in cosmetic surgery and medical science, anyone can change their look anytime. It’s so easy to disguise or hide birth defects, changing the shape of your eye lids, trimming eyebrow, removing moles, and so on. If some Fengshui experts specialising in face reading can quietly change their physical facial looks, it means that the art of traditional face reading is now becoming less applicable when you’re analysing someone who’d undergone cosmetic surgery, Botox implants, or whatever done on their faces before. Fortunately, it’s still relevant when analysing or profiling common people, but less practical when the subject person is a celebrity, politician, Fengshui expert, or metaphysics author!

CaseStudy_Relationship19950120_19820325Just two weeks ago, one FEN student posted a Relationship /Compatibility (R/C) chart of a case study she’s analysing to the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, and wanted to gather more insights from group members on their views. She asked, “For 2018, do you think it would be doomsday for the relationship? Does anyone have positive views on the relationship? If someone skipped the relationship because we could somehow predict things and don’t want to start the relationship, do you think that person might have missed out some lessons on the relationship?

Soon, the replies came in – strained relationship, emotional and potential suicidal tendencies, “guy also like to eat young grass” (similar to another Chinese saying, “Old cow eat young grass” which basically depicts the older man having an affair with a much younger woman), manipulative, and pettiness. There was much fun, and I enjoyed reading their views, which basically foretell the tendency signs present in a person’s chart, regardless of whether the man or woman is wearing a mask or not. This reinforced the practicality when we’re using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to profile a person. We’re analysing (from our own viewpoints and experiences) the person based on the signs (elements and numbers) present in their birth chart, Personal Year chart, and other essential charts introduced in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses and displayed in the FEON+ software. Whether they are putting on a Mask or not, it doesn’t really matter since we’re analysing the soul, character, and tendency signs that might influence the person directly.

Get the Book Now!There are various ways to analyse the relationship of two people. You can always plot their R/C chart and identify known signs present in the chart. If you’re new to the EON method, you might want to buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at major local bookstores in Singapore, like Kinokuniya, Times, or Popular. I have described the steps to plot the relationship chart and included information on traits and characteristics of the elements and numbers you can associate with the person.

Let’s begin with a brief analysis by observing the charts generated by the FEON+ software. The 4-8-3-2-7-9 present in locations MNOPQR of their R/C chart could imply frequent communication strains, squabbles, tensions, tempers rising, and frustrations between each other. It could be a negative ‘combined’ behaviours or attitude towards other people when both are together. With more than two sets of 4-8-3 number patterns present in their R/C chart, it depicts the combined energies between two people manifesting into a resultant energy that somehow inhibits the self-centric mindsets and EQ attitudes. Sure, both might feel the passionate vibes – the loving traits, sexual desires, and sensuality – when together.

GOOD_RELATIONSNow, let’s look at their “Combined Year Chart (PY2018)” chart. The multiple sets of 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) are strong. All in all, there are only two elements present – Wood and Fire. These imply emotional strains, hotter than usual tempers and quarrels that might have resulted in one party having suicidal tendencies, separations or one party initiated to call off the relationship. On the other hand, it’s also a mirror chart which depicts “duality or split personality” – there is the possibility both might have relationship issues with other people, like the man accusing the girl for having an external affair, and the girl accusing the man for being two-timers and betraying her love. There are signs suggesting even stronger sexual desires and flirtatious inclinations toward other people. When I apply the periodic code sequence method on their PY2018 chart, there are extra clues suggesting stumbling blocks in their relationships. It’s akin to a fickle-minded, lovers’ tiff relationship – one moment they’re together and yet another moment they’re not, which might have resulted in on/off love-hate affair.

The signs in their R/C chart are showing more negative vibes than positive ones, isn’t it? Why should the girl invoke unnecessary tempers, fears, and emotional tension just to be with the man? Could the man be the “old cow,” and the girl be the “young grass”? Is the man more manipulative than the girl?

HiddenPatternsA lesson I learned by watching the “King of Mask Singer” is that behind the mask lies a person with powerful singing voice that excites everyone thinking he must be a singing/music professional or someone from the K-Pop idol groups. Even so, when the mask is taken out, he could just a comedian, an athlete, or someone other than a professional singer. What this means is we should rush into prejudging anyone, and who knows, the girl may be the one chasing after material comforts and manipulating the man who simply needs exciting companionship. That leads to another layer of analysing a relationship chart between two people.

Besides analysing the relationship of two people from their R/C chart, it is equally important to plot their individual birth chart and looked at their personal PY2018 charts as well. This should provide extra clues on the influencing vibes that might affect the girl or the man. If you’ve a registered copy of the FEON+ mobile app installed in your smartphone, do check out their PY2017 and PY2018 charts. The PY2017 charts could reveal the start of certain events that might have happened, and these could trigger the frequent quarrels that accelerated into emotional tensions both had in year 2018.

There are signs suggesting the man might benefit from financial windfall and splurged his wealth elsewhere, spend lavishly on the girl, or redirected his focus on matters other than the girl. Soon, there might be increasing jealousy, pettiness (for the lack of attention), and demand for more unrestricted spending allowance. The young and materialistic girl might also trigger off the relationship strains, and it could have aggravated into furious tensions between them.There are signs on the man’s PY2017 chart suggesting he might have decided to stop the relationship in 2017, possibly to regain his love (i.e., another girlfriend, or his wife if he’s already married), family, and home. The girl’s PY2017 chart show signs she might create problems to the man and/or reluctant to end their relationship.

EMOTIONSFor all you know, the events and personality traits I’ve mentioned might not happen at all. It might be a makeup belief we tend to prejudge because of our experiences, either from watching too many soap operas, reading up scandalous affairs from the mainstream media, or having friends got jilted, and so on. Or it might just be because of the patterns and signs present in their charts. Who knows the man might actually love the girl so much that he’s willing to spend his life with her.

Before ending this article, I’d like to address one concern raised by a student, that is, “If someone skipped the relationship because we could somehow predict things and don’t want to start the relationship, do you think that person might have missed out some lessons on the relationship?

Yes, both might miss life lessons if they stopped their relationship. There might be a long road ahead. Unless they experienced the journey together, they’d not know how well their relationship could turn out until they tried. We should allow them to decide on their own and not made a judgement call based on our beliefs, fears, or expectations. If someone we know have similar charts and wanted to be together as lovers, we should always bless them well. It’s their choice, not ours even though we might have concerns. It all depends on the elements and numbers combined in the R/C chart. The 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) patterns do not consistently end up in unfortunate divorce or separation cases. That’s a naïve assumption since we can always change our mindsets and habits, and these could influence the way we communicate with others, and helped us improve our tenacity, tolerance, and empathy towards others. Eventually, the negative effects might be diluted and be harmonised with positive vibes.

confusionIndividually, the man might experience financial improvement and gain positive windfall in 2017 and 2018, with or without knowing the girl. On the other hand, the girl might trigger some petty quarrels with someone else and expecting others to sacrifice their time and attention on her (to pamper) regardless of whether she knew the man or not. She might continue to have the feeling for a fatherly figure to protect, cherish, love, and  pamper her. She could exhibit such behaviours towards another man or someone else. As the signs present in a combined R/C chart between the man and the girl shows more unfavourable tendencies, the relationship might be troubled ones. However, there’s no one stopping them from bonding and become true loving partners other than sexual companions. Yes, the signs are there, but it’s not conclusive and definite once the man and girl change their attitudes, mindsets, and beliefs towards love, money, and relationship. Their combined destination is clear but not the experiences gain along the journey which could be different when both could understand each other’s fault, strive to be more tolerant, made positive changes to better themselves. As the girl is still at young tender age, she might want to consider expanding her social circles, and gets to know more male friends. That might give her ample time and wider choice to decide a lifelong partner who loves her and someone whom she loves too.

Of course the potential negative effects may be different if the FEN student knew the man and the girl, and told them to read this article. Once the awareness (of the tendency signs) are there, it is normal for them to avoid frequent unhappy events and prevented two loving people from enjoying a sensual and exciting relationship.

Let’s not be too paranoid and prejudge the persons behind their masks. Give others the chance to experience life lessons on their own. Love often happens by accident. Let them enjoy the fruits of their relationship, be it sweet, sour, bitter, bland, or sensual. Sure, you can give guidance but eventually they, and not you, must make their own decisions and choose his or her life purpose.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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