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Francis posted a message in the FEN COMMUNITY chat group and asked, “What about the Annual Code consisting of the 51138 sequence? Can I say there are full of obstacles or challenges ahead regarding its leadership, and most of the time the person is alone? This makes him very agitated and frustrated with full of stress, and busy all the time.

AnnualCodeFrancis has made good observations on the person’s general outlook. I replied to the group that Francis’ view is both right and wrong (inadequate) as it all depends on the focus point. That is to say, his views are only one contributing aspects of the energies that might affect or influence a person generally. And when we re-look at the same Annual Code 51138 again from a distinctive angle, like say we’re looking towards a remedial path for the person; the interpretations and observations might not be similar. Henceforth, it is equally important to understand the underlying ‘angle of analysis’ before we hastily conclude our views and assumed it is usually interpreted in that manner.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeThe Annual Code does not provide lifelong or long-termed hope for anyone; it is not an energy ‘activator’ and does not manifest the energies. It is not associated to any symbolic objects with special number sequences or patterns that you need to buy, and does not spread positive influencing energies. As a matter of fact, the Annual Code has nothing in similarity with the Law of Attraction principles. Instead, the Annual Code is only a simple code sequence that provides you the means to understand a person’s yearly energies; the signs suggesting what might happen in various circumstances; and the signs advising you to take charge, control, change, and carry out proactive actions to better your life that year. You interpret the Annual Code like analysing the numbers and order of sequence; it’s inter-dependency and its interactions to determine the probable signs for the year. And depending on your attention focus, the answers vary based on the life aspects you are analysing, or what you really want to look out for. A general focus would lead to simplistic and vague analysis. That is why it is important to learn the techniques to apply and be guided on how to identify which life aspects to focus on before you start decoding the Annual Code.

KnowingPatternsI formulated the Annual Code some years back. Since then, I have expanded the perception of the Annual Code. I taught FEN students the steps and formula to derive the Annual Code and shared examples on how we can interpret the code from different angles, and depending on the life aspects (like career, skill sets, parents, resources, wealth, spouse, academic, health, and so on). Those who’d attended the Advanced module are taught to correlate the steps to derive the Annual Code to a periodic code. This means FEN students can now identify the Annual Code, Daily Code, and even the Relationship Code of two or more people when they’re together.

I replied to the group chat another angle of observation on the 51138 code sequence. I told them it could be for that year the person might be reluctant to change his self-principled mindsets and attitudes at first because of his egoistical beliefs. And as he needs to remain as a leader, he must reform and adapt to the situation and inspire others (perhaps to his team members) to work responsibly for common good. When we interpret further and consider the Annual Code as a foretelling or philosophical sign, it means the need for the person to be humble, put aside his ego and pride, and recognise every member in his team is an essential pillar of support. And if he can consciously act on that positively, the chance of him succeeding eventually or achieving his goals is high. When you apply the forward-looking analytical approach, you will realise the resulting number is 9 (5+1+1+3+8) which we could associate to success.

TakeStockLet me share with you extra interpretation of the Annual Code from another perspective. The 51138 code sequence could imply the person might suffer from skin, respiratory, or immune-related symptoms caused by excessive food intake – the sudden cravings for certain food, and it could create irritations and stress because of constipation. Perhaps an unhealthy weight loss with unseen harmful health effects. That is from a health symptom standpoint. And when we analyse the Annual Code holistically, it’s indicating to the person not to fear and worry too much unnecessary; the need to focus and prioritise, and delegate tasks to others (instead of multitasking single-handedly and running around haphazardly) if he wants to maintain good health.

It’s not easy for you to correlate what I have written earlier unless you learned the proper steps to analyse and have the opportunity to review events happened in previous years to the relevant Annual Code sequences. There is no one simple way to analyse the Annual Code. It’s just like an abstract art piece displayed in the museum where your perceptions might change depending on the angle of focus view, or when you re-look at it again on a different day or time.

Learn to interpret the Annual Code (including other periodic codes like the Daily Code), know the forewarning signs, and understand the remedial areas that you can take action for better days and year ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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