SG bi-election and USA presidential election


That’s it!” was my first thought after reading the two AsiaOne online articles (first and second articles). It’s now confirmed a bi-election would be held soon for the Bukit Batok SMC ward.

I was excited not because of the personal discretionary acts done by David Ong, but a bi-election would be held soon after he’d resigned as the MP for Bukit Batok SMC. NO, this is not a political article on the bi-election or David’s personal discretionary acts. The intent of this article is clear to me as I want to share something that’s “unresolved” in my mind since the date of the Singapore General Election was announced and held last year.

CaseStudy_Singapore2016_2017On 16 February 2015, I posted an article “When’s the next Singapore General Election? 2015, 2016, or Jan 2017?”. I mentioned, “2016 is a likely year” although I cannot discount the fact that 2015 is still possible because of the incoming energies from the coming year. When the GE2015 date was held on 11 September 2015, I felt my analysis was like the intellectual analysis (head) was not in sync with the logical analysis (heart), given the busy state of the nation and its citizens in celebrating the SG50 year-long events. The numbers in the charts are clear, present, and don’t lie. It’s up to us to interpret them “as is” depending on our experiences, visual imaging, and analytical capacities.

I was looking at the 8-7-6 number sequences which were present in the country’s PY2015 and PY2016 charts. That, to me, denotes the busy state (8) of the people (7) in ensuring continual stability (6) of the country’s financial and economy; and the citizens’ wellbeing status. Now that there will be a bi-election soon for the Bukit Batok SMC, it seems like the GE closure was not over yet. In fact, it further reinforced my analysis that the numbers and elements present in the Personal Year charts do not lie – it’s there, clear and present, and it’s up to us to identify the clues and interpret it. I felt at ease now knowing there was no misalignment with my analysis, and the synchronicity between my head and heart was constantly in focus.


Many favourable and unfortunate events have had happened the past few months of 2016. The volatilities of the stock markets and financial economies were felt, and there wasn’t a financial crashed as predicted by many financial experts. The oil crisis seemed to be stabilised according to the experts and analysts, and there are signs of corrections and slow recovery (rebound). These are obvious signs present in the 2015 and 2016 charts I had mentioned in my “Numerological Predictive Observations” articles for 2015 and 2016. I conducted two workshops on “Seasonal Cycles and Elemental Influences on Stocks” in October and November last year and posted follow-up articles (here and here). I told the group of seasoned investors and enthusiasts, that even if there is a financial crisis, it’d not be so bad due to the numbers present (in the 2016 chart). And there are signs of slow recovery due to the energies present in the Year 2017 chart. I even cautioned them of the volatility during the first few months of this year because of the transitioning of periodic energies of Year 2015 to Year 2016. This means last year’s energies are slowly depleting now and come April, we might see obvious signs of rebound, corrections, and slow but gradual recovery.

What about the USA presidential election 2016?” I could sensed some of you asking.

TakeStockHere are the steps I’d normally take. Oh, you need to have access to the FEON+ software for easier and faster plotting of the various charts. Of course, you can still plot the charts manually with a pen or pencil and paper, if need be. Step 1 – start plotting the USA birth date (4 July 1977) and check the PY2016 and PY2017 charts. Identify the clues in the elements and numbers present in locations MNOPQR. Step 2 – plot Hillary Clinton’s EON birth chart and check her PY2016 and PY2017 chart, and identify the clues present. Step 3 – plot Donald Trump’s EON birth chart and check his PY2016 and PY2017 charts and identify the clues present.

Have you noticed any peculiar signs? Well, Donald Trump has the same PY2016 and PY2017 patterns (numbers in locations MNOPQR) as the USA’s PY2016 and PY2017 charts! Now that you have done all three steps, what’s next? Sure, let’s continue with Step 4, which is to plot the relationship chart. Plot the relationship chart for Donald Trump and USA, and another relationship chart for Hillary Clinton and USA. Then check their individual “Compatibility Year Chart” (CYC) for 2016 and 2017.

My brief observations – there are signs and fears that Donald Trump might win, and there are signs Hillary Clinton might win too, with her stressing to convince supporters and non-supporters alike of the need to have global stability, and not running the country like a corporate CEO. There are some obvious signs (especially in the CYC charts) that you can check out, and I would prefer not disclosing them further for unbiased ‘voting influence.‘ OK, here’re some extra clues – while one of them aims for the perfect plan to steer the country forward, the other person is using all means to communicate on the need to take action on the plans for the country’s future and global economic stability. In simple words, one person likes to focus on the plans and visions for the future; the other person prefers using ‘cut-the-crap’ direct sensible approach to act on what’s needed immediately for a better future. Want more clues? Now, plot their life path charts. Look at the Day chart for 8 November 2016 and the “Combined Day Chart” for clues on the manifested energies on that eventual voting day. It might be time consuming to plot these charts manually but unless you try them out, it’s hard to improve your profiling analysis beyond basic personality profiling. If time is of essence to you, it took seconds to plot these charts from the FEON+ software.

So who will become the next MP for Bukit Batok SMC, and who will be the 58th USA President?

Let the supporters decide who they want as their representative and leader, and what they hope to achieve for the near-term future.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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