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Ben posted a message to the FEN COMMUNITY chat group recently, “May I check which combination of numbers or pattern shows that someone with potential materialistic character? I’ve been checking my notes but no luck.

That was an interesting question, I told myself. After all, I have not shared the materialistic traits to the class before as I’ve not done much research on the tendencies. However, it was easy to find out since there are ‘contributing’ signs that made up the materialistic genes. So, instead of launching the FEON+ software first and then check on the celebrities’ birth charts to find the “missing puzzle piece” like most people would do, I did what I would normally do. That is, thinking wildly in my head first on the ‘cause-and-effect’ scenarios that could create a materialistic tendency in a person. I applied the same approach as how I’d usually teach to my students – use the visualisation technique to quicken the process of associating signs with the focused question in mind.

PERSONALITY1I’m sharing the materialistic traits here for all to learn. And I have not shared the info in class yet. I hope you will be curious to find out the process of “traits finding” which is basically all about the detailed visualisation techniques that I’ve shared in class. Let me share briefly how I decoded the materialistic traits by using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and the imaging applications of the Five Elements principles. I’ll leave the detailed steps to deserving students who support me by attending my FEN class.

First, my simple formula on the materialistic traits: Materialistic = Prestige + Spending

After much pondering, I came to the conclusion that a materialistic person likes to show off or flaunt their wealth and possessions. They liked to wear expensive watches, jewelleries, diamonds, designer shoes, and other accessories. They’d be among the first group to get the latest hot gadgets if they’re tech-savvy kind of person. They like to show off their prestige and achievements. What number should that be? It was easy to correlate the show-off traits with number 1. Check Page 53 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for other prideful traits that we can associate with the number 1.

BANNER8Next, what does a materialistic person often do? It’s an easy question too. The answer, they simply spend, spend, and spend. And spending on luxurious accessories and prestige items they often don’t need, but just want to get it to show off their financial capacity and social status. More often than not, they tend to show off their material possessions to boast about their achievements. Again, it was easy for me to correlate such overspending traits to the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) number combination. Do check this link for past articles on 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3).

Now that I have highlighted the “Prestige” and “Spending” attributes, we can presume a person who has the numbers 1, 3, 5, and 7 in close proximity (directly linked or connected, partial or all numbers) present in their chart could inhibit or display the materialistic tendencies. Due to the charting design layout used in PON, UCM, LifeQuest, and other numerology methods, it might be a little difficult to identify such connecting signs for people who have these number combinations especially on the external influence sectors. If you have installed a registered copy of my FEON+ software, it is definitely much easier and quick because the EON charts are unique.


After all the presumptions, it’s time to find out whether such number combinations exist in people known to have materialistic tendencies. The easiest way is to identify celebrities who are materialistic, and these include people like Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Emma Watson, and a few others.

Er… Isn’t Paris Hilton included as a materialistic person too? Even so, she doesn’t have the number combinations present in her birth chart!

We have to consider the difference between “material needs” and “material wants.” One is spending on essential needs, and the other is spending on the desire (wants) to possess. Sure, even although Hilton does not have the materialistic signs, she is wealthy and her spending habits are more towards high living social lifestyle “material needs” than invoking envious thoughts on “material wants” possessions. She doesn’t need to buy expensive items to flaunt her wealth since everyone in her social circles knows that she is “super rich” and can afford to pay for it. Some people might say, “who cares? She has the money, and she doesn’t mind paying for quality goods.” Sure, she has every right to spend all she needs and desire, and no one is stopping her from doing so. According to this Wikipedia page, she has donated US$100,000 to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Perhaps she might want to consider getting involved in more charity or philanthropy projects as a “pay forward” act since “wealth is not what a person has, but simply a state of the mind.” According to this “The Wealthy Mind” site, “Money doesn’t determine who you are; it’s simply a resource. Having a strong inner sense of self is what is truly important.

BANNER2aI’ve always encouraged to my FEN students to do more case study analysis on their own, and post questions to me if need to be. This way, I can help them build a better profiling knowledge. Otherwise, their profiling knowledge would be restricted within the theoretical information I have provided in class. Practice, practice, and more practice – that’s what I did while researching on my EON methods, and I am still doing more case study analysis today, thankfully it’s easier now with the FEON+ software. Through regular practice and a more observant and keen analytical mind, you can decode certain number pattern or combinations to a person’s traits and characteristics. As mentioned earlier, it’d even be easier once you understand the fundamentals of the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods and learn the visualisation techniques to identify traits and extra clues that might provide correlations to a person’s behaviours or habits. This means you don’t have to confine your thoughts with an outdated number pattern table provided by your Trainers since you can always expand on the number pattern traits on your own.

Time of BirthOh, by the way… one extra feature that sets the EON method interesting and apart from other numerology methods is the application of the Time of Birth chart. I devised the unique Time of Birth chart as I noted it can provide extra clues to a person’s characteristics and traits. I’m glad I included the steps to plot the Time of Birth chart in my book, and added that to the FEON+ software. It revealed Paris Hilton do have the materialistic tendencies present in her chart when you applied the extended EON method of analysis.

Today’s article is just an example on how I would usually start applying the “cause-effect” process to decode the probable patterns associated to the elements and the numbers. You can find out how you can do that and more when you attend the FEN courses. Looking forward to see you in my class!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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